For more than 30 years, Legal Language has assisted individuals and insurance companies with their language and transportation needs with regards to Workers’ Compensation.

Make sure your (or your client’s) Workers’ Comp claim isn’t at risk of being denied because of how your case was handled – trust Legal Language with your language and transportation needs.

Transportation Services

When you do everything by the book, you’re doing everything you can to protect your workers’ comp claim.

Legal Language provides professional transportation services, giving you the safest route to and from physical therapy sessions, Independent Medical Examinations, and courtroom hearings. Each of our drivers maintains appropriate licensing, training and insurance. This allows you to minimize risk of injury, demonstrate proper care for your injury, and negate claims that your injury was caused or worsened by poor driving.

Our professional transportation services include:

  • Local Vehicle Service
  • Ambulance Service
  • Long-Distance Ground Transport
  • Long-Distance Air Transport
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On-site & Remote Interpreting Services

Legal Language provides interpreters for your clients upon arrival, when needed. Our professional linguists are available to provide on-site interpreting in 157 languages and dialects, including American Sign Language.

For short-notice appointments or uncommon languages, we offer telephonic and video remote interpreting services so that language needs are always covered.

Professional Translation Services

For forms and instructions written in another language, let Legal Language handle your document translation needs. Expert medical translators put everything from prescription labels to consent forms into language your clients can understand.

Translations can even be certified. If required under the terms of a policy, or if documentation from an IME is to be submitted to a court, Legal Language can certify the translation, making it a legally recognized document.

Privacy & HIPAA Compliance

At Legal Language, we recognize that providing services related to the medical field requires that special care be taken in regards to security and confidentiality. With this in mind, Legal Language satisfies the requirements set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) when handling medical documents and information, in addition to our confidentiality and security policies.

Legal Language conforms to strict confidentiality measures to safeguard the privacy of its clients, including but not limited to observing HIPAA privacy guidelines. Our policies and procedures describe the proper treatment of private information obtained during the execution of interpretation, transcription, translation and/or transportation services.

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