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At LLS, we’ve assisted in the successful conclusion of tens of thousands of legal proceedings. Our attorneys and paralegals see in a week what most attorneys see in a lifetime of international and domestic litigation. Our translation, interpreting, and transcription services are available in 200+ languages and dialects. We provide service of process in more than 90 countries and our interpreters have facilitated communication in more than 50 countries around the world.

We’ve yet to meet a problem we couldn’t solve.

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Our History

In 1983, we opened our headquarters in the Financial District of New York City. The mission was simple: To provide law firms, sole practitioners and even governments with high quality translation, interpreting and transcription services while meeting strict deadlines and ensuring confidentiality.

Our Values

At Legal Language, we are committed to excellence and have earned a reputation for quality and accuracy. Our large in-house staff, including language specialists, professional attorneys, and experienced project managers, provide helpful, personalized attention to individuals and companies alike.

Our Clients

Legal Language Services has provided individuals, law firms, sole practitioners, insurance companies and other legal professionals with translation, interpreting, transcription and legal support services for more than 30 years.

Clients Testimonials

Our reputation for quality and accuracy has earned us the respect and gratitude of our clients.

Working for LLS

We’re always looking for experienced interpreters, translators, transcriptionists, and proofreaders to join the Legal Language Team.

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