Informational & Draft Translation Is a Cost-Effective Approach for Analyzing Large Document Sets

When you have a large document set with texts in other languages, consider a draft translation from LLS. This provides the relevant information without incurring the time and expense of editing, proofreading, and certification.

Draft translations will allow you to easily identify those documents which you deem pertinent to your litigation and which warrant further review and/or certification. In our experience, draft translation can save you up to 90 percent of the cost for editing, proofreading, and certification.

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Documents Suitable for Draft Translation:

  • Medical documents
  • Financial documents
  • Technical documents & patents
  • Evidentiary transcripts
  • Testimonies
  • Print media

The Benefits of Draft Translation Over Machine Translation

Unlike draft translation — which is performed by a human translator — machine translation is performed solely by a computer. This results in a less accurate final product.

In fact, based on objective third party analysis, even the most advanced machine translations available today are only 60 percent reliable.

Draft translations, meanwhile, are 75-85 percent reliable. This means you get a cost-effective final product with a fast turnaround that you can trust.

Draft Translation vs. Informational Translation

During draft translation, the final product is produced without edits or proofs. This saves time and money and results in a translation that is 75-85 percent accurate.

Informational translation adds the additional step of proofreading, which increases translation reliability to 80-90 percent.

For even more reliability, you can get your translation edited. Editing and/or review is a step interpolated between draft and proofreading. This 3-step process (translation, editing, and proofreading) results in translations which are 98-99.9 percent accurate and suitable for certification.

Certified translations are accompanied by a signed statement from the translator attesting to the accuracy of the document, which is then notarized for use in courts or government offices.

Translation Accuracy of Different Methodologies

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Certified Translation of Legal & Technical Documents

LLS offers certified translations of legal and technical documents including recorded statements as well as certifications that are fully legalized and authenticated for filing in courts and government agencies worldwide.

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Why Choose Legal Language?

35+ Years of Experience

Legal Language has more than 35 years of experience providing legal translation in more than 200 languages and dialects. We also offer litigation support services such as transcription and/or translation of evidentiary recordings.

Legal Translation Specialists

Our staff — chosen not only for their superior linguistic skills but also for their technical expertise — includes bilingual attorneys, engineers, and bankers, as well as scholars and members of the diplomatic community.

Trusted by Corporations Worldwide

Legal Language has been designated as the official interpreters and translators for hundreds of litigations involving Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, and governmental agencies.  We routinely provide draft translation for mergers and acquisitions as well as for preparation and review of discovery documents.

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