How to Prepare for a USCIS Biometrics Appointment

By Katherine at Legal Language
Posted on 02/11/2011
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If you’re going through the green card or naturalization process, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will require you to attend a biometrics appointment.

But what are biometrics and why does USCIS need them? How do you get ready for a biometrics appointment?

USCIS Biometrics Fingerprint

What Are Biometrics?

The term “biometrics” refers to the processes used to identify people based on physical traits. Immigrant applicants need to participate in a biometrics appointment for the purpose of facilitating a criminal background check.

At a USCIS biometrics appointment, your fingerprints will be taken for analysis and filed with the FBI. Your picture will also be taken.

DNA testing is separate from a biometrics appointment. USCIS has stated that they may request immigration DNA testing for cases where applicants are either from developing countries and do not have birth certificates, or when there are suspicious discrepancies within the case.

Drug testing is not part of a biometrics appointment,  but it may come up in your USCIS medical exam.

Biometrics are required with USCIS forms like the I-90 and the I-131. Once USCIS officers start processing your application, you will receive a biometrics appointment notice.

Getting Ready for Your Biometrics Appointment

The biometrics appointment may take a while to manage, but once at the USCIS office it is a very quick process. Make sure everything goes smoothly by knowing what to bring and where to go.

What to Bring to Your Biometrics Appointment

Every biometrics appointment requires photo identification, such as:

  • Passport or national photo identification issued by your country
  • Driver’s license
  • Military photo identification
  • State-issued photo identification card

Your appointment letter may also state the need for additional supporting documentation, which may include but is not limited to:

  • Legal name change decree
  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificate

Keep in mind that personal documents in a language other than English must have certified translations. It is important that all requested documents are brought to your biometrics appointment. If your appointment is soon and you do not have translations of your personal documents, rush translation is available.

Where to Go for Your Biometrics Appointment

The USCIS biometrics appointment notice will have the date and time of your appointment as well as the address of the appointed USCIS office. Pay particular attention if you live in a larger city with multiple USCIS offices. Your appointment may not be with the office closest to your home, but rather with the office which can offer you the earliest appointment.

What to Expect at the USCIS Biometrics Appointment

Before entering the USCIS biometrics center with your USCIS appointment notice, be sure to leave your cell phone or any digital camera in the car or with a friend. Cameras and phones are not allowed in the USCIS offices.

Once your appointment gets underway, you will be asked to fill out a form. The form will ask for some personal information, and you will also need to indicate what form you filed that requires the biometrics.

Next, your fingerprints will be taken. Most USCIS offices still use ink to take fingerprints — however, more offices are switching to electronic fingerprinting.

After the USCIS Biometrics Appointment

Fingerprints will then be analyzed by the FBI, usually within a month. If you get an additional biometrics appointment notice within the next few weeks, don’t panic — this is commonly due to smudged prints, and fingerprints will need to be retaken to complete the background check. USCIS will not charge an additional fee for any further fingerprinting work.

If the FBI flags or rejects your biometrics, you will be required to present police clearance reports from every state or country you’ve lived in proving that you do not have an extensive criminal record.

USCIS biometrics are valid for 15 months. If your application is not processed within 15 months, USCIS will most likely send another notice for a biometrics appointment.

171 Responses to “How to Prepare for a USCIS Biometrics Appointment”

  1. Jessy Wang Says:

    My Biometrics appointment is in LA. However, during that week, I will be traveling in New York city area. Will it be OK to go to NY immigration biometrics office at the same time on my notice? I called Immigration office customer service, and the answer is yes. Just want to confirm. Thanks.

  2. Diane at Legal Language Says:

    Jessy, check with USCIS. There may be a specific procedure to follow in order to change your appointment.

  3. Mau Says:

    can i just leave my cell in the reception area in the USCIS offce? thanks!

  4. ellen Says:

    do they need to take a pic of me at the Biometrics appt?

  5. Dan at Legal Language Says:

    Ellen, contact USCIS or your assigned biometrics office to find out whether or not a photograph is required for your appointment.

  6. Iio Mee Says:

    I have an appointment and the only id i have is my school ID can i bring that to my appointment and my Birth certificate ???

  7. Amy at Legal Language Says:

    Iio, please check with your USCIS office to see what identification is required.

  8. Cris Says:

    Ok I was going out of state around that time. Can I take my biometrics and then leave? Or is there a certain amount of time I have to wait?

  9. Diane at Legal Language Says:

    Cris, contact USCIS or the office you were assigned to in order to find out your options!

  10. kevin Says:

    i have an appointment but i dont have a valid ID i am 18 can i take my school id like college ?

  11. Diane at Legal Language Says:

    Kevin, please contact USCIS or the office to which you were assigned to find out what forms of ID are accepted.

