Complex Language Behavior & Strategic Topic Analysis

How can Legal Language analyze your evidence?

We master the complexity of conversation as evidence by deconstructing the entirety of the recorded language into the many subtle and often overlooked patterns of recorded communications. Legal Language isolates and then traces conversational agendas revealed by logging all conversational topics and responses, redirections and shared references, and then conducts comparative analysis of all the recordings for similar or divergent patterns.

Whether your recordings occur over 10 minutes or 10 months, we can help.

Once we are thoroughly grounded in the structure of a communication, we can transform the words, sentences and conversational patterns into a portrait of the parties’ spoken intentions.

What’s more, Legal Language can contextualize the conversations in the framework of other known facts. We can compare and contrast common themes of communication through the course of any number of conversations to reveal the intentions and objectives of all participants. We cycle through many analytical models until we learn all that the evidence can teach us.

We research the possibilities in the evidence as aggressively as we reject any preconceptions about it. We evolve our understanding of the evidence in a layered process of testing relationships in the evidence and probing hypotheticals with a rigorously scientific method until we achieve a simple, coherent, narrative presentation of the persuasive facts.

Above all, our analytical and trial experience is focused on making the recorded evidence in your case work for you and for your client.

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