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Legal Language Services offers more than 4,000 legal forms and templates, both foreign and domestic, in five different languages. Legal Language Services forms range from immigration and business forms to wills and trusts and employment documents. Whatever form you are looking for, you can download from Legal Language Services. Most forms offered from Legal Language Services are available for you to download completely FREE through this website. If you require a form in a language other than what we offer, you can place an order for the form in your specified language here. Please note, if you are requesting an official US form in a language other than English, you must still fill out and submit the English version of the form for it to be accepted.

Disclaimer: All forms in this database are provided without any warranty, express or implied, as to their legal effect and completeness. Forms should be used as a guide and modified to meet the laws in your state. Please use at your own risk. Public Users: If you have a legal problem we suggest that you consult an attorney. Legal Language Services does not provide legal advice. The products offered by Legal Language Services are not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Please read our Full Disclaimer for more information.