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International evidence taking is inherently complex. Depending on the countries involved, an attorney may be dealing with as many as four separate legal jurisdictions including federal and state, plus treaty law. In addition, different languages can also come into play.

LLS has more than three decades of experience assisting with the intricacies of international evidence taking. Indeed, in a typical month our professionals advise and assist on more international cases than most attorneys see in their lifetime.

As such, LLS is well acquainted with the idiosyncrasies of more than 90 central authorities. This gives us a unique perspective on how best to assist you in matters pertaining to evidence requests. In particular, LLS has experience applying for and serving subpoenas on US nationals and residents located abroad pursuant to 28 USC §1783.

Trust LLS to have the in-depth knowledge that can mean the difference between success and failure.

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Taking Evidence via the Hague Evidence Convention

LLS has extensive experience taking evidence in countries that are signatories to the Hague Convention. LLS routinely performs the following functions:

  • Advises on blocking statutes and anti-fishing policies
  • Provides necessary translations of Hague Requests
  • Advises when evidence requests are opposed
  • Catalogs and/or performs draft translations of documents produced during discovery
  • Provides local interpreters, court reporters, and/or videographers

Taking Evidence via Letters Rogatory

For countries that are not signatory to the Hague Convention, requests must be made via Letters Rogatory, i.e., formal requests for judicial assistance in gathering evidence.

Letters Rogatory are normally transmitted via a complicated maze of diplomatic channels. As such, it takes longer to obtain evidence via Letters Rogatory than via the Hague Evidence Convention.

LLS can successfully assist you in requesting evidence via Letters Rogatory.  Our attorneys and paralegals are well-versed in the methods of writing requests. We can provide translations where necessary in order to facilitate your desired outcome.

Certified Translation of Documents

When documents produced during evidence taking require translation, LLS will provide the appropriate certification of the translation.

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Why Choose LLS?

Globally-Recognized Experts

Our attorneys and paralegals are globally-recognized experts in transnational litigation. Our professional staff has served as advisors to the Hague Conference on Private International Law in the development and revision of its deskbooks on the Hague Service Convention and Hague Evidence Convention. We’ve also acted as consultants to the US Department of State and other US authorities.

Evidence-Taking Specialists

Generally speaking, foreign courts are extraordinarily wary of pre-trial discovery. As such, they tend to be unwilling to assist litigants if requests are not formulated in a limited and very particular manner. This is especially true in civil law systems, where the taking of evidence is considered a sovereign function of the court, rather than a practical function of counsel.

Identifying that limited and very particular manner is our specialty.

International Deposition Professionals

Most online vendors who advertise their assistance with taking evidence abroad only provide assistance with the mechanics of the deposition; i.e. transcription, videography, and interpretation.

LLS is uniquely positioned to assist our clients in negotiating the procedures for taking evidence internationally. This includes cross-examination of the witness and obtaining physical evidence.

35+ Years of Experience

LLS has provided individuals, law firms, sole practitioners, insurance companies, and other legal professionals with translation, interpreting, transcription, and legal support services for more than 35 years.

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