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Patent translation is useful on two different levels.

A patent translation can be filed with an international patent office in order to receive new patent rights in a different country — in fact, the European Union is looking to reform their patent system with a simplified patent translation process.

Patent translations are also helpful for gleaning information from a foreign patent.

Patent Translation for Filing

If you need a patent translation to receive patent rights in another country, you need a legal translating service that is accurate and knowledgeable, not to mention fast.

After a party obtains a patent, there is usually only a short amount of time permitted to file a patent translation and obtain patent rights in another country.

If you are considering filing in another country, great amounts of money invested in research and intellectual assets are at stake. You will want to move quickly!

Patent Translation for Information

Not all patent translations are done to prepare for filing. Many times, a party will want to find out the basic information in a patent, or just a specific part of a patent. An entire certified translation would be unnecessary in this situation.

An informational translation — a translation that concentrates less on sentence length and precise phrasing — is helpful in these cases. If there are specific questions that need to be answered, or if a party just needs to get the gist of a patent, an informational translation is more than suitable.

Translating a patent for information can also be a useful way to find legal or technical information, as well as legal evidence. These can be used to defend a different patent or other copyright issues.

Patent Translation Accuracy is Paramount

When you need a patent translation for filing, for evidence or just for information; you need a translation service that is accurate, fast and experienced in both subject matter and the art of legal translation.

The professional translators at Legal Language Services have more than 30 years of experience translating patents and other legal documents. Legal Language also offers certified translations, accepted by governments and jurisdictions around the world. Count on Legal Language for on-time, on-budget results for your patent translation needs.

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    Thank you for sharing such amazing and knowledgeable content with us. The engaging part is that you are sharing something that everyone doesn’t know, how important patent translation is for a business. Patents are main documents and should be translated by certified translators for the accuracy.

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