Clients who have suffered an illness or injury and require transportation assistance for a legal or medical proceeding rely on Legal Language Services and our affiliates. When a worker’s compensation claimant needs to attend physical therapy sessions, an Independent Medical Examination (IME), or a courtroom hearing, call Legal Language.

We provide transportation services across town and across the United States. We offer door-to-door transport service throughout the US, and can even take care of long-distance travel arrangements, including booking flights if necessary.

At Legal Language, we prioritize the health, safety, and comfort of our clients. Each of our drivers maintains appropriate licensing, training, and insurance so that clients are served by courteous, experienced professionals — rather than taxi drivers or shuttle operators.

Scheduled Appointment Transport

Legal Language offers the following options to accommodate both local and long-distance transportation needs:

  • Local Vehicle Service — Thanks to a nationwide fleet of sedans and wheelchair-accessible vans, we can transport clients to any appointment, whether it’s at a clinic, courtroom or hospital — and back home again.
  • Ambulance Service — Clients with limited mobility or who require special care can be transported via ambulance. Outfitted with standard safety equipment, ambulance service can also include nursing staff and advanced life support systems if necessary.
  • Long-Distance Ground Transport — For distant destinations, Legal Language offers a range of options, tailored to the needs of the client. Ground transport is provided via RVs or luxury motor coaches with dedicated staff, allowing clients to be moved anywhere in the country.
  • Long-Distance Air Transport — When time is critical, we also offer aerial transport. Air ambulances offer dedicated transport for the client, attended by medical staff. For non-emergency transportation, we can provide a Medical Air Escort who accompanies and assists your client during a commercial flight.

Legal Language helps you choose the method that’s best suited to your client’s needs, based on the nature of the injury and the destination. By offering multiple options in each category of travel, we can personalize travel arrangements to fit varying budgets, and avoid overpayment for unnecessary services.

Privacy & HIPAA Compliance

At Legal Language, we recognize that providing services related to the medical field requires that special care be taken in regards to security and confidentiality. With this in mind, Legal Language satisfies the requirements set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) when handling medical documents and information, in addition to our confidentiality and security policies.

Legal Language conforms to strict confidentiality measures to safeguard the privacy of its clients, including but not limited to observing HIPAA privacy guidelines. Our policies and procedures describe the proper treatment of private information obtained during the execution of interpretation, transcription, translation and/or transportation services.