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Arranging international depositions is not the same as arranging depositions domestically. In fact, in some countries it is a criminal offense to attempt to obtain evidence without prior permission. This may even apply in countries where voluntary depositions are allowed.

At LLS, we have more than 35 years of experience arranging international depositions. Our attorneys and paralegals are familiar with country-specific restrictions and requirements including where and how to submit Letters Rogatory and/or Letters of Request.

Trust the professionals at LLS to help you secure testimony in more than 90 countries around the world.

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Arranging International Depositions via the Hague Evidence Convention

Many companies and individuals claim that they can schedule and perform international depositions in Hague-signatory countries in much the same way they arrange for domestic depositions. The reality is, many of these companies are performing depositions that fail to adhere to the host country’s restrictions.

Consult with LLS before arranging your next international deposition.

We can assist you with:

  • Drafting documents to initiate depositions including Letters of Request
  • Reviewing restrictions on voluntary depositions
  • Securing an appropriate venue
  • Arranging in-country transportation
  • Obtaining interpreting services when appropriate
  • Scheduling a court reporter where legally permissible
  • Providing videographers where legally permissible
  • Facilitating payment of statutory fees

Arranging Depositions via Letters Rogatory

In countries that are not signatory to the Hague Evidence Convention, evidence must be taken via Letters Rogatory.

At LLS we can assist you with:

  • Using the appropriate terminology when issuing Letters Rogatory
  • Securing an interpreter for non-English speaking witnesses
  • Communicating with foreign judges regarding the logistics of deposition hearings, including special methods sought pursuant to Article 9 of the Convention

Why Choose LLS?

Globally-Recognized Experts

At LLS, our attorneys and paralegals are familiar with the complexities and pitfalls of taking foreign depositions. Our professional staff has served as advisors to the Hague Conference on Private International Law in the development and revision of its deskbooks on the Hague Service Convention and Hague Evidence Convention. We’ve also acted as consultants to the US Department of State and other US authorities.

35+ Years of Experience

We see in a week what most attorneys see in a lifetime of international litigation. Our attorneys and paralegals are well-versed with foreign statutes regarding voluntary and compulsory depositions in both Hague and non-Hague countries.  LLS has been arranging international depositions for more than 35 years.

International Deposition Professionals

Most online vendors who advertise their assistance with taking evidence abroad only provide assistance with the mechanics of the deposition; i.e. transcription, videography, and interpretation.

LLS is uniquely positioned to assist our clients in navigating the procedures for taking evidence internationally. We’ll handle the complications of arranging international depositions via the Hague Evidence Convention and/or via Letters Rogatory so you can focus on winning your case.

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