Monitoring of Court-Ordered Surveillance

Monitoring Intercepts in 200+ Languages

When it comes to monitoring court-ordered intercepts, Legal Language Services provides professional solutions.

Court-ordered surveillance is one of the most effective tools available to combat drug trafficking, terrorism, organized crime and espionage. When you choose to monitor intercepts with the help of Legal Language, you can rely on first-rate, effective service.

The professionals of Legal Language can be trusted with your most sensitive, important legal projects. They are available to come to you almost anywhere in the country.

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Consensual & Court-Ordered Monitoring

Legal Language has the expertise you need for monitoring both consensual and court-ordered intercepts.

The professionals of Legal Language can transcribe intercepts, translate them into any of 200+ languages and dialects, and even produce summary reports based on the information from the intercepts.

Value-Added Services

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Legal Language provides accurate, reliable transcriptions of 30 types of analog, digital and electronic media formats.

If your recording in another language, Legal Language will translate your tape transcript as well. Legal Language provides fully certified translations and transcriptions, admissible in jurisdictions all over the world.

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Legal Language has provided solutions for individuals, government agencies, top law firms and Fortune 500 companies.

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