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LLS can help you catalog, summarize, and translate multilingual discovery documents. We can even help you manage your internal corporate documents for active discovery requests or for archival purposes.

Our professional linguists are fluent in more than 200 languages and dialects. Translations can be certified for filing in courts or with government agencies worldwide. LLS also transcribes and translates recorded media when necessary.

From creating indexes and catalogs of multilingual discovery to providing certified translations and transcripts, Legal Language has you covered.

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Cataloging of Multilingual Discovery Documents

Sorting and cataloging paper documents, or even electronic documents, in the midst of discovery can be time-consuming — especially when these records are in multiple languages.

At Legal Language, we pick-up where eDiscovery leaves off.

Our skilled linguists are known for their legal background and extensive knowledge of specialized terminology. In addition to cataloging, we can summarize and translate your multilingual discovery documents on-time and on-budget, augmenting your in-house capabilities.

Translation of Multilingual Discovery Documents

Legal Language combines a large, in-house translation staff with helpful, personalized attention in order to provide you with legal translations of superior quality.

Using a unique team method, we specialize in accurate, well-written translations of documents in 200+ languages and dialects. What’s more, our translations can be certified for use in courts and government agencies around the world.

Common discovery documents we translate include:

  • Financial & accounting documents
  • Marketing materials & press releases
  • Emails & correspondence
  • Contracts & agreements
  • Judicial proceedings & opinions
  • Patents & research notes

Verbatim Transcription of Recordings

When your case requires a verbatim transcription of recorded dialog, LLS provides an objective third party rendering for review and/or certified submission to a legal proceeding.

Whether it’s a recorded conversation or a marketing video, our team of professional linguists can provide you with an accurate summary of discovery evidence.

Certified Translation of Multilingual Discovery Documents & Transcripts

LLS offers certified translations of multilingual discovery documents and transcripts that are fully legalized and authenticated for filing in courts or with government agencies worldwide.

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Why Choose LLS?

Globally-Recognized Experts

The attorneys and paralegals at LLS are globally-recognized experts in transnational litigation, serving as advisors to the Hague Conference on Private International Law in the development and revision of its desk books on the Hague Service Convention and Hague Evidence Convention. We’ve also acted as consultants to the US Department of State and other US authorities.

Translation & Transcription Specialists

When it comes to multilingual discovery, it’s vital that your translations and transcriptions be accurate. Our global network of linguists is proficient in 200+ languages and dialects. Their expertise in legal terminology and protocol means your documents will always be translated and/or transcribed to the highest standards of clarity, accuracy, and professionalism.

35+ Years of Experience

We see in a week what most attorneys see in a lifetime of international litigation. From major international mergers and acquisitions to international criminal investigations, LLS has facilitated multilingual discovery on hundreds of cases in a wide range of topics.

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