How Does Divorce Affect Your Immigration Status?

By Katherine at Legal Language
Posted on 03/21/2011
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Divorce is complicated enough — but it becomes even more complicated when the end of your marriage could affect your immigration status.

If you’re getting a green card through your spouse but you divorce before becoming a permanent resident, will immigration officials void your application?

Divorce, Foreign-Born Spouses & Green Cards

The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that close to 400,000 US citizens marry foreign nationals each year. These US citizens must take steps to secure green cards for their foreign-born spouses.

Immigration law classifies spouses of US citizens as “immediate relatives.” Immediate relatives of US citizens have a much faster route to getting a green card than most other US immigrants.

While you may not want to dwell on what seems like an unpleasant or unlikely situation, it is important to be aware of the ways the divorce process can affect your immigration status.

Without a US citizen sponsor, an application for permanent residency may be denied.

Divorced & Staying in the US

While it seems like a divorce may lead to a denied petition or even deportation, most foreign-born spouses going through the divorce process will be granted conditional permanent residence if they do not choose to withdraw their immigration application.

How is this possible? By filing a waiver.

If you were in the process of getting a green card before the marriage ended, you will not be able to secure one based on marriage. However, if the marriage was a good faith union, you can apply for a waiver of termination.

One or more of the following criteria must be met for the waiver to be valid and accepted by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS):

  • Proof that the marital union was valid, such as photographs, evidence of shared property or leases, joint bills and other evidence of a life together.
  • Proof that the immigrant spouse will suffer extreme hardship if sent back to his or her country of origin, such as a statement about the life built in the US thus far.
  • Proof of having suffered extreme cruelty or abuse from a US citizen spouse, which can include sworn statements and affidavits from neighbors and family members.

Note that any documents submitted to USCIS in a language other than English must be accompanied by a certified translation.

Examples of the above proof along with the waiver will establish that the marriage was valid and that you should not be denied permanent resident status.

If you have already obtained a conditional green card before the marriage ends, you have conditional permanent residence. You will need to file Form I-751, Petition to Remove the Conditions of Residence, before your first green card expires.

Form I-751 has a built-in waiver for those who have divorced their US citizen spouses, but USCIS will still require proof that your union was a good faith relationship and not just for immigration purposes.

If you have already obtained unconditional permanent residence before your divorce, the only immigration issue that may occur is a delay in obtaining full citizenship status.

If your marriage to a US citizen ends within a period of three years, you may have to wait until you reach five total years of permanent residence before being able to file an application to get rid of your immigration status once and for all and become a US citizen.

Therefore, as long as your marriage was not fraudulent, divorce should not affect the immigration process.


Note: This page is for general informational purposes only. LLS cannot give personal advice to any individual regarding immigration status. Please contact USCIS with any questions. Our full disclaimer can be read here.

253 Responses to “How Does Divorce Affect Your Immigration Status?”

  1. Mike Says:

    I met a vietnamese lady that is married to a US citizen (vietnamese man). She was married in vietnam in 2011 to this man which is the father of her children which are 12 – 9 years old. He came back to US in 2012 she came later that year. She wants a divorce but she is sponsored by Him. She has only been here for 1 year. Can she get a divorce and marry another US citizen. without affecting her immigration status!!

  2. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hi Mike,

    As noted in the article, if your friend can prove that her marriage was not fraudulent, she should likely be able to continue the immigration process. However, every case differs, and it would be best to speak with an immigration attorney who is able to address all the specifics of this case.

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  3. Melissa Says:

    My husband of 8 years is undocumented and very early in the immigration process. I am sponsering him. We have 3 children and I want a divorce. Can I still sponser him? Should I plan on postponing the divorce for 3 years?

  4. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Melissa,

    Thanks for reading, however, Legal Language cannot offer specific legal advice online. These questions would best be discussed with an immigration attorney.


    Kaytie at Legal Language

  5. Vee Says:

    Hi there, I had married a foreign wife in southeast Asia. I have tried to sponsor her to USA. However, the process was just taking way so long. Two years later, she has divorced and remarried with another man in her country. What information do I need in order to clear my marriage status in United States? It would be great if you could answer my question.

  6. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Vee,

    I’m sorry to hear about your situation. The best thing to do would be to call USCIS and inform them of the changes in your situation, and follow up with any paperwork they suggest.

    Good luck,
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  7. Buddy Says:


    Can immigration deny a divorce that is filed with the court if I am married to an immigrant? Also if if I am sponsoring this person and we are legally separated do we have to have the same address?



  8. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Buddy,

    Since every case differs, Legal Language cannot offer specific legal advice online. You should discuss this situation with an attorney.

    Good luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  9. Katrina Says:

    I am married almost one year and have my green card. My husband is a us citizen. Prior to marriage he demeanor seemed normal. After marriage he is appearing to be depressed and mentally unstable, relying on his parents to make every decision. I married him for love and in good faith. We are living apart and I am considering divorce but am concerned about my immigration status and deportation. What are my rights?

  10. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Katrina,

    If you have questions that are not answered in the above post, it would be best to speak with an immigration attorney. Legal Language cannot give specific immigration advice online.

    Good luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  11. Iyad Says:

    I am a US Citizen and my wife is a permanent resident. We are getting divorced overseas in the original country we were married in (she obtained her greencard though the embassy). Do I have to file anything to immigration in the US that we are now divorced? If so, where and how?


  12. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hi Lyad,

    This likely depends upon a lot of specifics in your situation, such as how long you were married before you got a divorce. Since Legal Language cannot give specific immigration advice online, you should contact USCIS or an immigration attorney.

    Good luck,
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  13. Linda N. Says:

    I would like to know if I got married to my citizen husband in Vietnam and a year later, came to America and had a wedding here in the states and about a year and a half later, I got preganant and baby should be due sometime in 2013, am I able to leave my husband then due to complications in our marriage? Will I be deported? What happens to my baby? Will he get to be with me or do I have to give him up to his dad? Please let me know as soon as possible.
    Thank you

  14. Linda N. Says:

    adding more info…..
    I got married n Vietnam in 2010 and came to USA in 2011 and my baby is due sometime in 2013.

  15. Alex Says:

    I came in the U.S with a student visa F1… I have met my wife ( who is an U.S citizen)and we have been married for 7 months now. We haven’t still applied for my green card for some reasons… But with the time our marriage has degraded and now we both think that a divorce might be the solution. But meanwhile this marriage was going on , i lost my student “status” (about a month ago)because i had to provide for my wife needs and not being able to legally have a job didn’t help. At some point i couldn’t afford school tuition anymore and just had to drop out of school. I came in this country to study , but fell in love with the U.S culture and my wife and don’t wanna leave or get deported.
    Can i still be able to get a green card without my spouse “will” or after we get divorced ? Also if i get married to another person i eventually met , would i still be eligible or “keep my chances” for a green card ? What are the legal way that i have to stay in the U.S ?
    Thank !

  16. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Alex,

    This is the exact kind of tricky situation which requires an immigration attorney. Legal Language can only give general immigration, not immigration advice.

    Good luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  17. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Linda,

    Unfortunately, Legal Language cannot give specific legal advice online. You should discuss this situation with an immigration attorney.

    Good luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  18. Debbie Says:

    hi i have been married for 6 years and me and my husband both not happy in the marriage it has been some cheating in the marriage he has really been disrespecting me by going to china for 3 weeks to be with another women they have conversation on the phone while i am in the house and i am tired of it so there for its time for me to get a divorce but i want to know my rights he is a resident but not a us citszen and i sponser him and his son who is 19 and is about to come to the usa they are from ziambia east africa

  19. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Debbie,

    Thanks for reading. However, Legal Language can only give legal information, not legal advice. You should discuss your situation with an immigration attorney.

    Good luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  20. zamyy Says:

    hi i got married to a Us citizen in good faith couple of months into the marriage he started having extra marital affair, he was sexually, physically and verbally abusive
    and he decided to divorce me because he had to take another wife. the divorce is final and i still have the conditional green card. how does this affect my getting the condition removed when it is time to file
    i do have evidence of the abuse both phisical and verbal i even have a report from the police.

  21. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Zamyy,

    I am sorry to hear about your tough circumstances. You will need to file Form I-751, Petition to Remove the Conditions of Residence, before your first green card expires. If you need to provide proof that your marriage was not fraudulent, you should discuss your options with an immigration attorney.

    Good luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  22. UsedUSA Says:

    My wife and I have been married for over 5 years and she has her permanet resident status.

    She recently told me that she has never loved me and only “played” at wife for a green card and convenience.

    If we get divorced, can I report her for immigration fraud?

    Many thanks for your reply.

  23. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello UsedUSA,

    I’m sorry to hear about your situation. You should discuss your options with an immigration attorney, since he/she would best know what proof you would need to provide to USCIS.

    Good luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  24. Chris Says:

    What if you had a green card (it expired), but you were issued a new one? You have been married 13 years and after your second green card was issued are now getting a divorce. Will the divorce affect the ability to become a citizen?

  25. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hi Chris,

    Unfortunately as every case differs, Legal Language cannot give specific legal advice online. You should discuss your situation with an immigration attorney.

    Good luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  26. Asif Says:

    Hey my older brother he’s us citizen and he been divorced twice in USA and now he got married in Pakistan so I was wondering if he will have any problem while sponsoring his wife .. Thx

  27. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hi Asif,

    Unfortunately without knowing more about your brother’s history, we cannot answer that question. Please contact an immigration attorney who can discuss this with you fully.

    Good luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  28. ajaz Says:

    hello i have a friend and he is divorced and is indian citizen and has a girlfriend in USA and she too is divorced and she already has sponsored her ex husband, my question is can she sponsor my friend too, as they are planing to get married, soon and settle in USA.

  29. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Ajaz,

    Since every case differs, this is something which would be best answered by USCIS or an immigration attorney.


    Kaytie at Legal Language

  30. Meshia Says:

    right after my husband arrived in the US and started working he decided he wanted to leave. He abandoned me and i found out I wasn’t the only person he was trying to marry. How do I handle my case. He has a permanent resident green card. He had no intention of ever living and staying married to me. I also found out he used my pic to set up a website. Please help. Confused

  31. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Meshia,

    I’m sorry to hear about your situation. However, Legal Language cannot give personal legal advice online. You should contact an immigration attorney about your situation.

