US National Legal Associations

Professional Associations of Attorneys – National:

American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys – the nation’s premier organization for estate planning attorneys

American Association of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants –  is the pioneer interdisciplinary association of  professionals who have qualified as both an Attorney and as a Certified Public Accountant. whose purpose is to develop the practices and business growth of our members to further continuing professional development  and to further the public interest  in dealing with our members.

ABA (American Bar Association)the largest voluntary professional association in the world. With more than 400,000 members, the ABA provides law school accreditation, continuing legal education, information about the law, programs to assist lawyers and judges in their work, and initiatives to improve the legal system for the public.

American Civil Liberties Unionis the nation’s foremost advocate of individual rights — litigating, legislating, and educating the public on a broad array of issues affecting individual freedom in the United States.

ALI-ABA Committee on Continuing Professional Education -the premier provider of continuing legal education in the United States  since 1947, offers members of the profession a comprehensive curriculum of post-admission legal education – courses, course materials, video and audio tapes, satellite broadcasts, books, magazines, computer disks, electronic publications and more.

American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC) –  its mission is to maintain an association, international in scope, of lawyers skilled and experienced in the preparation of wills and trusts; estate planning; probate procedure and administration of trusts and estates of decedents, minors and incompetents; to improve and reform probate, trust and tax laws, procedures, and professional responsibility.

American Corporate Counsel Association (members only) –  promotes the common professional and business interests of attorneys  who are employed to practice law by corporations, associations, and other private-sector organizations by developing and disseminating information, providing educational initiatives, facilitating networking opportunities, supporting collegiality, and engaging in advocacy on behalf of the in-house bar.

American Health Lawyers Association –  is the nation’s largest, nonpartisan,  educational organization devoted to legal issues in the healthier field.

American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) – a national bar association of over 6,000 attorneys who practice and teach immigration law. AILA is an Affiliated Organization of the American Bar Association.

The American Inns of Court Foundation –  its purpose is to improve the skills, professionalism and ethics of the bench and bar. An American Inn of Court is an amalgam of judges, lawyers, and in some cases, law professors and law students. American Inns of Court help lawyers to become more effective advocates and counselors with a keener ethical awareness. Members learn side-by-side with the most experienced judges and attorneys in their community.

American Intellectual Property Law Association – national bar association constituted primarily of lawyers in private and corporate practice, in government service, and in the academic community involved directly or indirectly in the practice of patent, trademark, copyright and unfair competition law, as well as other fields of law affecting intellectual property. Its purpose is to maintain a high standard of professional ethics, to aid in the improvements in laws relating to intellectual property and in their proper interpretation by the courts, and to provide legal education to the public and to its members on intellectual property issues.

The American Judges Association – The purposes of the American Judges Association are to improve the effective and impartial administration of justice, to enhance the independence and status of the judiciary, to provide for continuing education of its members, and to promote the interchange of ideas of a judicial nature among judges, court organization and the public.

American Law and Economics Association – is dedicated to the advancement of economic understanding of law and related areas of public policy and regulation.

American Law Institute – promotes the clarification and  simplification of the law and its better adaptation to social needs, to secure the better administration of justice, and to encourage and carry on scholarly and scientific legal work.”

American Prepaid Legal Services Institute – A professional trade organization representing the legal services plan industry and affiliated with the American Bar Association.

American Society of Corporate Secretaries –  A professional association whose membership is composed principally of corporate secretaries, assistant secretaries and other persons who are involved in duties normally associated with the corporate secretarial function.

Association of Attorney-Mediators – a nonprofit trade association. Its members are qualified, independent attorney-mediators offering mediation services. They are united by a common commitment to achieve the  prompt, fair and cost  effective resolution of disputes through voluntary and court-annexed mediation.

Association of Federal Defense Attorneys (AFDA) – devoted exclusively to the interests of federal criminal defense attorneys. The organization has been formed with a commitment to provide attorneys with the educational resources and support that are essential to effectively represent defendants in federal district and appellate courts.

Association of Trial Lawyers of America promotes justice and fairness for injured persons, safeguards victims’ rights, particularly the right to trial by jury, and strengthens the civil justice system through education and disclosure of information critical to public health and safety.

Atlantic Legal FoundationA public interest legal foundation that advocates the principles of free enterprise, the rights of individuals and limited government. Also works to promote and protect good science in the courtroom and to challenge burdensome governmental regulations.

Bar Association of the Fifth Federal Circuit – Our purpose is to improve and facilitate the administration of justice in the federal courts within the Fifth Circuit.

