Interpreting in Non-US Venues

International Legal Interpreting for 30+ Years

When you need international interpreting services for your legal proceedings, you need a company with a proven record of accuracy and reliability.

You need Legal Language Services.

Since 1983, the interpreters of Legal Language have facilitated communication in 157 languages and dialects in more than 50 countries around the world.

International Interpreting Services

Interpreting outside of the US can be complicated, but Legal Language has the experience to maneuver through multi-jurisdictional depositions or evidence taking.

Our worldwide network of interpreters are known not only for their fluency, but also for their familiarity with international legal vocabulary and protocol. What’s more, they are aware of the cultural barriers that can arise when interpreting in another country and the complexity of working in different areas with different restrictions and laws.

Legal Language has provided interpreting services for a number of national governments, including Mexico, France, Russia and New Zealand. Legal Language also provides the US government with interpreting services for events like international conferences, televised interviews and visiting dignitaries.

Whether you’re preparing for an international trial, deposition, conference or seminar, Legal Language can provide an on-site interpreter that meets your language and subject needs.

Personalized Interpreting Solutions

Legal Language offers a variety of international interpreting solutions to meet your requirements.

multilingual conference room
  • Telephonic interpreting is also offered by Legal Language Services for situations where an in-person interpreter is simply not available, including proceedings and meetings abroad.
  • Consecutive interpreting is often used with small groups in both formal and informal settings. How does it work? For example: One person or group speaks, say in French. The interpreter renders this into a second language, like English. The second speaker or group responds in English, and the interpreter renders the response into French.
  • Simultaneous interpreting, also known as UN-style interpreting, tends to be used in more formal situations with large groups. The interpreter renders the speaker’s words into another language in real time. This usually requires specialized simultaneous interpreting equipment, including wireless microphones, soundproof booths and wireless headsets.

Since 1983, Legal Language has facilitated hundreds of thousands of legal proceedings and conferences all over the world.

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