    Good luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  32. jerome Says:

    I have been married 3 year.I found out my wife cheating.she move out and said she dont know if she will return to home.Also talking about renting a apt.I will be filing for divorce,Will she be able to remain in the usa and will this affect her green card.After the divorce

  33. Yesica Says:

    hi! i been married to a us citizen born in California, for 4 years, i am a legal resident and have been for 1 year and a week, his sisters don’t like me, he doesn’t listen to me, one of the sisters hit me, left me with a black eye, and this fight has been the same since we met, he lie to me, he was doing drugs, and selling drugs, but i can not prove he sell cause i didn’t took pictures but i know if he gets tested by his hair for drugs it will come positive cause he told me he had done drugs, he left the house twice this week and hasn’t come back, he knows i am working, (passport job government job) which is a good job and i am the only one working but now i am going to get fired because i haven’t went to my job at all today because i don’t have a car, and he took the car went he left he said he will come back like he said the other time and didn’t really came till the other day and i had to work but i was send home because of my black eye too, i already did a police report on the sister and have order of protection against her and me and my daughters, why my daughters because i can trust her near them specially when she said what if a bad life was to happen to your daughter, i felt like she was already wishing bad for my daughter, we have 2 girls a 4 year old and a 2 year old what should i do, i do wanna become us citizen, i do love my husband but things went out of control and i no longer trust him he didn’t protect me when the sister was telling me bad things and when she was hitting me and i wasn’t even doing anything bad to get hit… He is not showing that he cares at all.. and i am showing that i care, but we can no longer be i am hurt so much this pain needs to stop..

  34. Laura Says:

    I Married an Irish illegal immigrant in 2007. When I met him he pursued me. I had reservations in the beginning, but he was a good actor. He even made a comment at one point that his employer a the time(who employed him illegally BTW) told him that he “should fine a older woman newly divorced to marry him so he could stay in the country”. He was able to convince me of his “love” and we married. I was pregnant on my honeymoon(purposeful I believe). One month after that I caught him cheating for the first time. There were a total of six women during our 4 year marriage. I filed for divorce in may of 2012, we separated in august of 2011. Our divorce has yet to be finalized. I have received not a penny of child support for over 19 months. We have two children. He has been employed in numerous places and earned a decent living. I am asking what are my rights as a citizen, born and raised in this country, believing this man married me to stay here. I believe he is capable of lying, and having children for the sole purpose of solidifying his status here. What can I do to get him to support his children? He sees them only when it is convenient for him. I need some advice.

  35. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Laura,

    I’m sorry to hear about your difficult situation, but unfortunately Legal Language cannot give legal advice online. You should contact an attorney to discuss this situation.

    Good luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  36. Andy Says:

    Hello I have bin married for 20 years we have two beautiful daughters 19 and 17 but my wife and I bin seperated for some time, she was in the process of filing for me when we seperateb but not divorce even now but she still won’t file for me. What can I do

  37. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Andy,

    Unfortunately Legal Language cannot give immigration advice online–you should contact an immigration attorney to discuss your specific situation.

    Good luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  38. heather Says:

    hey. i am now with a man that is married with this lady. they have been married for 5 years. he already got his first green card and is now waiting on his 10 year green card. if he has the chance to divorce her will that affect him getting his us citizenship card. or can he remarry after the divorce to get it without affecting the process.. any answer or advice will be great thanks.

  39. monica Says:

    i got married July 19, 2013 i got my papers true my husban now we are about to divorce how is that going to affet my imigration status ?

  40. John Says:

    I married a us citizen .i came usa on 2012sep .after I came here only I get you know that he is not a normal person.he is used to beat me a lot.i told his parents that he must need a treatment.but they were used to scold me.3 times he came to kill me,then I planned to move for some study purpose I moved from there on December .now 6months is over .i heard that now he is admitted in a psychatric unit.i am fear to stay with him.i don’t know what to do?can I divorse him?will it affect my immigration status?i have 2year green card.can I file alone for the next green card.please can u give a good advice

  41. Stephanie Says:

    My mom married a man for about 5-4 years he ended up leaving her before he finalized his papers. When he moved out 1 month later he got his green card. Now he wants to divorce my mom. What happens now? Will the judge know it was a fraud? Will they deport him?

  42. syed monir Says:

    I am an International student to usa holding f1 visa. I just got married 2months ago in my country (not in the usa). Right now me and my wife both living in the usa and she’s holding f2 visa which pricipal visa holder is me. Because of some understanding problem we cant run our relation anymore. So my question is can we both take divorce while staying in the usa or we have to go back to my country??? Does it gonna affect my f1 visa status.

  43. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Syed,

    This is a complicated situation which requires the advice of an immigration attorney. Legal Language can only offer immigration information, not specific advice.

    Good luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  44. Armin Says:

    My wife and I, we are not U.S citizens nor residents. Last year we got married in Las Vegas, we actually obtained a certificate of marriage but left the USA after 10 days and since then we had been living in our home country but the relationship is over. A month ago I came to the US again and now I’d like to get married with a US citizen girl I just met. my question is:
    Was that marriage legal??the one in vegas?? I have never lived in the US and one of the conditions to get a divorce is to have lived at least 6 months after your wedding. how do I get a divorce??

  45. Elizabeth Says:

    Armin –

    Unfortunately, Legal Language is not in a position to provide legal advice regarding the status of your marriage. You should contact an attorney for guidance on this matter.

    Thank you for reading,

    Elizabeth at Legal Language

  46. shelly Says:

    I married with Us citizen husband in 2010. actually my parents and family is here too. he and my parents jonts sponsered me and i will came here based on marriage in 2011. I get conditional greencard. right now i applied for condition removed before four months and processing is ongoing.I finished my fingerprints process month ago. our marriage was gone good faith but now we had start problem. he scared me to gone stop my greencard process and deport me from usa. Because my conditional GC is expired and my permanent GC is in process. my question is if anything happen in our relationship in between process what is my official right ?

  47. James Says:

    On Thursday around midnight I found a love letter that was slipped under my wife’s door. (She lives and works with her mother 1 1/2 hrs south of me) I saw the letter at midnight, we spoke about the letter until 4am. She told me that she considers us separated and that she hasn’t been wearing her ring all the time. She told me that the person who happens to reside in the same building has more in common with her than I do but that the most they have ever done is hug o0. She told me that no matter what I do the marriage will be over after our fifth year. A few hours later at 9am we had our final meeting with INS verifying our marriage (5 years in late October) I was still in shock so I didn’t say anything other than to answer the officers questions. Now I regret not mentioning the letter since she refuses to admit anything. I looked at our cell bill and found that she has been texting the same number at all hours for months. should I contact INS and inform them that I plan on divorcing her based on irreconcilable differences and infidelity? (I got a photo of the letter too) I went through hell with my wife, she was convicted of a felony theft in the tens of thousands of dollars last year and I’ve been paying the retribution back for her. Her reputation dragged into my work and destroyed some work relationships and ultimately played a part in my forced dismissal from duty. She couldn’t find work in our town due to her reputation so she was lucky enough to be accepted into a company with her mother. Her case will be under consideration for ~2 more weeks, I feel almost obligated to tell INS about this, how would I go about this. I feel terrible and I don’t know what to do. I love her. maybe I’m just an idiot in that regard. What will the consequences be when I tell the INS the truth?

  48. Elizabeth Says:

    James –

    Unfortunately, Legal Language cannot provide legal advice. Contact an immigration lawyer for guidance on your situation.

    Thank you for reading and commenting.

    – Elizabeth at Legal LAnguage

  49. Elizabeth Says:

    Shelly –

    Unfortunately, Legal Language is not in a position to provide legal advice on specific immigration matters. Contact an immigration lawyer for guidance on your situation.

    Thank you for reading and commenting.

    – Elizabeth at Legal Language

  50. Walid Ghanem Says:

    I married to green card holder in 2002 and i applied for immigration. after 1 year we get divorced, in 2010 i received an email informed that my case is under process and it will finalize soon I’ve replied that the relation between me and the donor is ended and i sent the certificate. can you advice me about the status of my case

  51. anne Says:

    what are the consequences of filing a divorce after just getting ur card? Do you to wait for a minimum period of months before you can file for a divorce? thanks

  52. Elizabeth Says:

    Walid –

    I cannot provide advice on your specific case. I recommend you contact the USCIS through their national number – 1-800-767-1833 – or contact your USCIS local field office.

    Thank you for reading,

    Elizabeth at Legal Language

  53. Elizabeth Says:

    Anne –

    Unfortunately, Legal Language cannot provide legal advice specific to your situation. Contact an immigration lawyer for additional guidance.

    Thanks for reading,

    Elizabeth at Legal Language

  54. D Says:


    I am a legal permanent resident who came here through my parents’ sponsor in 2010. My parents are US Citizens

    I got married in 2010 after I immigrated to US. We had one kid together and my wife has another kid from her previous marriage. She and the kids came to America less than two months ago. The marriage fell apart and been very bad. I want to get a divorce and terminate her legal resident here. Is that possible? Does that affect my own kid’s immigrant status? She and the kids have 10 years permanent resident card. She is not conditional permanent resident, is she?


  55. Elizabeth at Legal Language Says:

    D –

    This is a complex matter that requires more specialized guidance than Legal Language can provide. I recommend you contact an attorney for advice specific to your situation.

    Thank you for reading,

    Elizabeth at Legal Language

  56. Bal Says:

    Hi me and my wife got married in California in march 31st 2010 and she applied for divorce in march 22nd 2013. My original green card had expired last year and we both filed for conditions to be removed I recieved a letter for travel and had fingur prints done June 2013 but have not heard anything yet. I wasent aware about the divorce in march and only found out in August as this was all done in fraud by her to take full custody of my child and to try have me removed from USA. I have a life and business here and don’t want to move what do I have to do

  57. Jenny Says:

    I got married to a us citizen in 2008 and i got sponcer from her to us in 2010 i have 2 children that have green card and she have 2 of her kids that is us citizen! And now that we live together for almost 3 years in us we realize that we dont have a lot in common and decided to divorce! I want to move out but will that affect me and my kids conditional permanant resident? Can you just answer yes or no? I dont really need specifec answer

  58. ruth Says:


    I am married to my husband for love everything was good till he change i only got 2 years visa and it will end on 2014 we been separated for one year now.My Question is do i have to file a devorce to reniew my green card status?

    Thank you so much!

  59. Elizabeth Says:

    Bal –

    Legal Language cannot provide advice regarding this matter. I recommend that you consult with an attorney for more specialized guidance.

    Thank you for reading,

    Elizabeth at Legal Lanaguage

  60. Elizabeth at Legal Language Says:

    Jenny –

    Unfortunately, I cannot provide a “yes” or “no” answer to your question. This is a type of matter that is best handled by consulting a legal professional.

    Thanks for reading,

    Elizabeth at Legal Language

  61. Elizabeth at Legal Language Says:

    Ruth –

    Legal Lanaguage is unable to provide guidance on specific matters. Please contact a lawyer for more specialized legal advice.

    Thanks for reading,

    Elizabeth at Legal Language

  62. abcder Says:

    well i am an Indian girl married to an Indian guy and there after stayed in Europe for a period of 6 months. have schengen visa on my passport (dependant)as well. now m getting divorced and i want to study in the usa since before only but marriage and all this obfuscating situation couldn’t permit then, so i want to resume back now. so what problems can i face? i mean in the admission process, visa, etc?

  63. Elizabeth at Legal Language Says:

    abcder –

    While we appreciate your question, Legal Language cannot provide legal advice regarding your specific situtation. For guidance on this matter, I recommend that you consult with an attorney.

