Catalog & Summarize Your Discovery Documents with Human Analysis and/or Machine Translation

At LLS, we can analyze large document sets to create indexes and databases for discovery documents pertinent to your most important cases. Both human analysis and machine translation offer different, cost-effective advantages.

Human analysis can isolate critical passages and pages suitable for full translation. Machine translation, meanwhile, can provide up to 50 percent accuracy in translation of properly configured source documents.

In both cases, LLS can assist you in more than 200 languages and dialects. Contact us to discuss which option best suits your litigation needs.

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The process of requesting, gathering, and sorting through paper documents, electronic media, and other evidence from parties can be time-consuming, especially when these records are in another language.

At Legal Language, we do the heavy lifting so you can focus your time and effort elsewhere.

Our bilingual legal professionals can bring their extensive knowledge of specialized terminology and protocol to bear on analysis of your document production. We’ll organize and summarize your discovery documents on-time and on-budget, mitigating the need for extensive in-house work.

Trust the professional linguists at LLS to identify and catalog critical passages and reports pertinent to your litigation.

Alternatively, machine translation where source documents are in a machine-readable format, can facilitate the processing of large document sets. Machine translation can also help human translators maintain consistency across multiple documents if you later decide to add post-editing services to increase accuracy.

Consult with LLS project managers to help you choose the most cost-effective solution for your current litigation.

Certified Translation of Legal & Technical Documents

LLS offers certified translations of legal and technical documents including recorded statements as well as certifications that are fully legalized and authenticated for filing in courts and government agencies worldwide.

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