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Exclusive Offer for AAAA Members

Legal Language Services (LLS) is pleased to partner with the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys (AAAA) to offer document translation services to its members, as well as other language services including interpreting and transcription.

Each time an AAAA Member purchases translation from LLS, a percentage of the project cost will be remitted as an in-kind donation to the AAAA for projects such as translation of the Academy’s website, translation of Academy resources (including shared document libraries accessible to Members), sponsorship of Academy events/conferences and more.

Why Do You Need Translation?

Adoption and ART are complicated enough in English. If one (or more) party speaks another language, the need for translation and interpreting becomes paramount.

Moreover, LLS’s translation and interpretations services are tailored for the legal practitioner.

When the court requires court-certified translations or the use of a certified interpreter, LLS can help. Our impartial third-party interpreters can avoid the emotional complexity of relying on a person known to the non-English-speaking party, let alone the appearance of bias. Translations of key documents and the use of certified interpreters will help your clients ward off challenges from non-English speaking parties who later claim not to have understood what they were signing.

Interpreting is available on-site or remotely, using telephonic interpreting or our state-of-the-art video remote interpreting (VRI) platform. LLS provides language experts to assist you and your clients with consultations, hearings and medical appointments.

Whether you need contracts rendered into another language or medical records produced in English, LLS’s team approach delivers translation that preserves the meaning of the text across language barriers. Certified translations from LLS have been accepted in courts throughout the United States as well as jurisdictions in more than 90 other countries.

Common translation projects in the adoption/ART field include:

Contracts – Surrogacy Agreements, Sperm/Egg/Embryo Donation Agreements

Forms – Consent to Adoption, Denial of Paternity, Termination of Parental Rights

Legal Filings – Post-Adoption Contact Agreements, Court Notices, Pleadings

Legal/Medical/Financial Records – Birth Certificates, Immunization Records, Medical History, Escrow Agreements, Health Insurance Policies

Marketing Collateral – Websites, Pamphlets/Brochures, Advertisements

Please note: All storage and transmission of documents is conducted using secure, password-protected, HIPAA-compliant FTP/servers.

Legal Language Services assisting adoption agencies

How to Access This Special Offer

  1. Fill out the “Get a Quote” form below, or call us toll free at 1-800-788-0450.
  2. Enter the code AdoptionART18 in the “Notes & Other Requirements” box, or supply the code via phone.
  3. Get your FREE price quote.
  4. Once the job is confirmed and payment is arranged, LLS will credit the applicable funds to the Academy’s account.