Consecutive & Simultaneous Interpreting Services in 200+ Languages & Dialects

Legal Interpreting serviceLegal Language Services provides both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in more than 200 languages and dialects.

Are you planning to take depositions in a complex international litigation? Prep a witness who doesn’t speak English? Conduct a medical examination?

Legal Language can help: we facilitate communication at all stages of the legal process.

Legal Interpreting Services for All Your Needs

Do you need legal interpreting services for just a few people? Or for a few thousand?

Legal Language offers telephonic, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting for meetings of all sizes and contexts.

Telephonic interpreting allows you to talk to a speaker of another language by telephone. Two specialized solutions from Legal Language are also available — Phone Assist and Schedule Assist.

Since the telephonic interpreter cannot see the people speaking, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services are preferred for most events. However, telephonic interpreting can be useful in a last-minute or emergency situation.

Consecutive interpreting can be used in formal or informal settings and is ideal for small groups. In consecutive interpreting, one person speaks, say in Spanish. The interpreter renders this into a second language, for example, English. The second speaker responds in English, and the interpreter renders the response into Spanish.

Simultaneous interpreting is often used with large groups in more formal settings. The interpreter renders the speaker’s language into another language in real time. This usually requires sophisticated audiovisual equipment, including wireless headphones, microphones and soundproof booths.

Interpreting in Specialized Settings

Our legal interpreters are experts in many fields. Trust us with providing interpreters for various specialized settings, including:

Medical Interpreting:  Whether your client needs an interpreter for an independent medical exam for insurance claim purposes, or for the mandatory medical exam used by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, Legal Language can help.

Legal Proceedings: Our legal interpreters are not only experts in the techniques of interpreting for legal proceedings, but are also sensitive to the cultural pitfalls of conducting business in multiple languages. We screen legal interpreters not only for their bilingual skills, but also for their knowledge of appropriate legal protocol.

Conference Interpreting: Don’t let valued audience members miss out on a presentation because of a language barrier. Whether your meeting is taking place in a convention center or just down the hall, Legal Language can supply professional interpreters for your conference.

Trusted by National Governments

Legal Language has been designated as the official interpreters and translators for a number of national governments including France, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia and the United States.

Legal Language routinely provides legal interpreters for:

  • US federal proceedings
  • Prestigious international conferences
  • Televised interviews
  • Visiting dignitaries

Value-Added Services

In addition, Legal Language offers conference interpreting equipment and provides qualified engineers for on-site support. Legal Language can also perform legal transcription and recordings.

Do you need a legal interpreter on extremely short notice? Legal Language also offers telephonic interpreting for legal proceedings. Specialized interpreting services developed by Legal Language for the legal profession include: Phone Assist, which allows an attorney to converse with a foreign language speaker by telephone; and Schedule Assist, which helps you schedule hearings, depositions and arbitrations with foreign language speakers.

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