Telephonic Interpreting for the Insurance Industry

Interpreting by Phone in 150+ Languages & Dialects

Conveying accurate information to clients is imperative in the insurance industry. Telephonic interpreting from Legal Language Services allows you to quickly and easily communicate with your clients, no matter what language they speak.

With telephonic interpreting from Legal Language, a simple toll-free call will connect you to more than 150 languages and dialects — often in a matter of seconds.

Legal Language knows that the insurance industry has specific procedures as well as unique terminology. When you call, we connect you to an experienced interpreter with knowledge of the vocabulary used in the insurance industry. Our trained, qualified interpreters use their knowledge of insurance procedures and industry-specific terminology to provide accurate, precise communication for everything from client consultations to claim investigations.

Insurance Interpreting for Client Consultations, Policy Reviews & Emergencies

For most meetings and conferences, live, in-person interpreters are preferred. Having an interpreter physically present with you means that he or she will be able to facilitate communication by reading and reacting to the body language, gestures and subtle inflections that you cannot decipher over the phone.

However, having a live interpreter present isn’t always an option. You may need a claim investigated right away, with no time for an interpreter to come to your office, or your client may speak an uncommon language.

In these situations and similar scenarios, telephonic interpreting will be able to assist you in giving — or receiving — pertinent information. Telephonic interpreting is also ideal for gleaning information from recorded statements.

Simply call us toll-free at 1-800-788-0450 to find out how you can be connected to an interpreter with the insurance expertise and language skills you need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And with no minimum charges, you’ll pay only for the time you use.

Value-Added Services from Legal Language

In addition to telephonic interpreters, Legal Language can arrange consecutive or simultaneous interpreting services for your next meeting, consultation or event.

Consecutive interpreting can be used in a variety of settings and is ideal for small groups. In consecutive interpreting, one party speaks first, say in French. The interpreter renders the first speaker’s words into a second language for the other party — for example, English. The second party responds in English, and the interpreter renders the response into French for the first party.

In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter renders the speaker’s language into another language in real time. Simultaneous interpreting requires specialized audiovisual equipment, including headsets and soundproof booths.

If you need a translation or a transcription, Legal Language also has you covered. The transcriptionists of Legal Language can transcribe one-voice or multiple-voice recordings, including doctors’ notes and phone calls, from over 30 media formats, include cassettes, mini cassettes, CDs, DVDs and MP3s. Legal Language also offers certified translations of claims, medical forms or other necessary documents into any of 157 languages.