  12. Ellie Says:

    I hsve that same problem

  13. wendy Says:

    if you need to reschedule your biometrics appt then there is a section on your biometrics appt letter that tells you how to do so.

  14. Aleida Gorgol Says:

    I am helping a student fill out his I-765 form. I cannot find how/where to schedule a biometrics appointment. Is there contact information available? Location is San Diego; he has been going to the Mexican Consulate so far. Thank you for any help!

  15. george Says:

    Do you get drug tested at a biometrics appointment??

  16. Cande Says:

    What is next after doing biometrics when filing for a green card? Thanks.

  17. Cristina Says:

    I have my biometrics appointment for deferred action and. All I have is a consulate ID /matricula would that be a proper ID?

  18. Lucy Says:

    I have my biometric appointment in the letter they send me I have my full two last names and in my I’d I use have one last name do you thing this will be a problem please help me thanks

  19. fotis Says:

    i have my biometrics apt this Tuesday but hurricane Sandy is going to hit Hartford what is the procedure to follow if the center is closed due to a state emergency?

  20. Lopez Says:

    I have my biometrics appointment October 29th Monday but Multiple Offices will be closed do to hurricane Sandy? The center where my appointment was schedule will be closed what I am supposed to do?????

  21. Frank Says:

    I was never convicted of a crime but was arrested, my record has been expunged would because the case was dismissed. Would this be a problem during the background check?

  22. Karen Says:

    I am going with my passport but it is expired. Does anyone know if that will be ok?

  23. Jesus Says:

    To everyone asking if you can take a school ID. I have heard of people who take their birth certificate with their school ID but they might reject you. You should be taking a form of ID such as your passport or country ID (in my case I am taking a matricula). They can’t be expired. Depending on who is handling your personal case this might just give you issues and it is better to be on the safe side and have all your documents up to date.

    If you have been arrested but have never had your fingerprints taken than you shouldn’t have to worry about it causing any issues, every case is different though. It may depend on what you did to get arrested.

  24. liliana Says:

    if an officer get my finger prints and i gave a different age or name would i get in trouble?

  25. Izzy Says:

    Do you get drug tested at a biometrics appointment??

  26. Andy Says:

    liliana….yes, misrepresenting yourself in any way may be cause to cancel your application entirely.

    Izzy….No. That would have come up in your medical exam.

  27. darian Says:

    ok i had the same question about the drug test but like do they get you a medical exam or is dat like wayy back wehn you where going to like school
    ?? i really would like to know that their not doing no drug test .and also what is the next step after your biometrics??????.. thank you :)

  28. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hi Darian,
    There is no drug test at a biometrics appointment, but you should contact USCIS to find out if you will need to have a medical examination, and what exactly that will entail.
    After the biometrics, if you are found to not have a record, an approval notice will be mailed to you. To find out more specific information for your situation, contact USCIS.

    Thanks for reading!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  29. Ricardo Says:

    In the biometric do you get drum tested?

  30. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Ricardo,

    No, there is no drug test at a biometrics appointment.

    -Kaytie at Legal Language

  31. senatus Says:

    do I need to pay for the biometric exam?

  32. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello senatus,

    Yes, you pay an additional biometrics fee when submitting your immigration application. Currently the fee is $80.

    Thanks for reading!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  33. Karen Says:

    I am applying for a green card for my 14 yr old daughter. I am a US citizen and came from Canada as did my family. Will my daughter be required to have biometrics? My sons were not a couple of years ago as they were Canadians.

  34. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hi Karen,
    Good question! As every situation is different, Legal Language cannot offer advice online. You should call your USCIS office or check with a lawyer to be sure.

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  35. EMINE Says:

    Hi my permanent green card will expire in April 2, 2013
    i have filed the online 1-90 form yesterday, i received
    my receit # which starts with MSC ,and today i got a e-mail stating initial review, and that my appt for biometric will be about a month, what if my green card expires before the appt date, and also do they take pictures at the the same with the fingerprints and when will they send me my new permanent green card, i tried calling but no live customer service,

  36. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello EMINE,
    As every case is different, I cannot give you specific information about when your green card will arrive. However, I can tell you that pictures are usually taken at biometrics appointments, and you can read more information about renewing your green card here: . I hope this helps!

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  37. Victoria Says:

    When I did my immigration medical exam , they DO perform a drug test. The results are sealed so it can not be tampered with and you don’t know what the doctor put into the report. At the biometrics appointment they do not perform a drug test.

  38. Cheryl Makig -angay Says:

    Hello I have a biometrics appointment this coming January 11 2013.I came from Philippines I don’t have any kind of ID yet since I came here in America but I have my passport.Is my passport okay nothing more?Thank you very much.

