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Legal Translation of Patents and Intellectual Property Documents for 30+ Years

Patent and intellectual property document translations require two things: speed and accuracy.

At Legal Language Services, we understand how imperative it is for your patent translations to be filed quickly and accurately. In fact, because there is a limited amount of time in which an inventor or company can file for patent rights in another country, it’s best for patent translations to be completed immediately.

LLS Knows Accuracy

Do you have patents pertaining to medicine? Engineering? Computers? Electronics? Biotechnology? Something else altogether? Trust the experts of Legal Language Services to translate both the words and the meaning of your document.

It pays to pay for accurate, high quality legal translations – a poor patent translation can lead a competitor to believing their product poses no threat. What’s more, patents can be found unenforceable in court if the examiner is not provided with reliable patent translations.

To counter this, Legal Language offers certified translations which are accepted in courts or government agencies throughout the US and in more than 50 jurisdictions worldwide.

LLS Knows Speed

Working on a deadline? Not a problem.

Legal Language offers Rush and Same-Day service to meet your deadline.

LLS Knows How to Save You Money

Are you working on an intellectual property case where you have thousands of foreign language documents, yet lack the time and budget to properly translate it all?

A machine or informational translation is a cost-effective way to figure out which documents are vital to your case and deserve an in-depth translation.

Join Thousands of Satisfied Clients

Why wait? Our record of quality patent translation has earned us a reputation as an industry leader. When you choose Legal Language, you’ll be in the company of:

  • top US and international law firms
  • corporate legal departments of Fortune 500 companies
  • international legal authorities in more than 90 countries
  • government agencies including the US Department of State, Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security

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