Transcription of Digital Media

Transcriptions from 30+ Types of Digital Media

When you need a digital transcription, turn to Legal Language Services for on-time, on-budget solutions.

The expert transcriptionists of Legal Language work with more than two dozen types of digital media files, including popular formats such as CDs, DVDs, MP3s, MP4s and WAV files.

What’s more, the transcriptionists of Legal Language have extensive knowledge of legal terminology.

No matter the length of your recording, you can count on Legal Language to meet your needs and your deadline.

Digital Transcriptions of Legal Proceedings

Since 1983, Legal Language has provided transcriptions of evidentiary tapes, depositions, memorandums and other legal proceedings.

Legal Language accepts a wide variety of digital and electronic files. Formats we accept include:

  • Blu-ray Discs
  • DVCAMs
  • WMA files
  • WMV files
  • DSS files
  • MSV files
  • AIFF files
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Certified Digital Transcription

If you use a transcription in a legal setting, it may need to be certified.

Certified digital transcriptions from Legal Language are admissible in courts and government agencies in the US as well as more than 50 jurisdictions around the world.

Rush & Same-Day Digital Transcription

Are you working to meet a deadline?

Legal Language offers rush and same-day digital transcription service for your last-minute needs.

Value-Added Transcription Services

In addition to digital media, Legal Language provides transcriptions of analog tapes, including cassettes, microcassettes, minicassettes and VHS tapes.

If your file is in another language, that’s not a problem either. Legal Language can translate your transcriptions or other legal documents into more than 150 languages. Like our transcriptions, our translations can also be certified, making them admissible in state, federal and international jurisdictions.

Need to organize a conference or set up on-site recording services? Legal Language has you covered. Skilled technicians and audio engineers install and maintain state-of-the-art equipment for your conferences or seminars.

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