The Divorce Process

It is said that one out of every two US marriages ends in divorce. While that statistic is highly debatable, one thing is certain: more people are going through divorces today than at any time in the past. With the sheer number of divorces occurring in the United States (more than one million just last year), however, it is no longer considered the social stigma it once was.

The main reason divorce has crept to the forefront of public awareness lately, is the number of high profile celebrity divorces that have garnered so much of the media’s attention. Thanks to such coverage, the average American is now well aware of terms such as “prenup,” “annulment” and “irreconcilable differences.”

This doesn’t mean that the average American is any more qualified to navigate the many difficulties that divorce presents, however. Therefore, Legal Language Services has provided you with information to give you some idea of what to expect during the course of a divorce.

Legal Language Services can assist you in your divorce by taking any incriminating audio you may have (i.e. threatening answering machine messages or recordings of infidelity or abuse) and providing you with a certified transcription that is acceptable in all US courts. You can also search Legal Language Services’ FREE attorney locator to help you find a divorce attorney in your area to work with you during this trying time.

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