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Legal Language combines a large, in-house translation staff with helpful, personalized attention in order to provide you with legal translation services of superior quality. LLS specializes in accurate, well-written translations of legal documents in more than 200 languages and dialects.

At LLS, we pioneered the use of a team method that includes translators, proofreaders, editors, and technical specialist. Moreover, what makes us unique among language service companies is our focus on providing scalable solutions on-time and on-budget that never compromise on quality. We deliver our legal translation services in three different modalities: machine translation & cataloging, informational & draft translation, and certified translation.

 Cataloging & Machine Translation

Trust the professionals at LLS to identify critical passages in your document production. Our bilingual reviewers follow your instructions to curate your document set and/or employ machine translation to process selected text on a preliminary basis.

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 Informational & Draft Translation

LLS offers cost-saving and time-saving options suitable for a wide variety of purposes. Draft translation and informational translation are alternatives to machine translation and provide a greater degree of accuracy.

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 Certified Legal Translation

LLS provides certified as well as fully legalized and authenticated translations suitable for filing in courts and government proceedings worldwide. Our professional translation teams include experienced translators, editors, technical specialists, and proofreaders.

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Personal Document Translation

At LLS we believe translation of your personal documents deserves the same level of professional attention received by international corporations and government agencies around the world.

We offer on-time, on-budget translation of your personal documents including visas, passports, medical records, diplomas, transcripts, marriage licenses, and divorce certificates.

Additionally, LLS is expert in preparing documents for immigration purposes. We’re well-versed in USCIS translation requirements, and can translate, certify, and notarize your documents to the government’s specifications.

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RUSH Translation Services

When you need on-time, accurate translation on a tight deadline, trust Legal Language. With our expedited and same-day services you’ll receive not only a fast turnaround, but also the personalized service that our clients have come to expect with every project request.

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Privacy & HIPAA Compliance

At Legal Language, we recognize that providing services related to the medical field requires that special care be taken in regards to security and confidentiality. With this in mind, Legal Language satisfies the requirements set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) when handling medical documents and information, in addition to our confidentiality and security policies.

Legal Language conforms to strict confidentiality measures to safeguard the privacy of its clients, including but not limited to observing HIPAA privacy guidelines. Our policies and procedures describe the proper treatment of private information obtained during the execution of interpretation, transcription, translation and/or transportation services.

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  • Certify documents for use in court rooms & judicial venues worldwide
  • Provide a customized, scalable solution for your project
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