Black Entertainment & Sports Lawyers Association – is an international organization of lawyers in support of a  more diversified, expert and informed entertainment and sports practice.

The Commercial Law League of America –  is North America’s Leading organization of collections, creditors’ rights and bankruptcy professionals.  Its membership  consists of attorneys who concentrate their practice in commercial law, collections, the Uniform Commercial Code and bankruptcy and reorganization. In addition, over 500 individuals who are employed by commercial collection agencies are members.

Communications and Media Law AssociationAn association of professionals and students practicing or interested in communications law and policy.

Defense Research Institute –  is the preeminent national membership organization for defense, insurance, and corporate counsel.

Federal Bar Association – the professional organization for private and government lawyers and judges involved in federal practice.

Federal Communications Bar Association – dedicated to  telecommunications law and policy, and jointly publishes the Federal Communications Law Journal with the Indiana University School of Law-Bloomington.

Federation of Insurance & Corporate Counsel – professional organization for attorneys and corporate counsels defending insurance companies, associations and other corporations in the defense of civil litigation.

Federal Magistrate Judges Associationis a professional organization exclusively for U.S. Magistrate Judges.  A United States Magistrate Judge is a federal trial judge appointed to serve in a United States district court for a period of eight years.

First Amendment Lawyers Associationdedicated to the defense of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, and who represent clients in anti-censorship matters. In the 25 years of its existence the members of the FALA have been responsible for a majority of the cases decided by the Supreme Court that determine the extent to which government can control and punish speech.

Greek American Lawyers Association – committed to providing our membership with the latest information about  the legal profession, legislative reform and to promote justice, uphold high ethical standards and foster fellowship amongst those in the legal profession.

Hellenic Bar Association – promotes and fosters professional interests by encouraging communication within a professional network- to exchange information, ideas and interests regarding legal specialties and the practice of law. It provide mentoring programs for new members of the legal profession and recognizes and honors those individuals in the legal profession who exemplify the high ideals valued by the association.

Hispanic National Bar Association – represents the interests of Hispanic American attorneys, judges, law professors and law students. Its primary objective is to increase professional opportunities for Hispanics in the legal profession.

Illinois Institute for Local Government – a not-for-profit professional organization founded to serve the needs of the practicing local government attorney.

Indian Law Resource Center – Provides legal advocacy for the protection of indigenous peoples’ rights, cultures and traditional lands. Information on law reform, human rights, land rights, environmental protection, and sovereignty and self-governance.

Judge Advocates Association– an affiliate organization of the American Bar Association, it  is the only national bar association exclusively dedicated to the practitioners of military and veteran related law.

Lawyer Pilots Bar Association –  encourages the knowledge and understanding of aviation law;  promotes the spirit of fellowship within those of legal profession who have the interest of both lawyer and a pilot in the science or administration of aviation law; and cooperation with governmental and other organizations so as to enhance general aviation safety and to offer to both governmental and civil agencies, the special knowledge and skill of its members so as to assist such agencies in the performance of their functions in the development of aviation law.

Lesbian and Gay Law Association of Greater NY –  Bar Association of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) legal community in the New York metropolitan area.

Maritime Law Association of the United States – U.S. member of the national maritime law associations which would   cooperate in the hope of achieving international uniformity in maritime law.

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) –  assists lawyers, bar organizations and others who work with older clients and their families. It provides assistance to those who must deal with the many specialized issues involved with legal services to the elderly and disabled.

The National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA) –  is the national association of Asian Pacific American attorneys, judges, law professors, and law students that strives to be a national network for its members and affiliates. The association  advocates for the legal needs and interests of the APA community.

National Association for Public Interest Law (NAPIL) – is the country’s leading  organization engaged in organizing, training and supporting public service-minded law students, and is the national leader in creating summer and postgraduate public interest jobs.

National Association of Attorneys General – Promoting cooperation, coordination, and communication among the states’ chief  legal officers.

National Association of Bar Executives (NABE) –  founded in 1941 to serve the staff of bar associations and law-related organizations. NABE’s vision is to “unite and inspire bar executives in promotion of excellence in bar association management.”

National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, Inc. – Organization of attorneys who specialize in representing debtors in consumer bankruptcies.

The National Association of Bond Lawyers – its purposes are educating its members and others in the law relating to state and municipal bonds and other obligations, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas as to law and practice, improving the state of the art in the field. providing advice and comment at the federal, state and local levels with respect to legislation, regulations, rulings and other action.

National Association of College and University Attorneys – purpose is to enhance legal assistance to colleges and  universities by educating attorneys and administrators to the nature of campus legal issues. It has an equally important role to play in the continuing legal education of university counsel.

