Real-Time Monitoring of Court-Ordered Surveillance by LLS

Legal Language Services provides professional linguists for around-the-clock monitoring of surveillance.

Monitoring is distinguished from cataloging of recordings in that it’s performed in real time and may involve specialized software. It is most often used when conducting a wire intercept or consensual surveillance.

This is useful in combating criminal activity including white collar crime, drug trafficking, organized crime, and terrorism.

Monitoring surveillance is also a valuable tool to flag critical conversations that may require immediate action.

Whether you’re mounting surveillance or reviewing hours of evidentiary recordings, you can rely on LLS for secure, accurate, effective assistance in English and more than 200 other languages and dialects.

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Experience the LLS Difference

Legal Language has the expertise you need for real-time monitoring of surveillance including consensual and court-ordered intercepts.

The professionals of Legal Language can be trusted with your most sensitive, important legal projects. Our monitors are available throughout the US and are familiar with the most common software tools.

We can also provide verbatim transcripts, translate transcripts from or into any of 200+ languages and dialects, and certify documents for courtroom submission.

Cataloging of Discovery Documents

In addition to our monitoring services, LLS offers cataloging of surveillance recordings and written documents. Cataloging — which unlike monitoring does not occur in real time — allows for a more comprehensive indexing process.

Evidence can be organized and compiled into databases for easy access.

Machine translation is also available to process large evidentiary sets and to help maintain consistency across multiple hours of surveillance.

Learn more about our cataloging services here.

Verbatim Transcription of Recordings

At LLS, we are expert in transcribing consensual recordings and wire intercepts. Our team of professional transcriptionists produces verbatim transcripts that facilitate efficient legal proceedings.

We can also produce summary reports based on the information from the intercepts and provide certified translations for court submission when necessary.

Learn more about our verbatim transcription services here.

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