    Thank you for reading,

    Elizabeth at Legal Language

  64. Wayne Says:

    hi I married a Nigerian woman 20 years ago and she lied to me we were separated she claims to immigration that she was was abuse but the truth is she abused me and used me for green card when we first met she begged me to help her get a green card the first day we met after making love I was living in a buddhist temple of the time so I left the temple got a job and help her but she was full of games and lies she had a fake name which kept changing she applied for an interview when we were separated also she cheated on me and was pregnant with another guy’s baby while we were married over the years I have tried to help her with her daughter raising her she has broken the relationship between me and her daughter and she has tried to stop me from see my kids this lady has been a fraud from the start to the finish so now I want justice what can I do she does not deserve to be a US citizen she committed fraud thank you

  65. Melissa Says:

    Married nicaraguan spouse in 2010 as a resident. In 2011 became citizen and submitted paperwork to sposor mother and wife. Spouse is still in Nicaragua and I have proof of infeidelity. I want to stop perion dor spouse. Will it affect my mothers petition? Will i be punished to not sponsor my mother?

  66. Melissa Says:

    Sorry stop petition on spouse. Correction from above

  67. Melissa Says:

    What steps must I take to stop petition of my wife and not affect my mother.

  68. Gunny Says:

    We both in greencard process,he is harassing me by doubting my character, can I file for saperation? And continue to live here?

  69. Pris Says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with my situation. My husband is American and I’m Peruvian. We just file to remove the condition in my green card to get the permanent residence. I actually have my biometrics next week. We have had problems in our marriage and we are getting divorce. What would happen if I get divorce while I’m waiting to receive my permanent green card in the mail?

    Thanks for your help,

  70. Rakhi Says:

    I am a green card holder. My Husband got his green card and he has visited the u.s and they are mailing his green card to my house. We have been together for almost 5 years and am ending the marriage on good mutual terms. What will happen to his status?

  71. Aman Says:

    i get conditional green card in 2007 after 5 month i get divorce then i file 1751 by self to get permanent green card my i751 is still pendding bin 4 years can i apley my citizenship that is possible or not?

  72. rahul Says:

    I married to canadian girl 2011 and divorced in 2013. Now I marrying to US citizen girl and she gonna sponsor me on spousal visa. There would be any problem that can arise for US spousal visa because of my divorce in canada???

  73. Melissa Says:

    My husband is in the process of becoming a permanent resident. Right now it is in the initial review stage. Unfortunately due to irreconcilable differences we want to divorce. I don’t want this to effect the final stages of him becoming a permanent resident? Will he still get his permanent resident green card if we file divorce before the decision is made?

  74. Melissa Says:

    If my husband gets approved as a permanent resident can we file for divorce after he gets approved or do we need to stay married for a certain amount of time? I don’t want him to lose his green card. He is in the process of becoming a permanent resident.

  75. Me Cali Says:

    Hello first of all srry about English gramma I’m not very good at tht and my question :I’m married to a us citizen born in us we live in California it’s been 3 years I have my permanent green card so I apply for citizenship begin of 2013 now we had some issues and she want a divorce and I thought. We will worked out but she’s done with me so she want divorce and I already apply for citizenship so we are On paper married but live sepretly also different addresses I have soon my interview for citizenship Does the separation effect my prove for citizenship ? And she did apply for divorce yet tht been said we married on paper but soon will be divorced to so does tht effect my interview

  76. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Melissa,

    Generally speaking, as long as you can prove that the marriage was made in good-faith (not just for immigration), you can get a divorce without jeopardizing his permanent resident application. However, as every case differs, you should speak with an immigration attorney for advice specific to your situation.

    Good luck,
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  77. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Melissa,

    Unfortunately, Legal Language cannot give specific immigration advice online. You should discuss this with an immigration attorney.

    Good luck,
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  78. Lynne Says:

    I am a US citizen married to a permanent resident. He has his green card before he got married. I suspected that he has stayed in the marriage because he needed an address. Though we have children together. He has proven bad intent and refuses to divorce. I believe it has to be over his residency. We’ve been married 8 yrs now. How does it affect his status if I file for divorce?

  79. p Says:

    actually its regarding one of ma friend’s case.. she want to apply for masters in the usa.. she has completed her graduation from India with some work experience, thereafter she got married and went abroad on a dependent visa. and stayed there for 6 months but now they got separated and a civil litigation is going on.

    so in this case is visa possible for her and what can be done

    what are your suggestions

    please reply asap so that we can continue the process with you

    thanks n regards

  80. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello P,

    Legal Language Services is a language service company, meaning that we offer translations, interpreters, transcription and other legal services. While Legal Language Services does offer informational articles about immigration, we are not immigration lawyers and cannot help you file your case, or offer advice about any specific immigration case.

    Good luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  81. Fathiya Says:

    I have merried US citizen in 2002, and came to the US in 2006. We have 3 kids, we both have married in good faith but now we decided to call it a quit its just not working. I came to the US K3 visa, I have finished my interview for citizenship in Feb’13 am still waiting for the apt date to take the oath, they said that the delay is due to something wrong with my name though I did not change it when I got married. Would this affect me in any way, would I have to reapply.

    Thank you

  82. Isabella Says:


    I was married and received a green card through the E39 category. I received my green card in 2010. But my husband and I divorced at least 3 years ago. My green card is still valid. However, how do I change the category of my green card from E39? Or how does this effect my eligibility for citizenship? Also, I have since re-married and we are married for 2 years. How does this effect my husband’s eligibility for a green card, once I receive citizenship?


  83. Ana Says:

    I’ve been married for over a year, I recieved my temporary green card I still have my second interview pending. My marriage is not going well my husband cheated on me, plus I found some picture s on his email account. I have pictures of everything. My question is if I get divorced will it affect my immigration process? Will my petition or case be denied, because of the divorce??

  84. Leah Says:

    I have been married to a US citizen for 9 years. I have my Permanent Resident card for over 6 years. We do not have children . My husband was married before. He has children but he tells me they are not from his marriages. I met 1 son. My husband laughed when I asked for his help to be a citizen. Now I want to do the N-400, but he will not share papers. He will not give me information about him for the form. I do not know about his children out-of-wedlock, his past marriages or divorce date. I started working 2 years ago and am working at 2 jobs, 7 days. We filed taxes but he will not share those papers with me either. I think he does not want me to be a citizen. What can I do?

  85. Mike Says:

    My wife married me and then cheated on me 3 years later. While we were filling to have the condition removed she stated that she still lived with me. She had moved out months prior to that. She falsely claimed to still be with me. Is this enough to have her deported on grounds of fraud? It just became apparent to me that she only married me to be in this great country.

  86. Raul Says:

    The husband came to the US with a work permit and visa. He brings his wife. They have kids in the US. they get divorced. Custody issues aside, does the wife have to surrender her visa and go back to her home country given that she came with him under his work visa?

  87. dhruvi Says:

    hi..this is dhruvi..
    I had divorce n hv temporary green card n 1 year extension one..I applied for permanent green card.
    can I get marry to a green card holder men during this one year extension period or I hv to wait for my permanent green card..?

  88. thd Says:

    I had been marriaged to a vnese girl for 11 yrs and had 2 kids together .Both of my kids are us citizens. i recently brought them all back to the us and she is in the process of getting her permanent resident card. however, the marriage is devasted . If i do go ahead with a divorce and i don’t wanted to have anything to do with her anymore . would she still be able to obtain her permanent resident card ? would she still be living here in the us or would eventually become an US citizen later on? she paid someone to claimed finacial sponsoring status in order to get here since i didn’t have any income. she is only been here from july 2013 . please repsonse back to my issues as clear and simple as possible . thank you .

  89. Maggie Says:


    I am a US citizen married to my husband who is originaly from Italy. He is applying for his permanent residency status. We have been married for two years. Prior to me, he was married to someone else in Italy and now is divorced. Will this prevent his application from moving forward.

  90. John Says:


    I married in 2009 in India to a US citizen. The marriage was in a good faith union. I came to united states in 2010 Feb, on spouse visa. Initially I got conditional green card for two years and then I got Permanent Resident card in 2012. Due to problems within out married life, we divorced in Aug 2013. I want to remarry a girl who is not in US. She was born outside US. If I marry her outside US, then can I file for spouse visa after my marriage, even when I am Permanent Resident.

    Kindly advise, Since I am getting different responses from family on applying spouse visa if I remarry.

    looking forward to hear from you


  91. Cynthia Says:

    I married my husband back in 2008 but he didn’t get his green card last year I believe like in June. When he got back from Mexico as he was punished he started being abusive and started being concited about being legal here now. I’ve left him and it’s been about 6 months already. I want to file for divorce, will that affect his immigration status, will he become a permanent resident???? He just used me to become legal and was very abusive towards me after. What do I need to do if I want to stop him from being legal here in the future?

    thank you please help!!!!!

  92. anthony Says:

    i fell in love with a german woman in 2011 we were married march 2012, she went back to germany in may to take care of loose ends and soon we had many problems, she never came back, i never visited and now a year and 6 months later she wants a divorce. to me the marriage wasnt fake but we never resided together we have no photos together or anything but she wants to apply for citizenship afterwards will she get in trouble? we have our problems but i want her to be happy

  93. Alex Says:

    I’m legal permanent resident since 2007. My wife is resident in Italy , she is not US citizen, in 2009 She asked legal separation and now we are separated. I want to file for US citizen because I’m working and living here. Can I have some problems? Thank you for your attention

  94. Julia Says:


    My boyfriend will sponsor me a study to US. He is separated to his wife and not divorce yet. We don’t have plan to marry because of a complicated situation. All he want is to help me to fulfill my dreams and will reside here in Philippines after. During my visa process and interviews, will it affect my application? I need you advice..

  95. Babli Says:

    I married to us citizen second time in 2009 I came in 2011 with my husband I got permanent green card we don’t ve any kid in this marriage his kids forced him to give divorce to me so we filled the divorce paper can I get citizenship after three years or not

  96. Robert Says:

    Good morning! I’m a Spanish citizen and I married a US citizen on February 2013 and got granted the conditional Green Card on June 2013. I’ve enrolled in a community college to pursue an AS, then transfer to a 4-year college for a BS. I’ve started working part-time (cannot find a big job, that’s why I decided to go back to study). My wife and I were trying to build a life together, but all the little problems and fights that all couples have seems to be unbearable to her and now wants to divorce me. Our marriage was in good faith (I love her and still want to spend the rest of my life with her!), but I’m afraid the divorce might end in me having to go back to Spain (which I don’t want) and having to abandon this life that I was starting to build in the US. I really want to stay in this country and work my own path, wishing that things between my wife and I get better and we can still be together, even if she goes ahead with the divorce. I’m seeking some advice on what to do, since I’m still economically dependent on my wife. Any help and advice that you can give me will be much appreciated (if possible, with a response also by email?). Thank you very much for your time. Best regards!

