International Adoption

Inter-Country Adoption Guide

Legal Language Services has gathered information for you in order to help you better understand the process and requirements involved in international Adoption.

Our guide covers international adoption requirements, the applicable laws involved for international adoption, the basic steps to adopt a child from abroad, an overview of the adoption home study and how to easily get through it.

Brief Introduction

With over 20,000 inter-country adoptions take place every year; inter-country adoption is on the rise. American citizens are seeking to adopt foreign children in increasing numbers for a variety of reasons, including the reduction in children available for adoption in the United States and the desire to give a child a life they would normally not have been able to have.

Inter-country adoption is, in essence, a private legal matter between you, the adoptive parent(s), and a foreign court, which functions under the specific country’s laws and regulations. U.S. authorities are unable to intervene on your behalf with any courts in the country where the adoption will occur. The Department of State, however, can provide you with extensive information about the adoption processes in various countries and the U.S. legal requirements to bring a child adopted abroad to the United States.