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At Legal Language Services, we understand that there is a unique set of terminology and distinct needs associated with every area of practice. As such, it is important that the linguists translating your documents and interpreting your words are well-versed in your field and that the legal specialists providing support to your case are experienced professionals.

In order to provide you with the most accurate language support possible, we use subject-matter experts in more than 200 languages to meet your legal translation, interpreting and transcription needs.

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Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

Professional Expertise

Professional linguists are more than just bilingual. They have an immediate comprehension of both the source and target language, a deep understanding of their given subject matter, and are culturally and professionally aware of the regional variations within their specific languages.

In-house Attorneys

Our staff attorneys offer international litigation support, including service of process in more than 90 countries, discovery services, legalization of documents and more.

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