  39. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Cheryl,

    Yes, a passport is an acceptable form of identification. Please read your appointment letter carefully and bring any other necessary documents!

    Good Luck,
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  40. Karen Says:

    Hi, I have my biometrics appointment this week and i will be travelling alone from our place to the USCIS ASC office and i need to bring my cellphone for emergency use. Is there a place where i can leave my cellphone in the USCIS office? Thanks!

  41. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hi Karen,
    You should call ahead and ask, as different USCIS offices may have different policies regarding this.

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  42. mohamed elkarrimy Says:

    Tomorrow i have fingerprint appointment for my second citizenship interview(N-400), during the first interview on Dec 7th 2012 i withdrew my application due to the request of the attending officer whom advised me to resubmit the following day. Do i need to re-take the fingerprints over again? Even though i already have accomplished this requirement for the first interview.
    thank you

  43. mohamed elkarrimy Says:

    I passed the tests of English and U.S. history and government during my 1st interview and I have the form N-652, Naturalization Interview Result dated July 17, 2008 but I failed to meet the continuous residence requirement. Do I need to re-test English and U.S. history and government in the next interview next March 2013.Thanks

  44. mohamed elkarrimy Says:

    Sorry again I need to add some correction to the previous query, Tomorrow i have fingerprint appointment for my second citizenship interview(N-400), during the first interview on Dec 7th 2012 i withdrew my application due to the request of the attending officer whom advised me to resubmit the following day. Do i need to re-take the fingerprints over again? Even though i already have accomplished this requirement for the first interview on July 3, 2012 which I understood that is varied for 15 month from the date of background check by FBI.
    thank you

  45. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Mohamed,

    Legal Language cannot give immigration advice online. Please speak to an immigration professional about your specific situation.

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  46. Simon Says:

    Should I include the biometrics fee on the same check as the regular I-485 fee or should they be separate checks that I put in my overall filing?

  47. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Simon,

    Biometrics fees can be included on the same check as your application fee. However, when submitting other applications simultaneously, it is best to submit separate checks (this is to ensure that if one form is unacceptable, the rest can still continue to be processed without waiting to partially return your money).

    Thanks for reading,
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  48. Samantha Says:

    Hi, I am currently a permanant resident whose green card expires in July, however my husband and I are currently living in Indonesia. I have been told that I need to come back to the states to apply for my new card. Is there a time frame I should be there for? I have 2 small children and do not want to be away from them for any longer than I have to be. Also can I leave before receiving my new card? (my dad can always send it to me)

  49. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hi Sam,
    Thanks for commenting! However, Legal Language cannot give immigration advice online. Please contact an immigration lawyer or USCIS.

    Good luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  50. Murat Says:

    Guys. Here is my situation.
    I have graduated from the USD and now i am getting a job outside of the US.
    I will have to start working in after 11 days.
    My question is – how long does it usually take to get an appointment for biometrics?
    I will be in US for no more than a week. May i schedule an appointment while i am here before i leave towards the US. I am afraid that if i apply when i reach the US i wont have enough time and will have to leave the states before the appointment.

  51. Patricia Says:

    Hi, I have to take my fingerprint for US citizenship on Tuesday and my permanent residence card has expired, can I still use it as a form of ID along with my passport and drivers license

  52. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Patricia,
    Your drivers’ license or passport will suffice for identification. If your letter has told you to bring your permanent residence card, you should bring that as well.

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  53. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Murat,
    Since USCIS mails your appointment letter to you, it essentially impossible for the entire process, from application to appointment, to take place within one week. You should call USCIS as soon as possible to find out your options in this scenario.

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  54. margi Says:

    I have my biometrics taken on Oct/3/2012 at the same time with my cousin , he already received his work permit and I haven’t receive any answer yet, what should I do? my application is for deferred act!

  55. Jose Castillo Says:

    how long should I spect to be at this appointment?

  56. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Margi,
    You may want to call USCIS or go to their website to check the status of your case.

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  57. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Jose,
    Generally the appointment itself is very quick–the fingerprints and photo should not take more than a few minutes. However, I cannot tell you if you will be waiting in the office for a long time, so plan accordingly and make sure to be prompt!

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  58. Irina Says:

    i applied for green card through marriage, had to fill adjustment of status (form I-485). everything was going ok i had my biometric appointment in november. was waiting for employment authorization. i called the customer service just to check, they say they didn’t receive my biometric fee payment? I never got the notice or my post office sucks so i’m not surprised.They’re asking for 30 days to send me a notice w instructions.( that probably will be lost again) I can’t wait that long. Is there any other way i pay the fee now? Like they can fax me payment info or pay at their local office where i passed my biometrics? the customer service representative seemed completely clueless just reading of the script she had.

