Product Liability

Since 1983, Legal Language has assisted in the successful completion of product liability proceedings across the US and around the world.

When a manufacturer distributes a product that injures someone in another country, legal proceedings become even more complicated than usual. Legal Language can offer litigation support services to ease this process.

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Product Liability Support Services

Dealing with International Product Liability Cases

Imagine that a plaintiff vacationing at a Jamaican resort is seriously injured by a scuba diving mask which is manufactured and sold by a company in Switzerland, and also contains an allegedly defective part supplied by an Austrian manufacturer.

Initially, such a scenario may appear to be a complex puzzle that involves questions of how to properly serve the resort in Jamaica, the Swiss company and the component parts manufacturer in Austria, not to mention what types of translations may be required.

So where do you begin?

International service of process and translation requirements must be analyzed for each defendant based on the country in which they are to be served.

Every Case Is Different

The situation outlined here is only one permutation of the thousands of scenarios that a litigant involved in international litigation may face. LLS can assist you in determining the best and most cost-effective course of action whenever you need to serve process abroad.

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