Recorded Evidence Discovery Management & Litigation Support

Why is discovery management crucial to your case?

In large wiretap and undercover operations, how you organize the discovery determines how effectively a recording will support your case.

The scope of the organization and assessment must be expansive because advantages are often found in the least likely corners of conversations. Trying to triage the preparation of a recorded evidence case with a preconceived notion of where the favorable evidence should be found is doomed to fail.

Trust Legal Language to manage your recorded evidence.

A successful organizational protocol must be able to catalog a vast array of recordings while still capturing the smallest detail. It must easily access a single phrase spoken in a single sentence and pick up a common thread in a thousand hours of telephone calls.

What’s more, what others say about your client is no less important than what your client says on a recording. What is not said to some and said to others establishes circles of trust that may bear on a trial outcome.

Mapping topic patterns as well as patterns of omission, parsing conversational behaviors, and exposing sophisticated covert techniques of incrimination all require specialized organizational methods and software tools designed specifically for the conversational analysis of the recorded evidence in your case.

We’ll tailor our strategy to fit your unique case.

Our team is made up of experienced recorded evidence analysts and consultants who have pioneered this discourse-analytical methodology as they supported trial advocacy for many of the largest undercover and wiretap cases.

And yet, every case is different. The organizational and analytical schemes that are successful in one case don’t always apply to another. We build our assessment plan for every recorded evidence discovery set from the unique fact pattern of your case.

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