  59. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Irina,
    I’m sorry there’s been so much confusion with your payment! I suggest you call the office where you had your biometrics appointment and see if you can pay there. In general, USCIS office accept check or credit card payments, though I am unsure as to their policy on accepting payments for previous apopointments.

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  60. Oboe Says:

    I, my wife, and my son are scheduled to go to USCIS Seattle on Friday to get our Biometrics taken. Is it OK to take our daughter (2yr old, born in US) with us? Is there a risk that USCIS may not let her in?…because she does not have an appointment notice.

  61. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Oboe,
    Thanks for reading, and good question! This should not be a problem, but I suggest that you call your USCIS office to confirm, as policies may vary slightly among different offices.

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  62. Tim Says:

    Hello, My wife and 13 year old step-daughter are conditional permanent residents. I applied to remove the conditions last year(within the 90 day window). My wife was sent for biometrics immediately after i applied. My step-daughter who is 14 years old now just received her appointment letter last week and needs to go on Tuesday morning the 22nd of January. However, The appointment letter only has her first and middle name on it? All of her other letters and documents from USCIS including her conditional residency card have her full name. I am thinking maybe it is because her name is so long but all of her other papers have her full name. Should i call immigration? or just show up at the appointment with her letter and I.D.? Thank You in advance for your help.

  63. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Tim,

    Yes, calling immigration would be a good idea. It’s always good to double check these things!

    Thanks for reading,
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  64. JMS Says:

    I am the petitioner and filed from I-130 for my spouse we were married in Thailand of 2011. Just received a letter for a USCIS Biometrics Appointment for myself the petitioner. Is it normal procedure for the petitioner to have a bio-metrics done and not my spouse in Thailand?? Not make sense to me.

  65. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello JMS,

    Thanks for reading!
    However, Legal Language cannot give specific legal advice online. Please contact an immigration attorney or call USCIS to discuss this.

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Lamguage

  66. Magna Says:


  67. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Magna,

    If your passport is valid until June 18 then it is an acceptable form of ID until then. Make sure to bring everything else asked for in your appointment letter (including the letter itself!) and Good Luck!

    Thanks for reading,
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  68. Moon Says:

    Im a little confused. Ive gotten my passport and as soon as my english born fiance reaches his 6 months of steady employment in May I will be getting my visa but what I’d like to know is do I skip the tourist visa altogether and just get my spousal visa? Also when should I have my biometrics done? I keep seeing mentions of letters so that leads me to believe the USCIS or whatever it is will tell me when I should get it done but Im not sure. He’s english living in the UK and Im american living in the US. Thanks

  69. Moon Says:

    P.S We plan to marry in May and I plan to leave the US as soon as all the legalities are fulfilled. Thanks again.

  70. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Moon,

    Thanks for commenting! However, since every immigration case differs (and especially since yours involves immigrating to the UK, which has a different set of laws than the US), it would be best to direct these questions to an immigration attorney.

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  71. Ruth Says:

    Hi, my husband and I live in Canada, and have filed the paperwork for him to have perm.res. in the US. Are biometrics required, if so WHERE do we go to the appointment, as the ASC only has the united states offices.
    Please help! Thanks

  72. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Ruth,
    Since biometrics requirements vary depending on which form you’ve applied through, and every immigration case differs, your best advice would come from USCIS or an immigration lawyer, both of whom could fully discuss your case with you.

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  73. cdelrio Says:

    I was brought to this country by my biological mother as a child, she gave me up for adoption HERE in USA (originally from Mexico), I was adopted and re issued a new birth certificate with my new name, I tried to go to the Mexican consulate to get a matricula(mexican ID) but I was told I couldn’t get one because even though I was born in Mexico I do not have my original birth certificate from Mexico! What do I do? I’ve been told you need a picture ID to get biometrics done!

  74. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello cdelrio,

    As every case is different, Legal Language cannot give legal advice online. Please contact USCIS to find out how you should proceed.

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  75. Akliya Says:

    I have just filed my application for citizenship today. How soon can I expect my letter for the biometrics appointment? And how much notice do they give for the actual date? My field office is Baltimore. I need to travel overseas and do not want to miss the date. Any recent experience would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  76. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hi Akliya,

    Since these things tend to vary, you’ll get the most accurate answer by calling USCIS.

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  77. Akliya Says:

    They said I should get it within 30 days, but I was hoping to get an anecdotal account from others in Maryland. I thought some of your readers might be able to share what the typical time is nowadays.

  78. Pranay Says:

    Hi, I have filled and filed my I-90 form online for renewal of green card from overseas and am awaiting my appointment for biometrics. My green card will most likely expire by the appointment date. how do I enter the US for the said appointment?

