For more than 30 years, Legal Language has assisted individuals and insurance companies with their language and transportation needs with regards to workers’ compensation.

We provide transportation to legal or medical proceedings for clients who have suffered an illness or injury on the job. Additionally, our professional interpreting services are available for on-site or remote interpretation in 200+ languages.

Rely on LLS to:

  • Arrange transportation services to & from medical and legal proceedings
  • Provide certified translations of personal documents
  • Schedule on-site and remote interpreters
  • Maintain strict confidentiality measures to safeguard your privacy
  • Provide verbatim transcriptions of court room hearings
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Why Choose LLS?

Protect Workers’ Claims

Our drivers maintain appropriate licensing, training, and insurance. This allows you to minimize risk of injury, demonstrate proper care for your injury, and negate claims that your injury was caused or worsened by poor driving.

Privacy & HIPAA Compliant

At Legal Language, we recognize that providing services related to the medical field requires that special care be taken in regards to security and confidentiality. We conform to strict confidentiality measures to safeguard your privacy, including but not limited to observing HIPAA privacy guidelines.

Experienced Professionals

Our trained, qualified interpreters use their knowledge of insurance procedures and industry-specific terminology to provide accurate, precise communication for everything from client consultations to claim investigations.

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