During discovery, while examining an opposing party’s legal documents, you may be presented with recorded dialog. In such instances, you’ll want to obtain a verbatim transcription. But what if the recording is in another language?

That’s where we come in.

Whether you need English-only transcription or foreign language transcription, LLS is your one-stop-shop. As a full-service language support company, we offer transcription in more than 200 languages and can also provide certified translations of any foreign language transcription into English.

Our Two-Step Process

When you require a transcription that also needs to be translated into another language, we preform s a two-step process where the transcription and the translation are independently undertaken and independently verifiable.

Why do we do this? By separating these two steps, the work product can be verified in a legal proceeding with a greater degree of accuracy.

If both transcription and translation are performed by a single individual, the chances for error are effectively multiplied, and a dispute may arise. Also, the credentials of an expert witness may be more easily questioned, as they are taking on multiple roles/tasks.

Step 1

The audio recording is reviewed by a native speaker of the language, and a verbatim transcription is produced. If warranted, this transcription may be reviewed and/or edited by other experts in order to ensure the highest quality possible (especially where recordings are indistinct or dialects are obscure).

The final work product is then certified by the transcriber of record, which produces a document that can be independently verified as an accurate rendering of the original spoken dialogue.

Step 2

A translation is performed by one of our a qualified linguist from the source language into to the target language.

For added quality control,  the translation is then edited and proofread. Once complete, the document can be certified as part of a submission for a legal procedure.

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Why Choose LLS?

When every word counts, LLS is a trusted source of verbatim transcription needs for legal professionals in digital and analog formats.


We have extensive experience in the transcription of a wide range of legal recordings, including evidentiary and surveillance tapes, wiretaps, depositions, and judicial proceedings.


Our transcriptionists specialize not only in recordings with one voice, but also those with multiple speakers. In addition, our team includes certified translators who can translate your transcription into and out of more than 200 languages.


Our team members are chosen not only for their linguist abilities, but for their knowledge of legal jargon and vocabulary resulting in final products that meet the highest levels of accuracy.

Transcription of Digital Media

Legal Language accepts a wide variety of digital and electronic files. Formats we accept include:

  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Blu-ray Discs
  • MP3s
  • MP4s
  • WAV files
  • DVCAMs
  • WMA files
  • WMV files
  • DSS files
  • MSV files
  • AIFF files

Transcription of Analog Tapes

We work with a wide range of analog tapes, including cassettes, microcassettes, minicassettes and VHS tapes. Trust LLS to transcribe taped recordings of:

  • Hearings
  • Depositions
  • Evidentiary tapes
  • Consensual recordings
  • Wire intercepts

Government Clients

Are you a government client? Legal Language also holds a GSA contract to provide transcription at low, federally-approved prices.