  79. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Pranay,

    Since every case differs, Legal Language cannot offer legal advice online. Please call USCIS or speak with an immigration attorney for your best information.

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  80. alondra gomez Says:

    I only have a school I’d I dont have any other kind of photo identicifation. Would that be a problem. My appointment is on the 4th of march

  81. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Alondra,

    Since every case differs, the best thing to do is call USCIS and find out which supporting documents you will need.

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  82. samaly Says:

    Hello I am a permanet resident and lost my wallet which had my social green card and state id..I recently submitted the form I 90 and now waiting for the photo and finger print appt. How am I goin g to go for my biometric appt if I dont have any identification? Please help me!!

  83. francisca Says:

    Hello I applied for citizenship on may 2012 and just got my appointments for biometrics on march 2013, I was arrested on January 2012 for driving with a suspended license, on January 2013 the case was closed, is this issue going to cause my application to be denied. Thanks for your help.

  84. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Francisa,

    Unfortunately Legal Language is unable to give legal advice online. Your best advice would come from an immigration attorney.

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  85. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Samaly,

    Legal Language cannot give legal advice online, but I can tell you that you should probably replace those documents as soon as possible.

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  86. Rubi Says:

    I have my biometrics appointment on march 22 cause I’m renewing my resident card I am 18 will I be getting drug tested??

  87. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hi Rubi,

    Drug testing is not a part of a biometrics appointment, but it may be performed during a medical exam.

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  88. Rubi Says:

    Thanks for the feed back so there isn’t anything to worry about when taking my biometrics? When will the medical exam be?

  89. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hi Rubi,

    As long as you bring everything you need to your biometrics appointment (read your appointment letter carefully!) there should be nothing to worry about.

    Medical exams are required for people who are getting green cards, and you need to schedule this appointment with a Civil Surgeon yourself. USCIS suggests scheduling the medical examination as close as possible to the time you file for adjustment of status, but provide sufficient time for the performance of laboratory testing or additional testing required under CDC’s Technical Instructions. Keep in mind that a medical examination is valid for 12 months.

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  90. Maria Says:

    Im kind of confuse, my green card expired on June 23rd 2013, I need to fill form I-751 but my question is if I need to pay for the fingerprintsand find a place to do it or if they are included in the biometrics fee we need to pay and they are going to get the fingerprints.Apparently they need 2 completed fingerprints cards(form FD-258) and it says that they must be prepared by a US Embassy or consulate,USCIS Office or US Military installation.
    Please help me :)
    Thank you

  91. yesenia Says:

    What if yoy do not have a goverment issued ID?

  92. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Maria,

    Fingerprints are taken at the biometrics appointment, and are covered by the fee. USCIS will receive the fingerprints from there.

    Thanks for reading!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  93. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Yesenia,

    This question is better suited for USCIS or an immigration attorney, either of which can help you figure out what you need to do in your situation for identification.

    Good luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  94. Maria Says:

    Ok thank you for answer my question, just to verify I just need to send this information correct:
    1.Form I-751, Petition to Remove the Conditions on Residence
    2.Copy of the Green Card (Front and Back)
    3. proof of the relationship
    4. Two passport-style photos
    5.Ckeck for $590
    6.At least 2 people who have known both of you since your conditional residence was granted.

    Correct? I dont need to find a place for fingerprints because it will be include in the $85 fee?
    Thank you

  95. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:


    The purpose of a biometrics fee is to pay for biometrics appointments, which USCIS will mail a letter about.

    I must stress to you that we can only provide legal information, not legal advice. Therefore while the above article and my previous statements are generally true, any confusion about your specific situation should be directed to USCIS or an immigration attorney.

    Good luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  96. JOAN Says:

    I have an appointment for my biometrics and my only ID is my passport from my country and is expired, what can I do?

  97. mar Says:

    i know everyone has been asking, but i don’t see a clear answer. All i have is a Mexican Matricula will that be OK to take as some source of ID?

  98. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Mar and Joan,

    Thanks for reading! However, Legal Language can only offer general information and not specific legal advice. We suggest that you call USCIS and ask what would be acceptable in your situations.

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  99. William Says:

    Can my wife attend my appointment with me? She is a U.S. citizen.

  100. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hi William,

    I suggest you call the office where your appointment is, as this may vary depending upon location.

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  101. karla Says:

    I have an appointment for my biometrics and the only id is my consulate with my old last name. But the thing is I got marry and I now have my husband last name. Should I take my wedding certificate? Or would that be a problem??

