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The differences between notaries in civil law and common law countries can lead to dangerous misunderstandings for immigrants to the US.

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Theoretically, service pursuant to the Hague Convention is much more efficient than service under the IAC because the documents to be served do not have to be legalized. But will service in Brazil pursuant to the Hague Convention actually prove superior to similar service under the IAC?

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By: Tom On: June 5, 2018 In: In Court, International Litigation, Legal News Comments: 0

SCOTUS to hear case on the nature of the immunity granted to international organizations.

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When serving a foreign manufacturer, always issue service of process directly pursuant to the Hague Service Convention, Inter-American Convention on Letters Rogatory, or via an old-fashioned Letter Rogatory, unless you are certain the entity being served is a wholly-owned subsidiary.

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Tunisia is the newest signatory to the Hague Service Convention. Tunisia joins just five other African countries as members of the Hague Service Convention.

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The single provision of the Hague Service Convention most litigated by US attorneys is service of process upon foreign defendants by mail. Hundreds of cases have dealt with the propriety of mail service resulting in a variety of holdings and a clear circuit split.

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SCOTUS recently ruled that in order to trigger FSIA’s expropriation exception to jurisdiction, a violation of international law is necessary.

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In the US, the Hague Convention’s use of the word “send” rather than “serve” almost immediately created a split in the Circuit Courts over whether documents “sent” via article 10(a) to a foreign defendant constituted valid service of originating process.

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Looking back on the actual effects of NAFTA after 20 years, it appears to have met some of its goals, while other problems it was designed to solve still exist.

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The Consistency Initiative Pilot Program, announced in 2008, has delivered more consistent examination standards for those applying for trademarks and patents through The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Due to the success of the pilot program, The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently announced a permanent...

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