National Association of Criminal Lawyers –  is the preeminent organization in the United States advancing the mission of the nation’s criminal defense lawyers to ensure justice and due process for persons accused of crime or other misconduct.

National Association of Patent Practitioners – an organization dedicated to supporting patent practitioners and those working  in the field of patent law in matters relating to patent law, its practice, and  technological advances.

National Association for Public Interest Law –  is the country’s leading organization engaged in organizing, training and supporting public service-minded law students, and is the national leader in creating summer and postgraduate public interest jobs.

National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys – organization serving  law firms in the consumer collection industry in the United States.

National Association of Women Judges–  provides strong,  committed judicial leadership to improve the administration of justice and to ensure fairness, gender equality and diversity in American courts.

National Association of Women Lawyers –  is a national voluntary legal professional organization devoted to the interests of women lawyers and their families. The Association has historically served as an educational forum and an active voice for the concerns of women in the legal profession and women worldwide.

National Bar Association – The purpose of the National Bar Association is to advance the science of jurisprudence, uphold the honor of the legal profession, promote social intercourse among the members of the bar and protect the civil and political rights of all citizens of the United States.

National Conference of Bar Foundations (NCBF)is an independent, voluntary organization serving both Canadian law  foundations and bar foundations in the U.S. The NCBF assists its members by providing a medium for the  exchange of ideas and information related to foundation management, raising and allocating funds,  developing public service programs and accomplishing law-related service objectives. Staff support from the  American Bar Association’s Division for Bar Services allows the NCBF to offer a range of services.

National Conference of Bar Presidents (NCBP) – a voluntary association of individuals who share the privilege of past and  present bar leadership. Their mission is education, making bar associations the best they can be by ensuring an  informed leadership.

National District Attorneys Association – is the largest national professional organization specifically serving the needs of prosecutors in the United States .

National Employment Lawyers Association – provides assistance and support to lawyers in protecting the rights of employees against the greater resources of their employers and the defense bar. NELA is the country’s only professional organization that is exclusively comprised of lawyers who represent individual employees in cases involving employment discrimination, wrongful termination, employee benefits and other employment-related matters.

National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA)-Illinois – local affilliate in Illinois of national organization .

National Federation of Paralegal Associations – the largest and oldest non-profit professional association for paralegals and legal assistants in the world .

National Lawyers Association – is a national bar association, organized to improve the image of the legal profession, to advance legal institutions and respect for the law, and to educate the public on such matters.

National Lawyers Guild –  functions as an effective political and social   force in the service of the people, to the end that human rights shall be more sacred  than property interests.

National Legal Aid and Defender Association –  is the oldest and largest national, non-profit membership organization devoting all of its resources to advocating equal access to justice for all Americans. It champions effective legal assistance for the poor and serves as a collective voice for both civil legal services and indigent defense services throughout the nation.

National Lesbian & Gay Law Association – is a national association of lawyers, judges and other legal professionals, law  students and affiliated lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) legal organizations. It is an affiliate of the American Bar Association.

National Organization of Bar Counsel – is a non-profit organization whose members enforce ethical rules which regulate the professional conduct of lawyers.

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Bar Association – is comprised of attorneys that practice before the United States National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the Department of Transportation (DOT). While the main focus of the group is the representation of pilots and aviation businesses in regulatory, certification, and enforcement actions, many members practice in other areas of the law as well, such as air crash litigation, aviation insurance defense, taxation, and business law. Membership in the Association is open to practicing attorneys, law students or other individuals interested in aviation law.

Native American Bar Association –  serves as the national association for Native American attorneys, judges, law professors and law students. NABA works to promote issues important to the Native American community and works to improve professional opportunities for Native American lawyers.

NSBA Council of School Attorneys – Its mission is to provide leadership in legal advocacy for public schools.  The Council was formed to provide information and practical assistance to attorneys who represent public school districts.

Pennsylvania Defense Institute – association of defense counsel in Pennsylvania .

Professional Mediation Association –  was established for the purpose of promoting and advocating the practice of Mediation. The distinguishing feature of the Professional Mediation Association from other professional groups is that the Association places an emphasis on referrals to qualified mediators.

All Lawyers practicing in a certain state must be active members in the state bar. Major categories covering the functions of the State Bar include: Admissions; Administration of Justice; Attorney discipline; Legal Education and Professional Competence; Communications and Public Education; Legal services and Client Relations. Activities center on regulation of the legal profession and improving the administration of justice for all in the state. Local Bar association have similar functions, except for the licensing.








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