Multimedia Services for Legal Presentations

At LLS we offer a host of multimedia services suitable for a wide range of purposes.

Our subtitling (or supertitling) services are helpful when presenting video clips as evidence in a trial setting. Subtitling is available in English as well as other languages.

Our voiceovers provide an alternative to subtitles and can be useful not only for jury presentations, but also for other legal purposes such as training films for non-English speaking employees.

Lastly, our graphic design services are a great tool for briefs and presentations including submissions to government agencies. For example, if you are seeking approval from the FCC for a merger and acquisition, you may need graphic design elements to present your case.

Whether you need to reproduce complex graphic documents for evidence or require voiceovers and/or subtitles for court room presentations featuring video clips in foreign languages, LLS has you covered.

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Voiceovers & Subtitles

At LLS, our voiceover and subtitling services offer an array of options for courtroom presentations, training videos, marketing materials, and more.

We provide professional voice actors and bilingual directors in more than 200 languages and dialects. Sample voices are available on request. We also offer professional studios and sound engineers who can deliver sophisticated post-production capabilities.

LLS also offers super- and subscripts for video clips where the nuance of the original language needs to be retained. This allows you to maintain the authenticity of the evidentiary video during trial presentations while still accurately conveying the information through English subtitles.

Our multimedia services staff can help you to select the medium for presentation that best suits your project or legal needs.

Graphic Design

LLS provides high-end graphic design services for legal submissions and trial presentations.

We offer a comprehensive library of fonts in multiple languages. What’s more, we are expert in copy fitting and can advise on how best to accommodate text within limited space when expansion occurs during translation.

At LLS, we can reproduce graphics from scratch, if necessary, and adapt graphics as appropriate for the intended audience. We specialize in PowerPoint presentations for use as exhibits in court as well as for training purposes.

Our graphic design services are available in conjunction with our written translation services or as a stand alone service.

Certified Translation

When elements of your multimedia presentation require translation in order to be submitted to a legal proceeding, LLS will provide the appropriate certification of the translation.

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Common Multimedia Projects We Handle Include:

  • Trial & jury presentations
  • eLearning & training videos
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Documentaries
  • Web-only videos & webcasts
  • Marketing materials
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At LLS, we’re sensitive to the need for timely assistance and as such offer RUSH service. Contact us as soon as possible if your multimedia presentations are needed on a strict or expedited schedule.

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