Analysis & Assessment of Recorded Evidence

digital globeOur consulting mission is to support lawyers as they choose what strategies and tactics will best serve their clients.

Together, we aggressively advocate from the recorded evidence to deliver an accessible, sensible and logical presentation of the favorable proof.

Our methodology can provide systematic control over every nuance of meaning and interpretation of all words spoken in a single conversation or in thousands.

Recorded Evidence Review Needs Unique
Analytical Methods

Recorded evidence requires a different skill set for organization and strategic assessment than do cases with documents because conversations have more dimensions of meaning than the written word. Achieving a rigorous construct of the favorable content in conversations is a prerequisite to building a persuasive and demonstrable narrative of the intentions of the recorded parties.

With the right tools, anyone can conduct a word search in a mountain of transcripts. What makes Legal Language unique is our ability to recognize the full context of words spoken in conversations and properly frame their content to support your case.

In particular, Legal Language assists in trial prep by demonstrating how new organizational, analytical, and experience-tested processes can make a difference in recorded evidence cases. Most importantly, we can help logically demonstrate these observations and insights with scientific precision to attorneys, clients and jurors alike.

Recorded Evidence Discovery Management & Litigation Support

For wire intercept and consensual recordings, how you organize the data in recorded conversations determines how effectively you can support your case.

Our analytic protocol facilitates:

  • Parsing conversational behaviors,
  • Mapping topic patterns as well as patterns of omission, and
  • Exposing sophisticated covert techniques of incrimination.

Our team is made up of experienced recorded evidence analysts and consultants who have pioneered this discourse-analytical methodology. We build our assessment plan for every recorded evidence discovery set from the unique fact pattern of a case.

Complex Language Behavior & Strategic Topic Analysis

Legal Language’s team is adept at analyzing recorded languages to reveal patterns and intentions which are not immediately obvious.

In this process, we focus on making the recorded evidence work for you and your client.

We are able to achieve this by:

  • Deconstructing the entirety of the recorded language into the many subtle patterns of recorded communications
  • Isolating and tracing conversational agendas
  • Conducting comparative analysis of all recordings for similar or divergent patterns

Once we are thoroughly grounded in the structure of a communication, we can transform the words, sentences and conversational patterns into a portrait of the parties’ spoken intentions.

Undercover, Wiretap & Consensual Audio Evidence Consulting

Wiretapped conversation and consensual “sting” evidence require different regimens of discourse and acoustic analysis.

Specifically, wiretap case analysis has two domains – the investigation of the content of conversations and the analysis of social patterns of communications about and among other targets. Surreptitious recording by a party to a conversation explores covert agendas for recording and the behavioral patterns of both the unwitting target and the recording individual.

Legal Language’s highly disciplined review process yields the best possible evidence from audio recordings. What’s more, we can support counsel in managing the presentation of that favorable recorded evidence at trial.

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