  97. Nahum Ibarra Says:

    My mother and father were married for 20 years. But my father cheated on her several times, needless to say she’s getting a divorce. My mother is currently living with me, will this affect her citizenship? My father was made citizenship through military and my mother became a permanent resident. Will she still be able to stay in the U.S.?

  98. Jimmy Says:

    hello, my wife and me have been married for eleven year i was a green card holder for about 30 yrs, and a us citezen since last yr. we are only waiting the interview for her and my 2 children , the 3rd is US borned, now she wants to divorce what repercutions this will have in the process? for her and my two kids?
    Many Thanks

  99. jcool Says:

    hi im just gonna ask if i can petition my wife to the us even tho she get married before we get married but the first 1 was not valid !

  100. Nora Says:

    Hello , I hope you can help me with this .
    I’m an Iraqi whom study in Ukraine , I’m in a relationship with in a US citizen and we’re planning to get married , my question is , which is easier for a faster process , he gets to Ukraine to do a civil marriage at the American embassy , or we need to apply to the fiancée visa first ?

  101. Johnny Toews Says:

    If someone was denied green card renewal who has been married for 10 years but in the divorce process. What are options for her also she has three USA born children

  102. Christian Says:

    I have been a Conditional resident for 5yrs. My wife has been getting supports from the state. And sometimes she declares her status as separated or single in order to be qualified for stamps or other aids. We have received to NOID about one yr ago on the I-751. Can be a Conditional for 5yrs help me to get the conditions removed since I have filled for the I-751 3 years ago and i have not got a decision so far?
    Thanks for your answer!

  103. azeez Says:

    Hi please i will like to ask u a question, i married my wife in a good faith about 7 months ago and we are processing my immigration status. About a week ago she started acting strange and we are about to go for interview at uscis but if she said she’s not going what will happen to my status. And i love her deeply from my heart but i don’t want anything to happen to my status. And i will like to know maybe my brother can still file for me if at all she don’t want to do it for me a

  104. azeez Says:

    Please i will like to hear back from you. Thanks

  105. Katy Says:

    I am Peruvian and my husband us citizen from tenneessee, we marry in tn and after went to live in Finland, I let him and come back to peru, I did not leave in us, and I don’t want to live there, I want to stay in Peru, but we have a baby he is 11 months now, I want to divorce, what are my rights? I am so confuse about it, pls, cause after a year a half of being marry I let him, and came back, he says he will file the divorce, but he did not, i Want it, but also know my rights, cause apart our baby i have a little girl 4 years old, from my ex, before to leave Peru, I quick my job, and now start again is being hard, plus my children are so young, what is my right, if I divorce in Peru, can it be valid in the USA, or if I divorce in the USA can I get child support as alimony as it is in Peru?.

  106. Crystal Says:

    I married my husband in 2011. He got temp citizinship and we will have to file for permanent in about 6 months, after being married for 2 yrs under temp status. I’m having his baby next month but very unhappy. I’m having to take care of him and he seems to have no interest in getting a good job to help support the fam, I want a divorce. I don’t want him to be deported for the sake of the baby. Should I wait till we file for permanent statice?

  107. Marie Says:

    Hello i have been married for nearly 13 years but i have been separated for 5 years i want a divorce and my husband is an ilegal immigrant what are his chances for deportation (: ?? i feel he does not need to be in our country

  108. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Marie,

    Legal Language cannot offer immigration advice to individuals, only general information.

    Good luck with your situation.

    -Kaytie at Legal Language

  109. Michael Says:

    I have been married for 24 years, 12 of them in the U.S. We have three children: 17, 20 and 23. Since my spouse has been her green card for those 12 years, if we get a divorce now, her permanent status should not be affected, right? And would she be able to continue her status after the card expired and it would be time to renew?

  110. Erika Says:

    My friend is Filipino she came here legally but I’m guessing her stay expired she is married to a US citizen and have 3 children together. He has now open to all his family that he has been cheating and no longer wants his wife. What are her options since he promises her he will help her with her documents but is just trying to protect himself so she will be scared to not file childsupport.

  111. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Erika and Michael,

    Unfortunately, Legal Language cannot give immigration advice to individuals; we can only post general immigration information — none of which should be construed as legal advice. Please contact USCIS or an immigration attorney with your questions.

    Good luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  112. Dave Says:

    Hi!I married to my wife she tell me single mom in las vegas we meet befor 8 month after we get married,after a year we began the process of green card 130, she lied to me, and was considered still married Separated and not Divorced, State of Nevada I married in my status in las vegas,in the same time 3/2012 left vegas toI had to go visit my uncle in New York, and when I come back 2 months later she was gone and not made ​​contact with me since then, she steal my property and financial 20.000 gift from my grandmother past away since I am not working and I was with my uncle in nyc I try to contact her by phone and I still love her, but she was not real and its not going to will happen, what should I do, and whether I can be legal, I do not live in Las Vegas I currently live in New York,,thanks!

  113. Dave Says:

    You can see it was a cheat on me, right we were within age of 17 years but I loved it, and we were both of the same religion, toward emigration sent Maccabees home and she left, I did not see the answer just seven months ago I was told that it did not produce a certificate of divorce from her husband and understood what happened,,,, that’s why I’m depressed and not working, I before I was a happy man, I can not financially take a lawyer and I wait maybe via Obama I could be illegal, but every day really hard for me and I’m still married to her,
    Please answer with some hope is welcome and thanks for reading

  114. Jeff Rivera Says:

    Hi I’m married to a South American woman from Peru, I got for love and good faith I am a us citizen, for the past year she’s been in Peru and me in the u.s. We kept touch for one day for me to send for her, but trough time her skeletons were coming out the closet one by one,
    With everything going on I have came to a conclusion that she was only married me for green card resident status (I’m sorry I’m new to this) but yeah tho we got into and she idmits on Facebook that she wasn’t due if she wanted to be with me forever, she now has been talking to guys like trying to get a new boyfriend even tho we are married still, she had went on her free will to apply for a regular visa as a tourist to come to the states claiming she wants a divorce so she can remarry another us citezen because I refuse to go tru the paperwork to get her, her green card resedincy, my question is can she come and divorce to remarry a different us citizen and then get everything she wants from the other guy? It pains me so much that I’m refusing to give her a divorce cause I don’t want her to remarry another man for the same reason she married me and also cause I can’t bare to watch get married to another man cause marriage is sacred.

  115. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Jeff & Dave,

    We appreciate how difficult both of your situations are, however, Legal Language cannot offer immigration advice for individual cases. Please contact an immigration attorney for advice.

    Good luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  116. sam Says:

    hello. i got married to an American citizen cause i am an immigrant, we loved each other but later i found out she was cheating on me and always fighting me so we divorced but during our marriage i never filed for any papers with the immigration, so i was wondering if i remarry and file for my papers and green card would that affect my green card cause of my previous marriage?

  117. Christopher Says:

    Hello, I am currently married to a woman who I sponsored and brought over, but after 4 months of being here she left and ha a child with some one else. Now I wanna make sure that she does not use me as any type of reference since I don’t have any details or know her whereabouts. Can I call uscis to report the situation?

  118. Sam Says:

    Hi, I came in USA on Oct 2013 and got married on Oct 16th 2013. Send our case for status adjustment Oct 31st 2013. I have received my employment authorisation card and working. As my i485 have not approved yet my wife wants to leave house as she want to go back to her ex husband. she said there was misunderstanding between them for five years since it is clear now so they want to be together. Please tell me what should I do. She gave me only a month to find a place to live. What is going to happen with my legal status.

  119. Mike Says:

    My fiancee was granted a marriage visa from the Philippines. When we were married in the US, the marriage fell apart within a few months and she left me without making any attempt to adjust her legal status. Even though she now remains illegally in the US, what if she were to get pregnant by another man? Does that automatically guarantee her legal status, or change her existing legal status in the US?

  120. Mike Says:

    How successful are my chances of finding another bride from overseas, considering the first mail-order-bride turned out to be a marriage of convenience and the authorities were notified by me of a sham marriage where I subsequently reported her to the USCIS for marriage fraud?

  121. Trisha Says:

    I met my husband two years ago. We dated for about three months and were married in a Christian ceremony. I am a US citizen, and before we were married my husband told me he was in the country legally. He showed me his passport and social security card. After we were married he took me to an atorney to file for a work permit for him telling me that when we got married his passport work permit became void. I filed the papers off him and he was able to get a second job. I have since found out that he has been unfaithful since two months after we were married. He refused to go to counseling and we have been seperated for 11 months. We went to file divorce papers and he stated that I committed adultery and abandoned him. This is not true. I really believe he only married me to get a green card, what can I do now.

  122. Skeener Says:

    If my American son marries a Peruvian woman, they have a baby, and then get a divorce—-can she take baby back to Peru? What are his rights? Should he get a marriage contract?

  123. Erika Says:

    I’m a USA citizen and my husband has recently received his conditional green card. I am the sole sponsor. He doesn’t want to work, he verbally demeans me every chance he gets and the love is gone. I want to get divorced. However, i want to know what will that mean to the sponsorship? Since he doesn’t want to work i am afraid that i will have to support him financially because i gave an affidavit, but it’s unfair since he’s behaved like a gigalow. Is there anything you could say about what that affidavit means to me?

  124. Eddie Castro Says:

    I married a venezuelan woman on Oct 8, 2009, in my time living in Venezuela there was no problems , only opposition form my sister and nephew and niece who live in Venezuela. In 2010 after my mother died in Venezuela ( yes , I was born there but raised in the states) There has been certain things that could be taken as i was being used. But I was there on Mission work , newly in my christian faith, I really thought that she was a blessing from God. after that I came back to Tucson AZ with my 88 year old dad( he is a US citizen) and to get work and follow the guidelines of the Homeland Security.
    The process with my lawyer took over 2 years to get them over here.(Tucson,AZ) they arrived March 30, 2012. With little time the woman and her son started to change a become aggressive tpo my father without me knowing about it at first and really pressing there boundaries. What doe a man do when a woman comes at him full throttle, the only thing i can do was pick her up and put her on the bed. Then she claimed I broke her finger, which was an accident and the same inncident happened to me 5 months later severing a tendon. after 18 months she abandone the household and stole have my possesion, I immediatly sent a later to ICE and was never was contacted. I then 5 months later in a humbly fashion I sent her a birthday card and flowers with a delivery service, really just as a test. She put a restraining orfer on me and then contacted me to talk to her in person, unaware that she did a restraining order. I talked for almost 3 hours, in a christian fashion which is humbly., then she had her son call the police on me, even the police said she violated her own restraining order, Judge ruled to separate us and granted the restraining order.The judge didn’t want to see the emails and call logs and face book page that were timed and dated. and as of February 23 i received divorce papers , saying she wants a divorce.. I feel used me and my family, the abuse on my father. I now I am penniless because while talking to my wife 3 months before she abandoned the home she agreed for me to find a new venture for work and that she would take care of the bills for 6 months after getting into a new home. and knowing the troubles of Venezuela in the last 6 years have not been good. How do I get her deported and her son.
    is this a hope cause? What can i do?

