Conference Interpreting

Professional Interpreting in 200+ Languages

conference interpretingIf you’re planning an event large or small, turn to Legal Language Services for conference interpreting solutions.

Clear communication is the key to the success of any event, so you must be able to reach speakers of any language. Rely on the interpreters of Legal Language to bridge communication gaps in venues across the country and around the world.

In the legal field, accuracy and attention to detail are vital. The conference interpreters of Legal Language are chosen for their fluency as well as their knowledge of specialized legal vocabulary and phrases. They have experience interpreting:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Symposia
  • Boardroom meetings
  • Legal meetings and consultations

Interpreting Solutions for Any Conference

Whether your meeting is taking place in a convention center or just down the hall, Legal Language has professional interpreters for your conference.

Simultaneous interpreting, also called conference interpreting, is ideal for larger groups in formal settings. The interpreter renders the speaker’s language into another language in real time. This requires specialized simultaneous interpreting equipment, like wireless headsets, microphones and soundproof booths.

Legal Language also offers consecutive interpreting for small groups in formal or informal settings. Consecutive interpreting works like this: One person speaks, in Italian, for example. The interpreter renders this into a second language, like English. The second speaker responds in English, and the interpreter renders this response into Italian.

Value-Added Conference Services

Many elements come together to make a conference run smoothly. Trust Legal Language to help make your event a success.

Legal Language can plan, install and maintain professional audiovisual equipment for your conference or seminar. Professional conference and audiovisual equipment — such as podiums, sound systems and projectors — are available for rent or purchase.

In addition, Legal Language offers on-site recording services. We can even duplicate your analog or digital recording during or after the event.

Will you need a transcription of the proceedings after your event? No problem. The transcriptionists of Legal Language are skilled in legal vocabulary and transcribe recordings with one voice or multiple voices. Legal Language accepts more than 30 types of analog, digital and electronic media.

Legal Language can also translate your transcriptions or other documents into any of 157 languages. What’s more, Legal Language offers certified translations and transcriptions for legal or professional use.

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Since 1983, Legal Language has provided legal professionals with dependable conference interpreting services.

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