  102. LUZ Says:

    hi please help… i change my name because i got married, i filed I-90 and i have biometric appt. in 2weeks, i have a scheduled cruise in September 2013, Any idea how long will it take till i get my green card? after biometrics appt.

  103. Rachel Says:

    Hello, I am a USA citizen living in the US, but moving to London to get my Masters. I know that I need to get my biometrics testing done, but I cannot figure out how to make an appointment. Help!!! Thanks!

  104. keturah Says:

    Hi got a biometrics testing on the 25 and my greedcard carry my dad name and my state carry my ex husband name will it be a problem?

  105. Saiffarouk Says:

    I was brought to this country when I was 3 months with a visa. My green card expire but I sent my I-90 and received an appointment for biometrics. I was convicted of a felony 5 years ago. Will my application be denied?

  106. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Saiffarouk,

    Unfortunately Legal Language cannot give specific legal advice online, we can only give general information. Please talk to an immigration lawyer about the details of your situation.

    Good luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  107. Shalini Says:


    I have a Biometric appointment with USCIS for UK Visa at New York Center. Can I carry my State Id for this or is it mandatory to carry Passport? My Appointment letter says that I should carry a passport


  108. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Shalini,

    We have posted general guidelines on this site, but you should follow the instructions specifically given to you by USCIS. You may want to call the office where your appointment is being held to see whether or not they will accept other ID.

    Good luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  109. Wilia06 Says:

    I live in GEORGIA with my spouse who is a citizen. I applied for green card through marriage, had to fill adjustment of status (form I-485). I think everything is going okay. i have my biometrics apt this may 21. My spouse and I, have to move from GEORGIA to CALIFORNIA in June 15th. We do not know when i will receive the employment authorisation. so we don’t know what to do. Can you tell me when could i receive the employment authorisaion? thank you for your help.

  110. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Wilia,

    I would hate to give you misinformation, and since every case differs it would be in your best interest to call the USCIS office and ask if they could give you a estimate on that.

    Good luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  111. Dede Clemons Says:

    I renewed my permanent resident alien card online and was scheduled a biometric appointment. Should I also expect a medical exam? This is my first renewal.

  112. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hi Dede,

    You can read more about the USCIS medical exam here.

    Good luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  113. Eric Says:

    Hi Kaytie,

    I was suppose to have my biometrics on May 22,2013 at 10:00am. My return flight from Germany got so delayed that I came home same day at 10:20pm.
    Aside from mailing back the original for a new appointment, is there a way to contact the application support center and have the re-schedule thru them? The center is a few miles away from where I live.

  114. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hi Eric,

    You should call the application support center–I assume there is a phone number on your appointment letter.

    -Kaytie at Legal Language

  115. MSHughes Says:

    It seems at least unjust, bordering on downright treasonous, that people trying to legally immigrate here are investigated in such intrusive ways (dna testing??), but our ridiculous congress wants to give the folks who trespassed by jumping the border amnesty without any question.

  116. Zoe Says:

    Can you apply for a biometrics appointment at any biometrics service center in any state?

  117. Ismail Says:

    Hello, I’ve read everything on your site so my question is only to confirm. I am the petitioner and I am required to do biometrics. I legally changed my name after submitting the I-130 for my wife. USCIS has not updated my file with my new name. My logic is to bring my US Passport, Court ordered name change, and my birth certificate. Does that seem reasonable or do you recommend something different?

  118. Tidi Says:

    Hi, I did the biometric in August 2012 for the I-131 application, do I need to repeat for the I-90 in August 2013? Please let me know.

  119. nikki Says:

    Hi.. I just applied for n400 and just got my fingerprints appointment. Thats next week and i am not able to find my green card . I went to the fedex to see if i droped it when i made copies a week ago. They havent seen it. Will my driver license be good enough. What should i do. I dont want my process to be late. And the letter says to bring green card for n400 application. Please need solution.

  120. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hi Nikki,

    Click here for information on how to replace a lost green card. You should also call the office where your appointment is being held and ask for their advice.

    Good luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  121. nikki Says:

    Would I still have apply to get i90 replaced when even they will take it back after oath . I only saved up 680 I am out of money.

  122. Asama Says:

    Hi, after receiving my finger-print notification I went on time and made my fingerprints and everything went smoothly. But a few days later I lost both my receipt and my notification letter that has a genuine red stamp that verifies that they had my biometrics! what shall I do now?!!!!

  123. Elizabeth Says:

    Asama –

    USCIS operates a customer service line – 1-800-767-1833. Their representatives may be able to answer your question.

    Thank you for reading.

    – Elizabeth at Legal Language

  124. Anett Says:

    Hi I have all my things for my appointment. This may seem like a dumb question but will it matter if I have different colored hair then the hair in my ID? I’m applying for deferred action.