  125. AM Says:

    I have a quick question. Me and my wife were married in India and I came on F1 while she was on F2. I recently applied for green card but couldn’t do it for her as we don’t have a valid marriage certificate. When she came to US the consulate never asked for any legal document of marriage but was generally satisfied with the marriage photos. Now, my F1 grace period is expiring soon and so I had to buy a ticket for her to return hoping at some point I might be able to do her green card if she can get marriage certificate from India by herself. However, I just was told if I can get married here again, then I’ll have a certificate readily available and can submit that to USCIS showing that she’s my wife. Is that correct or possible? And will I have a back-dated certificate with my actual marriage date (3 years back) on the new marriage certificate which I might get after I get married here? Please let me know if that could be a possibility as she cannot stay when my application is pending and my original OPT-grace period is expiring in 3 days. Thanks in advance!

  126. Jane Says:

    Hi, Am about to get married for the 2nd time ‘1st marriage last for 7 years & sponsered my husband to get him greencard’ as my 1st husband brought his mom & dad & processing greencard for them can i sponser my 2nd husband gor greencard or i jave to wait till my 1st uusband parents greencard process finish & if i have to wait usually how much time this may takes. Thanks.

  127. Mike Says:

    Where are the answers to our questions?????…We are waiting patiently…..

  128. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Mike,

    While we share general information about the immigration process, Legal Language cannot give specific immigration advice to individuals. All queries should be directed to USCIS or an immigration attorney.

    Good luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  129. carla Says:

    I married a us citizen three years ago, i entered to US with legal visa 11 years ago. my marriage have been not great last past few months. my husband ran away. he left me a month ago. we never filed for petition. my visa is expired. i am thinking to file petition myself. i dont know if this will bad consequences for him as arrest, fire from work, IRS taxes etc. i worried cuz he has two daughters from previous relationship.

  130. Marloow Says:

    I filed for an adjustment of status via my marriage to an American citizen but found out during the marriage that she had an extensive criminal past, most hidden from me prior to the marriage. The American-born mother of my American-born 11year old son and her American husband co-sponsored my application because my new wife had a spotty employment history. After about 13 months of trying to forgive and forget, I filed for a divorce. She responded by claiming that I married her fraudulently. USCIS has already acknowledged receipt of the application and my lawyer has all but disappeared. Any advice?

  131. Maria Says:

    Hi. If a immigrant marries a citizen and then divorces before they even get any legal status, can they remarry and file again with another spouse? Likely they can process their papers again and get accepted? Any advice would be great. Thanks ,

  132. lori Says:

    My sister passed away while filing legalization for her husband. I became his sponsor. He has since remarried, can I revoke my sponsorship?

  133. rain Says:

    I got married here in Us in 2009 then got my permanent resident. And married to Us citizen till 2014, Am i going to have a problem filing for Naturalization? And do i have to show documentation that our marriage is in good faith?

  134. Ebraheem Yasin Says:

    I want to marry a single mother she stay in Venezuela she Is a mother of 8 year girl and I am from india is it legal to marry her and stay in Venezuela because she is not ready to leave her country please help me out

  135. James Escalante Says:

    I married a woman in El Salvador and was able to get her the greencard. We entered the marriage in good intentions and still have them but last week we had a domestic dispute in which she had a mark. She called the police and I was arrested for assault and harassment. A restraining order was placed temporarily between her and I. Hopefully by the next court hearing in May the restraining order will be dropped. Curently we are living separate. Will this affect her in two years when she renews her greencard to get yhe permanent one? We will move back together when the restraining order is lifted.

  136. James Escalante Says:

    I`m a US citizen just to inform you.

  137. Anukama Says:


    My sister married a Green Card holder Indian in year 2001. He promised and was expected to take my sister to USA, immediately after the marrige.

    He did not take her to USA, till date. Although he used to requently visit USA.
    My sister separated from him in 2007.

    Last year he asked my sister to move back in with him, or he wanted to go in for divorce. Even 13 years after his wedding he still refuses to take my sister to USA.
    Not left with any option of a happily settled life my sister has options left for her. No one can understand why he’s not taking my sister to the USA n happily settle down.

    Very recently she came to know that her husband is married to some other American woman in USA and has a child there with that woman. And his son is over 20 years old !!

    Is there anyway I can get his matrimonial status in USA and I would like to check his matrimonial status in 2001 when he married my sister ?

    More over what are the legal options open for my sister ??

    Please advice


  138. Ali mendey Says:

    Hi I am a Mexican citizen married to a us citizen we have 11 month baby and my papers for my residency are in process and I am just waiting , but in all this he has been committed infidelity several times with several women . He has also been very abusive emotionally, physically, and verbally. If I get a divorce from him will I get custody of our baby and are will my residency still be in process or take longer ?

  139. Debbie Says:

    I am married to my husband for two years,we were both married out of good faith ,However he entered into this country by the love of previous marriage before the completion of permanent residence they were divorced and he’s facing a possible deportation,I am a receiving Government assistance for me and my daughter and work part-time and I’m afraid to use my married name on any documentations,We want this marriage to work however Him not being able to work puts a strain on our marriage,we also don’t have money to pay any lawyers at this present time.What should or could we do? We need help…..

  140. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hi Debbie,

    We’re sorry, but Legal Language cannot offer specific immigration advice to individuals.

    Good Luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  141. ALI Says:

    I am a us citizen that was married 7 years ago to a Pakistani National in Pakistan. My husband was issued a 2 year visa for the United states and arrived in 2010. We filed for a green card but, Homeland Security was taking a very long time to make a decision. We choose to sue Homeland Security forcing them to make a decision. My husband received a 10 year green card. Shortly after he received his 10 year card almost 3 years ago he moved out while I was at work. Since then my husband has filed many “false” protection orders against me. He has continuously made false police reports and again filed for a order in which the judge granted him a 10 year no contact order. I cant take the stress and all the lies anymore. We are still legally married and have not filed for separation. If I file for divorce is he still able to apply and receive citizenship. He clearly used me to obtain entry to the United States. I no longer want him in the United States or to be able to receive citizenship. He is making my life a legal hell. I have been arrested from his false police reports and will be going to trial in May. Is there anything I can do to prevent him from receiving citizenship if he were to apply?

  142. Rishi Says:

    I have been married 3 years to my wife she applied for my adjustment twice and then pull out we at still married and refeus to sponser me I feel stuck now have bee in the us 14 years please advise

  143. sandra Says:

    Hello, my husband had just got his permanent resident card for two years. I am an u.s. citizen. We married on good faith and for him to become an u.s. citizen in the future. Over the past three months, I had lost my job and me and husband is having irreconcilable differences now. Do I still need to stay married to him based on his permanent resident for two years? I would like my maiden name back on my social security card which is the only document that I had changed my last name to my husband’s last name. Should I divorce or ask my local court to change back to my maiden name?

  144. Nick Says:

    I am a service member and i married a woman in england. she immigrated with me back to the states in nov/2012. we have been married for 4 years. she just received a 10 year green card. will getting a divorce affect her status. also, is there a different process for divorce since we were married in england?

  145. christopher Says:

    I brought my “wife” to the US and nearly 5 months in this country se leaves an has a child with someone else.I am about to start the divorce process because i feel like she used me. it has been 2 years and i since then have met someone else. If i decide to go forward and marry this person and start a family will that bring me any inconvenience since i brought my estranged wife before?

  146. joao Says:

    i got married and did my green card papers but they havent called me to print the fingers and stuff still processing but i wanna divorce im so unhappy… i feel miserable i would like to stay in america because i love america what can i do ??? what should i doo?

  147. Latrea Says:

    Hello, I have been married to a illegal im mgarant we have been separated for about 8 years are we still married

  148. Anthony Says:

    I sponsored my Foreign-Born Spouse upon marriage. It was a good faith marriage and she has been granted perminent status. We have worked hard to keep the marriage together but it is likey we will divorce. I have no wish to interupt the progress of her application for citizenship. My question is.. “Can I continue to be her sponsor even after we are divorced without effecting her application?”

  149. nel hyacinth Says:

    can the fiancee of a us citizen present the divorce paper to the wife of her fiance? if not?who can present the paper to get the signature of the wife? my friend’s fiancee got the signature of the wife when she accompanied her 20 year old niece to secure the signature. she was actually just a few meters away from the wife and the wife doesn:t know that she was the fiancee.

  150. Jonathan Says:

    My fiancee who is from Mexico and had been separated from her husband for 3 years finally finalized her divorce and has her divorce certificate. On the certificate it reads that she cannot marry for a year, does that apply to the U.S. if I try to get a fiance visa for her? its been 2 months since she got the certificate and I would like to start the process asap.

  151. David Says:

    I have been married for just over 1.5 years. She is European and we did the k1 visa. She keeps threatening me with divorce and keeps telling me that she fully plans on staying here if we divorce. I’m a bit disorganized is her main problem with the marriage. That is really the only negative. It’s driving me a bit crazy to be constantly reminded. Can she stay no problems as she constantly reminds me?

  152. jatt Says:

    Hi there I am a citizen off usa but born in india I marryied this indian girl who I really loved n seems to me she loves me too but I was wrong anyways we got married on sep 1st n withn month I applyed for her n we had a girst interview n the immigration officer was confused dono whh then we had a sec interview there ware 2 officers did invastigation her n they asked me do u kno bla bla that I didny knk about but I still said stuff abouy it officers said let us decide after the sec interview she stoped leaveing with me dono why I beged her please come home n stuff she use to say oo noo amma stay with , my grandpa cause am gettn off late from work since the sec interview she never camed over or stayed in touch with me or with my family seems she just showed me love n stuff for only green card now the Quest is if I file the divorce does she still gets the green card n I wount get in trouble if she lies to the immigration n stuff please need help after sep 1st 2012 to now july 3nd 2014 immigrqtion did not respo they have it update any status

  153. jc Says:

    My friend is an immigrant married out of good faith with a US citizen and since things at home are not working right with them at the moment he would like a divorce, however he applied for his recidency about 5-6 months ago .. will his divorce affect his process?

  154. Kathleen Says:

    I am married to an American citizen who has sponsored me to be a legal permanent resident. I arrived last November and I’m a greencard holder valid for 10 years. The marriage is not working out, I just wanna know if there’s an option to voluntarily give up my permanent resident status and go back to my home country as we file for a divorce (or annulment as divorce is not accepted in my country) that will not ban me in the U.S and will be able to apply a tourist visa to visit when I want to? Thanks!

  155. naicea Says:

    I recently got a letter from immigration saying notice of intent to deny visa haven’t got a green card yet n my husband I has filed for divorce what should I do

  156. Kay Says:

    I see a lot of support for the immigrant here and in most sites. There is a lot of laws protecting the immigrant but have found none for the sponsor. Even here when a sponsor ask for advice, they are redirected. Is there a site one can go to for support and protection?

