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For transcription and translation services that are delivered on-budget, on your schedule, look no further than Legal Language Services.

Legal Language is a one-stop shop for transcription and translation. Our team of professional linguists will transcribe hearings, interviews and other legal proceedings, then translate the transcript from or into more than 200 languages.

Legal Language works extensively with more than 30 types of analog, digital and electronic media, including cassettes, VHS tapes, CDs, DVDs, MP3s and WAV files.

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Specialized Services for Legal Professionals

Count on personalized solutions from Legal Language.

Legal Language has extensive experience in the transcription and translation of a wide variety of legal recordings, including evidentiary and surveillance tapes, wiretaps, depositions and judicial proceedings.

The transcriptionists of Legal Language specialize not only in recordings with one voice, but also those with multiple speakers. In addition, Legal Language’s transcriptionists and translators have extensive knowledge of the terminology used in the legal profession.

Certified Transcriptions & Translations

When your translation must be a legal document, trust Legal Language to follow the most rigorous standards for certified translations.

Legal Language’s certified translations and transcriptions are accepted by federal courts and agencies as well as in more than 50 jurisdictions around the world.

Value-Added Services

Whether you need on-site recording services or help organizing a conference, Legal Language has your audio needs covered.

Skilled engineers set up and monitor professional audio equipment for your seminars, meetings or any legal proceedings. What’s more, our conference interpreting services will facilitate clear communication at your event.

In addition, Legal Language offers duplication services for when you need clear, crisp copies of your recordings.

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