There are two components to be filed in order to obtain an Article 15 default judgement in China.

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Service of process in China can be a lengthy process. As a result, some plaintiffs attempt to find work-arounds to serving process pursuant to the HSC.

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These are the seven common arguments opposing counsel tends to raise in order to have an Article 15 default judgment set aside.

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By: Tom On: May 17, 2018 In: Chinese Central Authority, Evidence Taking Comments: 1

In China, the Chinese Central Authority for the Hague Service Convention is not the same as the CCA for the Hague Evidence Convention. Such details can befuddle the legal calculus for taking evidence abroad and are easy to make.

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Legal Language Services and other Hague Convention member countries have noticed that the time required to effect service of process in China via the Chinese Central Authority has substantially increased in the last six to nine months and currently is in excess of a year.

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By: Guest On: November 30, 2016 In: Chinese Central Authority, International Service of Process Comments: 0

It’s Chinese New Year — and China doesn’t monkey around. Find out more about the holiday and how it will affect service of process in China.

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