  157. Ulanda Deen Says:

    Hi I’ve been married to a green card holder for 6 mths. He started sexually abusing me cuz he says I’m his wife and we should have sex whenever he wants. I told him I want a divorce but he is threatening to make my life hell if I do. He also left the home and went to another country leaving me to fend for myself with no job or family. He has not filed for me yet, so I want to know what are my chances of me being able to stay in the US. Is there a clause where I can file for myself under abandonment? Thank you!

  158. Candice Says:

    Hello. I’m a US Citizen that married a Pakistani. I worked overseas in the UAE for 5 months, he was taking my teacher’s pay, and treating me badly, so I moved back to the US without him. He keeps threatening to get a visit visa and take me to Pakistan or back to the UAE. Currently, I have a friend in China that has been pulling some strings to get me to teach there. I’m getting some nice offers in China and would like to work there, but I need to get a divorce first. How can I do this? He won’t consent to a divorce and I know Texas will allow me to divorce without him around, but I have to live in Texas for 6 months. I want to go teach overseas again… How can I divorce him without his consent and to teach in China? Can I file for a divorce in China????

  159. Blanca Says:

    Hi I got marry in Peru in 2007 my husband came he got his permanent green card we have been separated for 5 years we got divorce In peru no I want to remarry is that posible will the divorce be valid here?

  160. stephanie Says:

    Hey my name is Stephanie. My current boyfriend is still legally married. Can he get a divorce after his wife renews her Residence ?

  161. Fred Says:

    a friend of mine is being sponsored by her husband, they had a daughter together who happens to be 14 months young and they lived together for over 2 years with a very healthy Union. But she is now unhappy with her marriage, and wants to divorce, although she had a VISA she is afraid this could affect her status with her paperwork. What can she do if she wants to divorce and keep the status of her application going?

  162. lost.soul Says:

    im married to usa citizenship and things didnt work out between us now im plainnçing to get divorce i just got my residence for 2 years and didnt get my permanent for 10 years yet so is my divorce will affect my staying here and apply for the permanent one for 10 years is there any way to get the permanent one even after divorce. my wife she’s a very angry person and did not treat me good she is always in doubts and she’s trying to controle my life by asking do that or not do that i never felt my self
    please i look for words to hear from anyone here and tell me what to do if there’s any way
    thanks an advance

  163. Allen Says:

    I am a 18 years old son. My family now live in the US, and we are thinking a divorce because the father is totally a asshole to my mom, me and my sister. We are all immigrant, we moved to America for 2years, and now we are in the progress getting our permanent green card. We are investment immigrant, will the divorce effect the immigrant?

  164. Nina Says:

    Hi I have been married to my husband for 4 months. He has applied for my citizenship and has been torturing me verbally ever since and threatening me to withdraw my petition. he does not even support financially,I had few mental break down and car accident. Recently , He told our lawyer he wants to withdraw the petition but not divorce me. Do I as the emotional battered spouse have any option to get my green card. Note we are waiting for our interview. The application has been approved.

  165. simba Says:

    I got divorced and I am was illegal and I had to leave the usa and I sign for my ex for full custoday and now I back to usa with green card how can I get my kids back ?

  166. maia Says:

    I’ve got a green card period of 2 and approached the finish, and I have a little girl age 5 months and have American citizenship, but my husband does not want to renew the green card to me and threaten me that he Seachd my daughter from me and deprive me of them with the knowledge that he has American citizenship what to do help me I do not want to lose my daughter

  167. LS Says:

    I BELIEVE YOU MAY NEED TO EVALUATE YOURSELF AS WELL!! ITS NOT ALL WAYS THE WOMAN. My foreign husband is so controlling and I can never be myself plus he lies and treats me nice in front of people but mean and angry when were by ourself…WE HAVE TWO children together and if it was not for them i would leave in an instant!!! i wish i never met him because of his actions!! So i too want to divorce but i don’t want it to effect his status. so if u get answers let me know

  168. Michael Says:

    I have a friend that was married to a us citizen for over fourteen years that person continued to put off her paperwork and then divorced her two years ago she has a son by him and has held down a job during her marriage and does so now can she file for her citizenship and does the fact that her husband was unfaithful and mentally and physically abusive help her case. The husband held up her paper work being processed as part of the abuse and in the devorce she was granted full custody of their son. Can you please advise me of what I can do to help her.

  169. Tenawoo Says:

    My nigerian husband Abandoned and moved to another state his green card expires in March he told me to leave him alone,so now I want to withdraw my sponsorship we don’t have nothing showing this is s real marriage,he has not updated his address and doesn’t have legit income but was able to rent a house and put my name on the application like I live there,will he be deported even if he files petition on his own?

  170. Tom Says:

    I got divorced after I got my 10 year Permanent Resident Card. I was married for 3 years and about 9 months. We filled the divorce together and because of the waiting period in my state I was on paper married for 5 years and 1 month.
    So now I’m applying for Us citizenship. Will they ask anything about my previous marriage? I have almost no proof left and I got the Greencard through marriage.
    Also I’m worried about the “Change of Address” form. I sometimes forgot or send it too late in or don’t remember the exact date? What will happen if I guess some dates? Do I have to attach a note?
    I hope someone can calm me down a bit
    Thanks in advance

  171. Ala Says:

    Hello, I got married to US citizen and after few months she said that we cannot continue together and we couldn’t understand each other, so we got divorced and the only papers I have is the work permit, im I going to be deported from the US and what can I do?

  172. Sofia Guti Says:

    My husband is from colombia. We got married on august 8 2013. He just got his green card thru our marriage. I truly love my husband but after he got his grren card he changed. He dont have tine for me. He dont consent the stuff he is gonna do during the weekend while im working. He talks with a lot of girls when im sleeping. He also treats better his friends and family but he treats me like shit. We are always arguing and fighting for stupid things. He wont call me or text me even though is his fault. He dont kiss me or hold my hands like he used too. He onlh calls me when he needs me and after i helped him he fells asleep. He never let me see his cellphone. I dont know what to do. And every time i want to talk to him, i go to his job and he always makes me cry in public and refuses to see me. He never remembers when is my birthday. He loves soccer so every time his team is playing a big game he will ask for the day off at his work but he wouldnt do it for my birthday or february 14. He tells me he can speak to me during his shift in the morning because he is busy but he has free time to take selfies with his co workers and post it on fcbook. He tells me that he dont like to speak over the phone but he make phone calls to colombia and last 1 hr talking. :(

  173. Sofia Guti Says:

    I felt he used me and i want to divorce him. But i dont know whats gonna happen to him and his immigration status. I feel like he only married me to get his citizenship. What can i do?

  174. Ivan Says:

    Hi, I brought my fiancee here in 2007 on a fiancee visa, we got married and she stayed the required three months, but went back. The lawyer has told her that she could stay and we would just pay a fine, but she left. She has two kids from a previous engagement. There was one last step that needed to be done in order for her to get her green card, however it never was done and it’s been 7 years since she has been here. I want to get a divorce as soon as possible, i’ve been procrastinating for a long time. Can you please help me on what I would need to do?

    Thanks in advance

  175. Niru Serrano Says:

    Good morning.
    Im from Panama City, Panama. I used to live in USA on 2008. I married in 2010 but my married was so controversial. So I left my husband on march 24th, 2012. I wonder if after two years of separation, and this and officially divorced or would have to return to the United States of America to sign any document; because I am now living in the city of panama, panama and when I was in united states of america not fix my document migration. I just want to know if I finally divorced.

  176. alex Says:

    Hello I need an advised I’m been legally married for 5 years but we been together for 8 years we got two kids 6 and 2 years old my parents bring me here to the US Ilegaly at young age I was 15 years old and I was 16 when I met the love of my life, true the marriage she is been cheating on me I forgive her cause I love her so much and she said the she was going to change well she start cheating again and we are working on getting my green card but I don’t want to put up with the cheating no more she broke my hart and my question is if I can still get my green card if I divorce and if it’s better to doit like that plss need an answer thankyou god bless

  177. judith Says:

    I have been a greencard holder for 5yrs during that time I divorced my husband who went back to SA. I have been married to a US Citizen for a year now. I want to take up Citizenship and want to know if I can change my name at the same time and what forms do I need for this..

  178. jennifer Says:

    i have been waiting for my husband to get his greeen card and aprroved for a visa to come back to the us for almost 2 years i ahev met someone else and i want to let go of my past but i want him to be able to come back for his children can i file for divorce and he can still come back

  179. khan Says:

    hy.. My name is khan.. I get married in 2009 and my immigration process took 2 years maximum after that i came in US in july,2012 n now i m in US.. I got the permement green very first week n now its 2 years old but now my family issues is create does my wife could cancel my green card n she can deport me by the law?
    and i have a 4 years daughter too.. so plz give me the answer

  180. zarin Says:

    My question is that i married a man who is US national n i got a immigrant visa rite now i have resident card noy green card. I came US jst 6months back and i have been marrief to a guy since 2yrs. If i dovorced him before getting a green card than after that what will be my status. Am i eligible for green card or not after divorce

  181. Nina Says:

    Hi I m not an American citizen but I am married with am American citizen..I do not have green card , I came here with visa , I have visa for us for 10 we want to divorce and my husband said that if I go in my country and we Don t divorce I can’t leave us until we divorce .so my question is:if I’m married and I have to go in my country can I go? And than return after 6 months? Or if we divorce here we need to go on court and than I can go in my country?can affect all this my visa tourist ? Can I aver return in us ? P.s. I’m here about 5 months and I’m still married…

  182. Nina Says:

    P.s. I have to mention that we married in us …

  183. karina arango Says:

    Hi I’ve been married for 9 years with a man originally from tepic Mexico when we got married I married him because I was in love and I thought he was in love with me to but after I helped him get residency in Usa he change he even told me a couple of times he married me for the papers and was just waiting for me to die because I revived a liver transplant and had a 50/50 chance of living or dying he was abusive towards me hitting me leaving bruses on my body cheating on me and recently he exploted hit me and called the cops on me the cops came and saw that he dint have not a scratch on him and saw that I was all bruaed up and arrested him and took him to jail im done with this its not a relationship its not love and I really want to strip him of his papers im disabled and live in Texas how can I go about doing this thank you

  184. Ali Says:

    Hey Candice

    Pakistani desi husbands can be complicated.

    You are a US citizen your husband CAN NOT force you to go to any Country. Depending on your beliefs and how you were married he can not stop you from divorcing him. If there is a Nikkah there are certain steps that need to be done be for the divorce to be final. If you registered your foreign marriage in the US then you also need to file a petition for divorce. Have him served with the divorce petition. Dont worry about his consent for divorce. The judge hears both sides of what happened and makes the decision if you are granted a divorce. If you can provide the judge with any evidence of his abusive behaviour towards you more then likely any judge would grant your divorce. Also since you are a US citizen feel free to go work in any Country you get a job offer. Your husband can not LEGALLY touch you or in anyway force you to go to/back to Pakistan even if your natural nationality is Pakistani. My advice dont go to Pakistan with him if he has abused you already it will get worse in Pakistan and you wont have anyone to help or protect you. You could try the US Embassy in Islamabad for help if you choose to go with him to Pakistan.
    Good luck with your situation my Allah help you.