  125. Elizabeth at Legal Language Says:

    Anett –

    I would recommend that you contact the USCIS at 1-800-375-5283 or your local Field Office for guidance.

    Thanks for reading,

    Elizabeth at Legal Lanaguage

  126. Jeffrey Chacua Says:

    Hello. my wife just received her notice to go get her biometrics done on sept 26 but our 2 yr old daughter missed placed the expired card some where in the house and we cant find it..the I757 is a letter
    is for a 1 yr wife has a photo copy ofher expired GC as well as her passport and state ID…if we cant find the old card will they give her any issues or problems? Will they still process her with the letter . passport and state ID?

  127. Bobby Says:

    Hi i have an appointment for biometric service on anehime office and i already left the united state for something emergency. Can i go to an embassy for my biometrics ? Or what should i do?

  128. Bobby Says:

    However i am an asylee and have no green card yet

  129. brandon Says:

    can we take a translato

  130. Pam Says:

    Just wanted to know if a wart on my thumb will affect my Biometric appointment…Thanks

  131. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Brandon,

    If you are asking if you can take a translator, the answer is yes. What you’re likely looking for is an interpreter–someone to convey what you are saying to the biometrics professional, and vice versa. You can find out more about professional interpreting here:

    Good luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  132. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Pam,

    Anything that will affect the accuracy of your fingerprints may be an issue. We suggest you contact the office conducting your appointment.

    Good luck,
    Kaytie at Legal Langauge

  133. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Jeffrey,

    You should call the office conducting your wife’s appointment. However, if you are sure the necessary document are in your house, it would likely be best to locate those.

    Good luck,
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  134. Cindy Says:

    Hi, I have a L2 visa and have filled the form I-765 online (08/13/2013) and paid $380 for the application. I have done my biometrics (appointment was on 09/05/2013). I have read some posts were people paid for biometrics but I have never been asked to pay anything at the time of the online application check-out nor at the USCIS office after my biometrics were taken. Are there any exceptions? It makes me worried….

    Also I have just received a job offer to start beginning of October, it’s been only 5 weeks since I have applied online but I do not want to loose this job opportunity, I really need this job. Is there any way to expedite the EAD ? Any previous experience or recommendations?

    Thank you

  135. Kim Says:

    Hi, i have an appointment for my biometric in 2 weeks. There was a typo on my birthday and noone caught it. On my appointment letter my dob was wrong and when i consulted with my lawyer he said to bring the issue up when i got for my fingerprint at USCIS office. I was jt wondering if that would be ok?

  136. Diana Says:

    Im 17, my appointment is on monday. Does my parents have to come with me? Is it okay to go in by myself?

  137. Jenny Says:

    My mom don’t read English, speak a little. I will be accompanying her.
    Will I be able to be with the the entire process (filling up the information form, and translating for her?) Thanks.

  138. Jenny Says:

    Also, my mom is insisting that her friend who went for her biometrics appointment was required to bring a set of photographs. Any truth in that? (Mom is renewing her green card i-90)

  139. linda Says:

    Does anyone know how long a biometrics exam takes (i have to schedule babysitting for my toddler), My appointment is at 8am. thanks

  140. Allyson Says:

    My husband didn’t go to his biometrics appt because the paperwork was sent out to an incorrect address. We don’t know why or how they got the address they sent it to, so how do we make another appt?

  141. Jenna Says:

    The name on my drivers license is my old name( married name) and I have not gotten it updated to my maiden name after my divorce. My divorce decree however mentions that my name has reverted back to my maiden name. Would this be a problem at my biometric appt which is in a few days?

  142. Pedro Says:

    I learned about biometrics in dystopic novels and movies such as 1984 and Minority Report. Am I immigrating to a country that’s a bigger police state that the 3rd world country I just left?

  143. Priya Says:

    My husband attended the Biometric today (Jan 7) and the people in the Center informed him that my Kid’s photo size was not as per US and asked to submit the correct size photo along with my husband’s photo in the US consulate tomorrow (Jan 8) . Please let me know if this procedure is fine or there are any issues?

  144. Lori Says:

    My husband missed his biometrics appointment,we went 3 days later and they allowed him yo do it and not reschedule,which was great,was Tampa office.

  145. Joe garty Says:

    I misspelled father’s name on my I-90 form will that delay my application.

  146. Yessica Says:

    I was just wondering do i have to pay for the biometrica?? Another question that I had when I was at the notary office on my I-765 application they mistakenly put I was male but I am a female will that affect anything????

  147. Cleveland Says:

    Hi, does the biometric appointment need to be done in the same city that you are required to have your interview for the fiancé visa?

