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Legal Language Services offers a comprehensive spectrum of litigation support services, including expert consulting on:

We also offer complete linguistic litigation support for parties engaged with overseas defendants and witnesses, such as:

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Why not just handle these issues on your own?

Because foreign rules are often wildly different than your local rules — and if the right guidelines are not observed, you must either start over (usually at the expense of significant time and money) or your client loses.

International Service of Process

LLS arranges for service of process in more than 90 countries. Our attorneys can advise you on the legalization and translation requirements for service of process that may be subject to foreign civil procedure codes and treaties. We can also advise you on quashing service if your foreign client has been served with US process.

Legalization of Documents

To have effect in some foreign jurisdictions, US and Canadian legal documents must be legalized. That is, they must not only carry a notary’s signature, but that notary’s signature must be authenticated by at least one government authority, depending on the Destination State. Our attorneys are experts in facilitating the legalization process before documents are sent overseas.

Legal Discovery Services

If you must catalog paper documents, Legal Language can help. What’s more, we can translate any foreign documents so you know what is and is not relevant to you case.

International Evidence Taking

Legal Language has the practical information and experience necessary to help you ascertain the procedure, cost, time-frame and any potential setbacks in obtaining evidence located abroad. Particularly important is our attorneys’ familiarity with the differences between common law and civil law (Napoleonic Code-based) jurisdictions, as well as the intricacies of the Hague Evidence Convention.

Enforcement of Judgments Abroad

Among the most important issues facing any litigator is how to enforce a judgment. This is a particularly thorny issue when suing an overseas defendant; foreign courts are often skeptical of US and Canadian judgments, especially where tenets of international law are not observed at all stages of litigation. LLS’ attorneys can offer strategic advice at the outset of a suit, during discovery and trial, and following judgment.

Worldwide Skip Tracing, Asset Searches and Corporate Address Verification

LLS will also assist with worldwide skip tracing and asset searches. Our international network of investigators is adept at tracing evasive defendants and witnesses and locating the registered offices of corporate defendants.

Linguistic Support

Most countries require legal documents to be translated into an official language, and US notions of Due Process require that a defendant understand the language of documents presented to him. Depositions and hearings abroad often require live interpreting so that foreign courts can ensure adherence to local laws. Further, foreign proceedings often include no written record, making transcription vital.

LLS can advise attorneys on all aspects of translation requirements, and we specialize in highly accurate, well-written translations. LLS also provides interpreters and transcriptionists for a range of legal proceedings.

Professional Legal Support Solutions

Turn to Legal Language when you need to find support staff and locations for depositions or other international legal proceedings. LLS’ worldwide network includes attorneys, commissioners, court reporters, interpreters and audiovisual technicians for events abroad.

LLS’ attorneys and paralegals are globally-recognized experts in transnational litigation, serving as advisors to the Hague Conference on Private International Law in the development and revision of its deskbooks on the Hague Service Convention and Hague Evidence Convention.

Since 1983, top law firms, government agencies and international legal authorities have counted on Legal Language Services to meet their needs and their deadlines.

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