Legal Language translations can be certified for acceptance by courts and government agencies around the world. Meet your deadline with rush and same-day service.


Linguists with specialized legal vocabulary interpret trials, depositions, arbitrations and other legal proceedings throughout the US and around the world.


Evidentiary tapes, administrative hearings and judicial proceedings are transcribed from recordings not only in English, but also more than 100 other languages and dialects.

International Litigation Support

Legal Language offers service of process in more than 90 countries, compulsion of foreign evidence, worldwide skip tracing and asset searches.

Legal Language Services Resources & Legal Articles

The Year of the Monkey and Service of Process in China

February 8, 2016 in Service of Process

It’s Chinese New Year — and China doesn’t monkey around. Find out more about the holiday and how it will affect service of process in China.

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The Importance of Back Translation for Legal Documents

October 22, 2015 in Legal Topics, Legal Translation

If you wish to do absolutely everything you can to avoid making a potentially expensive or embarrassing mistake, consider back translation for especially complex legal translations.

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