  185. blueyedgirl Says:

    Lost Soul

    Seriously!!! Sounds like you used her by marrying her to obtain a visa for entry to the U.S. Depending on what country you are from but, more then likely its doubtful you will get a 10 yr greencard without her. But, you says she is so angry and controlling. So why would you care if divorcing her would effect you getting ur 10yr greencard. Would you wanna get away from her. OH WHAT WAS THAT YOU USED HER!!!!! Ban Chowd Kuta
    Just remember Allah sees all and watch what he does with ur life

  186. Kevin Says:

    Hi…my name is Kevin.I know a lady who is married to an American but she is suffering from mental and verbal abuse.She also has a baby that is due very soon.Is it possible for her to divorce him even she doesn’t have her greencard yet and remain here in usa if her and I got married?
    Or does she kinda need to wait til her greencard ?

  187. Jim Says:

    My American citizen son married a Colombian woman two weeks ago. As soon as they were married all changed and we have now discovered she only used him to get into the U.S. No applications for a green card or other immigration forms have been filed. Does my son have to be part of the green card process or can she legally apply and receive a green card without his support?

  188. Carmen Says:

    I have a permanent alien card received 1988. My divorce will be final on Oct 22.2014. Will I have problems if I want to get my citizenship? And I would like to change my name back to my maiden name. Is that going to be a problem? Thank you

  189. lesslie Says:

    if I legally separated from my husband but an immigration law passes can I still help emigrate him.

  190. Bccommish Says:

    I married my Russian bride who came here on a k1 visa with her daughter. I have evidence of a relationship with another man on-line. We have been married 4 days. We have not applied for her green card yet. What are my options.

  191. Fabricio Barrera Says:

    I got married to a black US female citizen a few months ago. I haven’t file for any immigration application yet. However, we have been having some issues in the marriage. She is threaten me to call immigration and divorce and not file any application if i don’t do what she wants. What can I do in order for me not to get in trouble with immigration or the police and find the best solution possible to end up this situation with out being affected??

  192. Jocelle Says:

    I am on a same sex partnership and married my girlfriend of 3 years and petitioned her along with her son. After 2 months of being married she decided to leave and move out with my friend which she thought has more money and could provide more than what I can give them. In early august they file a case of domestic violence for her own immigration purposes so she can self petition. The judge drop the case due to their lack of evidence. The only request that the judge approves is a 1 year restraining order compared to the 5 years they requested and the rest of their request has been also denied by the judge. Now my question is, once my divorce has been granted and the person she’s in relation with to the present decided to marry her will she still be able to file for a green card to legally stay here in the United States? Where in our marriage on the first place is considered fraudulent since she only marry me to obtain papers to come here?

  193. julie Says:

    I’m currently going through divorce we have been only married for 9 months I have reason to believe he married me to try and get a green card is there anything I can do about this

  194. maria Says:

    Hello, Regards to you, we have received your information and is being
    processed under the bloodline check unit of our initiation procedure, after
    due processing, we will get back to you with procedure to follow in other
    to fulfill your quest and gain membership of the Order and attain
    membership blessings.

    Fraternal Elder Ruiz silva
    ( Illkum Mustem Ba De Illumino )


  195. ilham Says:

    I am married to a US citizen married on the goodwill and the evidence that I gave birth to a baby girl, and now it does not want to renew my papers and wants discernible child get bounced back to me and my please, help me I do not know Mada

  196. Wunmi Says:

    if I put my wife’s name on my foreign properties, can I use that as an evidence that the marriage is not fraudulent?

  197. Mi Says:

    So, I know a lady from cambodia marrying a US citizen man and she just came to the U.S summer last year (2013), and he having an affair with some lady. And also that lady keep texting her about them having an affair, sending her the picture of them together and also put it on facing. That lady keep harassing her with words and pictures, what can she do in this point? can she do anything? and if she want to divorce can she still stay here?, help please.

  198. Taya Says:

    Hello, everyone. I came to the US by F-1 visa, after 4 years living together with my boyfriend, we married. My husband is US citizen. We applied to USCIS twice. First time my husband could not come to interview, because he was working out of country /Hong Kong/ by contract. And case was denied. Second time my husband couldn’t show enough income. And case was denied again. After that we were separated. Right now I knew my husband is living with another woman. But I have any contact with him. Can I apply myself to USCIS again for perminent resident?

  199. jose Says:

    hi, i marrie a colombian girl in florida ,however 1 month after marriage i came home and she had left i had suspicion she wasnt being too truthfull to me bu i gave her the benefit io doubth,anyways she left me i look for her never heard from her again,that was about 6 years ago the other day i was seaching her name in facebook and found her,read her timeline she was bragging to her friends back home that shes been married again for 4 years now,can she married someone else whithout me receiving divorce papers or is she commiting fraud?

  200. judy Says:

    I’m married to my children father but the weeks after we got married he went home to his girlfriend and told her that he got married to me just for papers.she’s sending me messages saying that the only reason he got married to me is for that he’s leaving with her full time. He told me that he don’t need me to file because he had people that can tell him what to do.I cannot go ahead with the paper work and I desperately want to divorce.can he still file and succeed

  201. Jay Says:

    If you, were married and, your spouse who was waiting on permanent residency for green card was cheating on you for about 3 years and you just found out how can you stop them from becoming a permanent residence

  202. Jay Says:

    So the divorce was just filled out but the cheating was done before this how can you, get them deported back because of unfaitfulness on their end of the wedding vows

  203. desmond Says:

    i am not us citizen and my spouse is also not us citizen but we got married in us virgin island 5 years ago now i am european and my passport it is single will affect me tto get married to US citizen woman

  204. phoebe Says:

    i am a Filipino,i am holding B1B2 Visa,i am visiting my fiancee in washington state and we are really in love and we decided to get married,but i was married in the PI,i am going to file my divorce here in WA,i understand it takes 3 mos to get the final of divorce,my question is<<<<<CAN i leave the US while waiting for the Finalization?will it affect my next entry?

  205. Nguyen Says:

    I’m a Vietnamese man who lives in Vietnam. I got married to my wife who is a US green card holder. Our marriage certificate was made in Virginia. My wife has NOT yet filed petition for my residence and I returned to Vietnam. Before I returned to Vietnam, we had many unsolvable issues that we decided to divorce. I am now in Vietnam and my wife sent me the papers for divorce, which is simple because we don’t have shared property or any child to support. But I must sign on a paper saying that I waive the rights to “process of service” i.e: attending the court.
    1) Can my wife tell the judge at the court that I entered into marriage with her just to emigrate to the US, thus I will never be able to enter the US anymore?
    2) Although I signed on a paper agreeing that we divorce with no shared property or chile to be divided or child alimony required, can she change later at the court?
    3) I don’t have assets in the US but I have bank accounts in other countries, can my wife require the court to confiscate the money in those accounts?
    Thank you very much!

  206. Fred Says:

    Hello I came into the US with a work permit been here for a couples of years in felled in love with my wife we been married for over 10 years but the problem is I haven’t seen her in over 5 years she took all the saving we had and ran out on me and I cant find her. I had change my USCIS information when we got married and cant renew my work permit without her information because of this I am homeless in living on the street can somebody help me?

  207. Elena Says:

    HI I am not a American,I with my husband marriged at 2014 August ,I am love him ,him love me soo much too,but I has problem I find out I have HIV ,him still not want left me ,I not have green card,if my husband help me apply green card ,my immigration have problem?please help me find out !thank you very much

  208. Tina Says:

    My mom has been married for 11years to my stepdad and at the time he was only a greend card holder but one day he took off and left my mom and he is now a us citizen but unfortunately he is not on speaking term with my mom but they still married. Can my mom still get a green card through him even if she does not want to deal with him?

  209. Kristin Says:

    I am on the opposite side of the equation that this whole article refers to. I got married to my ex and we started to file for residency for him after we got married. Well because of various reasons, the marriage didn’t work out. Now I’m sitting here wondering what I need to do to update Immigration of the status of the marriage and to let them know that my name is no longer associated with his. I’m just trying to figure out what forms I need to file in order to let Immigration know that he and I are no longer married and that whatever processes he has to go through to complete the process, will have to be done by him alone now without my support. Help!

  210. Joe Says:

    I am dating a Filipina woman who has been married to a US citizen for the last 5 years but are currently separated. She want’s to divorce but is afraid of deportation & because of our relationship now he’s threatening divorce with her being deported as initially he was her sponsor. I guess our biggest question is she safe from deportation as they have been legally married for 5 years & can she divorce so that we can just marry as that’s our intention anyways. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  211. Brenda Says:

    I have met a man from El Salvidor, he is married to a co-worker with a 6 year old daughter. I have realized that him and I are in love with each other, just crappy situation. He is 2 years away from his citizenship papers through his marriage, but he’s not happy anymore with her and wants to leave but doesnt want to get deported and taken away from his daughter or me. If he were to file for divorce two years shy of his papers, would he still be able to stay here for his daughter or would they void his papers?

  212. Ajay Says:

    I have been married for three and half years. I got married with this lady. I have a 3 years and 2 months old baby. This lady has been cheating on our marriage openly. She doesn’t work. She is spending my money out for other man. She doesn’t cook, doesn’t talk, drink alcohol, smoke weed, goes out at list three days a week and stays out whole day. She doesn’t have any kind of relation with me for no reason. I have been hurt in this marriage. I’m holding this marriage only because I really need to be in USA to built my child’s like. And if I won’t be USA citizen, I see my child in hell being with my wife. I am hopeless n I have seance less life for years. I have filed I751 and she has made complain against me, she told me. And she said, u gotta be my sugar daddy. I’m so damaged n my I 751 is on hold due to no reason. I need help, if someone can tell me the right path.
    By the way, I have been physically and mentally abused in this marriage. She has told me, I have not done anything against this marriage. Never did cheate on her or never did disrespect her.

  213. Maclovia Says:

    I’ve been married since 1999 (15 years) to a man from Mexico I’ve been sponsoring him. he has his work permit but a green card yet. I want to UN sponsor him. how will that affect hes Immigration status if any.

  214. Maclovia Says:

    *Doesn’t have a green card… I’m a US citizen

  215. kal Says:

    I’m in the process of getting my citizenship but at the same time I’m in the process of getting a divorce will the divorce affect me from getting my citizenship?

  216. danny Says:

    Icame to the US on A temporary visitors visa, i met the woman and we dated for a while and had two children in the time we were together. We decided to get married but my visa expired so i had to go back to Jamaica. Its been almost 10 years and since then she has had other children by two other men. I want a divorce. How do i go about doing this and how long will it take.

