Verbatim Transcription for Legal Professionals

Many court cases require verbatim transcription of recorded dialog not only in English, but also in other languages. This exacting work is best performed by objective third parties.

What’s more, most law firms do not have the equipment or software required for professional transcription. That’s where LLS comes in.

Our team of professional transcriptionists produces verbatim transcripts you can count on. We can also certify transcripts in English and more than 200 other languages and dialects.

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When is Verbatim Transcription Necessary?

When evaluating a recording during discovery or introducing that recording into evidence, a verbatim transcription is the appropriate first step. Verbatim transcription is also recommended when reviewing hearings, depositions, and interrogations.

A written and timestamped transcript is a valuable tool for both plaintiffs and defendants as it allows a legal professional to easily access information needed from an evidentiary recording.

What’s more, digital copies of a transcript can quickly be searched for key words and phrases.

Whether you’re dealing with a recording of a wire intercept, a body wire, or any other verbal exchange, verbatim transcription facilitates an efficient legal proceeding.

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At LLS, we’re sensitive to the need for timely assistance and as such offer RUSH service. Contact us as soon as possible if your document transcriptions and/or translations are needed on a strict or expedited schedule.

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What If Your Transcript Requires Translation?

When you require a transcription that also needs to be translated into another language, LLS recommends utilizing a two-step process where the transcription and the translation are independently undertaken and independently verifiable.

Why do we recommend this? By separating these two steps, the work product can be verified in a legal proceeding with a greater degree of accuracy.

If both transcription and translation are performed by a single individual, the chances for error are effectively multiplied, and a dispute may arise. Also, the credentials of an expert witness may be more easily questioned, as they are taking on multiple roles/tasks.

Our Two Step Process

Step 1: Verbatim Transcription in the Original Language

The audio recording is reviewed by a native speaker of the language, and a verbatim transcription is produced. If warranted, this transcription may be reviewed and/or edited by other experts in order to ensure the highest quality possible (especially where recordings are indistinct, or dialects are obscure).

The final work product is then certified by the transcriber of record, which produces a document that can be independently verified as an accurate rendering of the original spoken dialogue.

Step 2: Translation of the Transcript into the Target Language

A translation is performed by one of our qualified linguists from the source language into the target language.

For added quality control, the translation is then edited and proofread. Once complete, the document can be certified for submission to a legal proceeding.

Certified Translation of Verbatim Transcripts

When your verbatim transcript needs to be translated in order to be submitted to a legal proceeding, LLS will provide the appropriate certification of both the transcripts and the translation.

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Types of Recordings We Transcribe

At LLS, we are expert in transcribing a wide range of audio and video recordings. Trust LLS to transcribe recordings of hearings, depositions, evidentiary tapes, and consensual recordings.

What’s more, at LLS we have experience monitoring and transcribing wire intercepts. We can also produce summary reports based on the information from the intercepts.

Verbatim Transcription of Analog & Digital Media Including:

  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Blu-ray Discs
  • VHS tapes
  • MP3s
  • MP4s
  • WAV files
  • DVCAMs
  • WMA files
  • WMV files
  • DSS files
  • MSV files
  • AIFF files
  • Cassettes

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