Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services for Workers’ Comp & Personal Injury Claimants

LLS offers safe and secure non-emergency medical transportation services for workers’ compensation and personal injury claimants. Whether a claimant needs to attend an independent medical examination, a hearing, or a physical therapy session, LLS can help.

Using a nation-wide fleet of sedans and limousines, claimants are accommodated in comfort while traveling from home to their appointments and back.

LLS can arrange for drivers to wait while claimants attend to their needs. Additionally, we can add stops to the itinerary such as trips to a local pharmacy or other pre-approved appointments.

We also offer specialized transportation options including wheelchair accessible vans, stretcher accessible vans, BLS ambulances, and ALS ambulances.

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Available Types of Specialized Transport

When claimants using wheelchairs, stretchers, or other specialized equipment require transportation services you can rely on the trained professionals of LLS.  We arrange non-emergency medical transportation services throughout the US including long-distance travel arrangements such as air ambulance flights.

Legal Language offers the following options to accommodate both local and long-distance specialized transportation needs:

  • Wheelchair and Stretcher Accessible Vans — Legal Language offers a range of options, tailored to the needs of the claimant as directed by our clients. Ground transport is provided via vans and other suitable conveyances with dedicated staff, allowing claimants to be moved anywhere in the continental US.
  • BLS & ALS Ambulances — Claimants who require special care can be transported via ambulance. Outfitted with standard safety equipment, ambulance service can also include nursing staff and advanced life support systems if necessary.
  • Long-Distance Air Transport and Logistical Support — LLS offers non-emergency air transport including air ambulances with appropriate personnel. A Medical Air Escort can also be secured to accompany and assist a claimant during a commercial flight. Logistical arrangements including extended residential facilities can also be arranged.

Professional, Courteous Drivers

At Legal Language, we prioritize the health, safety, and comfort of our passengers.

Each of our drivers maintains appropriate licensing, training, and insurance so that claimants are served by courteous, experienced professionals — rather than taxi drivers or shuttle operators.

What’s more, our trained drivers have experience loading, stowing, and unloading equipment; helping clients in and out of facilities; and ensuring client safety from pick-up to drop-off.

Additional Support: Language Assistance

In addition to our professional transportation services, LLS also offers language support. Our trained medical interpreters are available for on-site visits.

LLS also offers round-the-clock on-demand remote interpreting in more than 200 languages and dialects, including American Sign Language (ASL).

To learn more about our interpreting services click here.

Privacy & HIPAA Compliance

At Legal Language, we recognize that providing services related to workers’ comp and personal injury claims requires that special care be taken with regard for privacy and confidentiality. With this in mind, LLS adheres to the requirements set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

When handling medical documents and personal identity information (PII), our staff and contractors safeguard the privacy of clients and claimants. These policies and procedures apply to the proper handling of PII obtained while providing interpretation, transcription, translation and/or transportation services.

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