  148. Hao Iao Says:

    After I fill out my N400 form on July 2013, I receive my yellow letter on October, after that, I haven’t receive any finger print notice. I call the USCIS and submit a request a month ago, but still got nothing back, does anyone have the same situation like me?
    And is it normal?


  149. karline verlin Says:

    i had my biometricks 3 years ago when i renewed my green card. is is the same thing for naturalization because my green card was renewed

  150. karline verlin Says:

    my question is could they renew your green card and not find you ok for naturalization based on biometricks

  151. Natalia Says:

    If it’s possible to refuse from biometrics because of my religious believes? I don’t want them to take my 3D picture and any other galographic scans.

  152. love Says:

    how long does it take to get my greencard . ive done already my biometrics last February 27….

  153. Tsering Says:

    I have an appointment for my biometric test . What all documents should I take . Though I know the requirement just to confirm ! Do I need to pay for the test ? How long does it takes to get my green card and when can I apply my citizenship? I came to USA with CR1 . Thank you!

  154. Barb Says:

    I have a biometrics appt in 2 wks to renew my green card – I don’t have a passport, & my driver’s license expired, & I couldn’t renew it until I renew my green card – what can I bring as photo ID ? will they accept my expired driver’s license (there is no question that the photo on it, is me)

  155. Daisy Says:

    I have appointment on 04/25/14 to renew my green card. Can I go a few days early?

  156. Jesus Lopez Says:

    How much does the biometrics cost to get done? How much money
    Should I plan to take to my appointment ? I have my passport do I need to take my marriage license also?

  157. Lorna Says:

    Hi Barb,

    I’m in a similar situation as well. Please can you tell me if the expired driver’s license was an acceptable photo id?

  158. Sonia Says:


    I just want to know if the Biometrics has a cost. If so, how much doses the cost?
    Thank you.

  159. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hi Sonia,

    The biometrics fee is currently $85; however, this is subject to change and there can be exceptions, so make sure to read any information sent to you very carefully. It is best to check with USCIS and/or an immigration attorney with questions specific to your case.

    Good luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  160. gurinder Says:

    My i130 petition just got approved. When my wife filed the petition there was no last name on my passport. After filling the petition I got my new passport with lastname printed on it. My question is that can this affect our case and when should we notify the nvc about my new passport?

  161. maria martinez Says:

    hi i lost my biometrics letter but i know when my appointment date is is it ok if i dont take my letter

  162. Gafar Says:

    Good day
    i have my biometric appointment in 2 weeks and i will like if there will be any blood or lab test during the biometric appointment. such as test for HIV or any diseases. thanks

  163. priscilla Says:

    I have a biometric next week. but the thing is I changed my name with the social security to my new last name during to marrige. I used my new last name to apply for N400. i later went to the MVA to have my name changed to my new married name on my drivers lisence. They refuse to do it because i had a marriage certificate out of the usa. Now my Drivers license still has my maiden name. would this be a problem at the biometric centre. though i have both my old and new social security card showing the change of name and i have my green card though still in my maiden name.
    tnx for your help n advice.

  164. Henry Says:

    Hello.i took my biometric finger print on June 13 2014 and I had not heard anything from uuscis office . does anyone knows how long it takes for a response? Does it take 1 month or month’s to herd a answer.

  165. Richard Thornton Says:

    Hi there
    My wife and I entered the USA at the end of May. We travelled from the UK to Phoenix, where we were fingerprinted etc. My wife has received a letter from USCIS and has to attend a biometrics appointment. I haven’t received a letter, the ELIS website says that my green card has been issued today. Any ideas why my wife needs her biometrics doing again?

  166. William garcia Says:

    I took my biometrics last july 22nd and it went pretty smooth i think. Now im just waiting for their reply or letter to give me a work permit. Everyone says it’ll take about a month to get that so im just here waiting :)

  167. Phunsap Says:

    I have Biometrics Notification and i have appointment on 8/4/14 in Boise ID.But now i live in Chanhassen MN.How i chang the support center.I want to go support center in Minnessota.

  168. tonny Says:

    If you have already sent your medical examand got you biom fingerprints do they drug test u again in the last step interview

  169. Elvia Says:

    Hello, I was recently at my biometrics and got them done. However I received another notice to go back once again. I went to the support answer to make sure that everything was right and they said to ignore the notice and that everything was fine. Should I ignore the notice like they said, or go back to get biometrics done all over again?

  170. Piyush Says:

    My daughter has an appointment for Biometrics appointment. How much is the fee? Can you make the payment online? Will they accept my personal check as my daughter does not have checks? Will they accept debit or credit card payments?

  171. Tiru Says:

    I have appointment to take the sitizen ship test but I lost my appointment paper and all my receipt number what I have to do to take the test?

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