  217. Sally Says:

    Hi – I brought my husband here from West Africa and he now has a green card. He was abusive almost the moment he arrived. He left me 7 months ago. It has been almost two years now and I am filing for divorce, but he won’t let me get it. Is there a statement that I can register to immigration office about him or the situation? Thanks

  218. gopi Says:

    My husband has affair with one of his employee from 7 years. he told me about that relation 6 months back. he does not want to leave her. so can I do something of her status because I have three daughter they are 10,6,3.

  219. yanet Says:

    I have been married to my husband 2 year in sept we need to file out the paper for his immigration I don’t want to be with him no more what will happen to him

  220. ella Says:

    i’ve been married to my husband 1 year already and i find out that he been cheating on me… if ever i file a divorce if theirs a possibility affects my green card process?

  221. Alisha Says:

    I’m married to an undocumented immigrant. He left our marriage after two and I’m pregnant. Can I contact immigration to find him because I want a divorce?

  222. Mariano Says:

    Hello, I have been married for 5 years 2 of wich i was waiting on my country of origin for the paperwork to clear, when it did i traveled to the USA with a 2 year visa, i resided for 3 years and acquired my 10 year greencard, now my US wife wants to get rid of me thru divorce, we had a affidavit of support holding my wife and a friend of hers responsible for my weel being i believe, since the divorce is taking place and i do not want to put her or the friend on the line id like to know if possible, what can i do to avoid putting myself in situations that may execute this AOS against them, wich i would like to avoid, and on the same note if i have to go to a shelter or anything since i will be living in my car for a while until i get myself up to speed, basicly i need the do’s and don’ts to avoid harming them without losing the ability to get help if i need it.
    Anything about this would be really helpful.

    Thank you in advance

  223. monalisa Says:

    I want to divorce my husband but I strated the process of filing for him I don’t care to continue the process he has 9 arrests counting one for me domestic now he is back on drugs and drinking I want completely out not to even assist him in any way is the fine ? He was also up for deportation

  224. lewis Says:

    Hi I married an immigrant from Trinidad and i believed that he had married because he loved me,but soon found out after him obtaining his 2 year conditional green card that he only married me for that reason… im in the process of a divorce, he joined the military a month after him getting his green card i just want to know if the military would be able to help him get his permanent green card without me

  225. Chikay_blues Says:

    A frend of mine already have a green card visa and she will be 1yr and 5mos now in usa… But her husband doesn’t not treat her good ..lets just say emotional battered wife not physically battered wife.. So what happen to her if she’s going to left his husband ? Is she be deported in the place where she originally came?

  226. Lilia franco Says:

    Well my brother got married in South America he’s been married for over 5 yrs . His wife commitrd adultery and kicked my brother out of his home and she now has that other man there . He brought here from South America did all the necessary paper work for imagration . Now because of his situation is there any way that he can have her be deported for infedelity and his daughter can stay with him . She barley lets my brother see his daughter and I frankly am upset and I want to help him out in any way I can . Thank you

  227. Claudis Garcia Says:

    My husband is a America citizen and I become America citizen two years ago due to him. We have been married for 8 years, no kids of him, but I have one boy now 14 who has an excellent relationship with him. Our relation is getting bad and bad, he never spend time at home due for work but when he has free time he is at the local bar. Yesterday he threatened telling me that he can deport me and send me to my country … which a don’t believe that he can do it. I’m very good citizen I have never had problems with nobody and we got married for love, I have evidence. Please tell me can he deport me just because he wants ?

  228. Kevin Tigert Says:

    I am a US citizen. I married a woman from Moldova a year and a half ago. She recently filed for divorce, along with a Sexual Assault. I have a court hearing for the sexual assault May 4. Everything she alleges in the sexual assault are lies. I never hit her or even threatened to. I had her on several bank accounts, bought her everything she asked for and more. Recently finished paying for my house and because of health issues (Major operation) I deeded her 1/2 interest in my house. She conned me into thinking she needed this in case anything were to happen to me while in hospital. She filed for divorce 2 weeks later. She never went to any of my appointments and did not visit while I was in hospital for 10 days. I had three operations. Is it possible to sue her for fraud and have marriage annulled? We have no children together.

  229. Kishor Dutt Says:

    My daughter is a USA citizen and had a fixed wedding following culture and tradition but it did not work out. They are now separated and divorce has been filed and pending. Can she sponsor her now fiancée while divorce is still pending on a fiancée visa?

  230. Aly Says:

    My fiancé is American and I’m canadian. We want to get married in The US but I do not want to become an American citizen yet ( to many complications to do so right now). Do I have to have a fiances visa to legally marry him in the US even though I don’t plan to live there yet?can I just go there and get married and then come back to canada? Will it affect my chances of being allowed back into the US if we get married and I don’t live there I just cross on the weekends to visit?

  231. John Says:

    I got married to a German girl at my last post where I was stationed about a month before I pcs to the states. Our relationship seemed very real at the time and we were in love and she came here to Georgia with me and 8 months of being here she starts going to see her German girlfriend on the weekends. Four weekends in a row. Lots of things happen and I get suspicious and find out she has been cheating on me . Not only that but she had been talking to guys on chat sites for a long time now. I left her our apartment and we want a divorce and she is willing not to agree on me paying allimony but at the same time I signed an affidavit of support. I really don’t know what that means I have to do as in supporting but it is for 10 years until she gains citizenship or remarries or leaves back to her country. She wants to finish college. And wanted to divorce and said she doesn’t want allimony just wants to get divorced because our first year is almost up. I’ve tried calling different lawyers but they are busy. I just want to know my options

  232. John Says:

    I forgot that she admitted in text messaging to me that she did cheat and found the guy on would that count as proof in court for adultery

  233. Omar Says:

    So my girlfriend lives in Mexico and we want to get married. So I can bring her to the states. Im scared that if we do get married and I fix her residency she will then divorce me. Is there a time frame of having to be married before we can actually divorce? Without affecting her status?

  234. brian Says:

    My friend is asian from south Korea and has been married for 30 year she has permanent residents and has been on same job for 30 years has social society card bank accounts houses and morgaes in her name but her husband threatens her with is she divorce him they will send her back to korea she is lost and dont want to be with him

  235. amber Says:

    i am married for about 3yrs an i have never lived with my husband an he lives in mexico an found out he is with another woman an she just had a baby of his what is the easiest way i can get divorced an thats not so pricy i ama single mother of two an do everything on my own any help me?

  236. meet Says:

    I have been married since 2010 and my husband has us citizenship i had come from india to usa only 3 months ago…..its 26-2-2015 .but i realise my husband cheating on me…i have proofs but problem is now i have 10 year green card ….if i divorced with my husband …is its harm for my immigration status…

  237. fuzy Says:

    We’re in the process of Adjustment of status….its been almost a year now,my husband and I separated but not yet divorce and we have our interview this coming June 01.I wanted to be honest through our interview and I don’t wanna tell a lie about our situation. Would it be better to tell the truth.I’m so confuse.

  238. libney sausa Says:

    my husband married me for my papers only and we have 2 kids . he has damaged me a lot and used me . he ended up having kids with another woman and was cheating on me with her . we started the process to fix his papers , how do i stop the process??

  239. helen Says:

    . I’m a green card holder and came here in US in 1987.I went to Philippines to marry him I n 1997. Every year I go back and stop in 2004 because he cheated. I filed a uncontested divorce here in US in 2007 and got approved. I went back to the Philippines to visit my parents in may 2014 for 3 weeks then went back to Philippines because my dad passed away on June 2015. After 10 long years my husband came since there’s no divorce in Philippines. We talked and we want to fix our relationship since I have son with him. I decided I want to file a petition for him so he can come here in US to be a family again. How can I petition him if we were married in Philippines but we’re divorce here in US?
    Greatly appreciated!

  240. Anne Hardy Says:

    My husband was married to his exwife legally for 6 1/2 yrs, but separated for 3 yrs because i was his girlfriend at the time. She is from Guatemala she came here illegally had been here for many years and had a daughter in california she had not seen for many years when they met. They have together a daughter. She got deported when their daughter was 5yrs old and has stayed gone. Stortly after she got deported he filed for divorce and has sole custody. Stortly after that we got married and i am the only mom she has ever known ive raised her since she was 3 yrs old. She doesnt know they are divorced, but she recent got in contact with me after many years saying she is apply for a visa to come back to visit her daughter in 5 years. Is there any way we can prevent her from using our daughter to get her visa? Because our daughter is 11 yrs old now and doesnt not remember her and has not had any contact with her. We dont want her to get approved for a visa.

  241. Shaun Slater Says:

    I’m from the UK and I’m applying for a divorce but I would like to immigrate to the U.S. Can I start the ball rolling with immigration whilst in the process of divorce or do I have to wait until I’m divorced

  242. Ana jazmín Says:

    I got married one year and four months ago but my husband lied to me he has a child and ever since I don’t trust him besides he never has money to cooperate always asking me I wouldn’t mind if He was a hard worker but I don’t think I should be paying for his things when it’s should be mutual me helping him and he helping me . Sometimes I really just want to leave him but I’m so afraid of being sent back to my country . I wish someone could help me, I feel sick in this relationship

  243. Hadd7d Says:

    I need an advise I been married one year and two month I just discover that’s my wife have a mentality issue
    I went the other day to pick her up from the mental house and because I get little bit late she hate me while I’m driving and spilt on me
    I park on right of the road and called the police for her
    I cannot deal with her mentality no more

    I don’t have green card I have a work permit
    Is I’m gonna be deported when I divorce her or I still have the right to get my paper because she’s very abbusive
    Need help please

  244. Nadja Says:

    I’ve been married for over a year and am sponsored by my husband. I am planning on moving back to my home country in the next 4-6 months but would like to get divorced from my husband now, as we have taken different paths in our lifes and cannot be together anymore.

    What are my options? please advise. Thank you!

  245. Martha Says:

    I am married for 9 years and we have an 8 year old son. We arrived to the US 7 years ago and we all got our Green Card together 6 mouths ago. Now I want to get divorce how would that effect my status if at all?

  246. Lina Says:

    Hello. I got married to my us national husband for 9 months. Few months into marriage I found out that he has cheated on me. He promised me that it was just a once of thing so I forgave him and everything seemed Ok. Just a few days ago I found out that he has been cheating on me again (and more than once). I have pictures of the text messages between him and the other woman.
    If I divorce him will that impact my permanent residency (I have a conditional green csrd)? Will I be deported when the 2 year mark hits if I get divorced before that?
    Thank you

  247. Maria Says:

    Hello im a US citizen i married my filipino boyfriend of 6 yrs weve been married for 1 and 5 months know he got his conditional green card on march his in the filippines know and i found out his been staying at his ex wifes house he got a divorce from here california howvlegit is my marriage

  248. Tony Tran Says:

    I am us citizen marry my wife in Vietnam,after she come to us about 2 months and she had a green card, my marry fall part,we not get along,so if i decorce her so can she get departure out of US

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