Green Card Holders: Beware of Travel Restrictions

By Katherine at Legal Language
Posted on 01/14/2011
In Immigration, Maintaining Status

green card travelGreen card holders are permitted to travel internationally, but United States Citizenship and Immigration Services keeps an eye on how long permanent residents are out of the country — and these regulations have become stricter.

Green card holders cannot travel outside of the US for more than one year without a reentry permit.

What are the penalties for spending too much time outside of the US, and how can green card holders travel with more security?

Green Card Holder Travel Documents

Green card holders generally need a passport from their country of citizenship or a refugee travel document in order to travel to another country. If the country you are traveling to speaks a language which is not on your passport, getting a passport translation may be a good idea.

Foreign counties may also have additional requirements, such as a visa.

Green Card Holders: Establishing Continuous Physical Presence

Green card holders are required to “establish continuous physical presence” in order to maintain legal status.

Continuous physical presence is established by showing that there was no intent to abandon the green card and that the lawful permanent resident has maintained his or her ties in the US.

Green card holders can prove US ties through documents showing that they own a home or rent an apartment, or through financial and legal documents such as bank account statements and tax returns. However, it becomes far more difficult to prove US ties when the green card holder has been traveling abroad for more than one year.

Voluntary Departure & Starting Over

When a green card holder’s absence exceeds one year, he or she may be placed in removal proceedings. Once in removal proceedings, most people will have the option of requesting voluntary departure.

Voluntary departure allows the green card holder to give up his or her green card and any current applications that USCIS may be processing. Then the green card holder is free to go back to his or her home country.

If the request for voluntary departure is granted, then the process for a green card starts anew. For many, this is the best option, as there are no restrictions as to how soon one can reapply for a new green card after they voluntarily depart.

However, if voluntary departure is selected, the green card holder forfeits the right to present a defense to removal, such as asylum, withholding of removal, cancellation of removal, a petition through a family member or any other motions.

It is also very important when voluntary departure is granted that the green card holder leaves the United States on the specified date, otherwise a ban on reentering the United States may take effect. It could be up to 10 years before he or she can return.

Green Card Holder Travel Precautions

Green card holders can take precautions if they plan to travel outside of the United States for an extended period of time.

The primary and most effective way to be outside the United States for more than one year is obtaining a reentry permit.

A reentry permit can be issued by filling out Form I-131, Application for Travel Document. When granted, this document allows green card holders to be out of the country for up to two years without disrupting their continuous physical presence requirement.

Be aware that a reentry permit is different from an advance parole document (also applied for by filling out Form I-131), which merely lets you travel for a short period of time while your green card is pending.

Green Card Holder Travel May Affect Naturalization

Green card holders who wish to travel and one day apply for citizenship need to take an extra step.

According to USCIS, “absences from the United States of six months or more may disrupt the continuous residency required for naturalization.”

If you are traveling but would like to upkeep your permanent residency for naturalization purposes, you should file Form N-470, an Application to Preserve Residence for Naturalization Purposes.

Many green card holders who exceed a one-year travel period without proper documentation are being placed in removal proceedings for failure to maintain continuous physical presence inside the United States.

The possibility of losing a green card due to travel is real. Green card holders who plan to travel must take preventative steps to ensure they’re aware of what steps to take to prevent problems upon their return to the US.


Note: This page is for general informational purposes only. LLS cannot give personal advice to any individual regarding immigration status. Please contact USCIS with any questions. Our full disclaimer can be read here.

140 Responses to “Green Card Holders: Beware of Travel Restrictions”

  1. Tina Says:

    I need some advice regarding this procedure. What happens if a green card holder spends about six months outside US, enters US, spends 2 months in US but have to go out again for about 3.5 months only?

  2. Diane at Legal Language Says:

    Hi, Tina – since circumstances vary from case to case, try contacting a USCIS office to determine what exactly you need to do.

  3. Lana Says:

    We are planning a family vacation to Aruba in few months for couple of weeks. I’m a Green Card holder. What travel documents I should apply for? A lot of people telling me to apply for a travel passport, which is from my understanidng a re-entry permit I-131. Is it true?

  4. Diane at Legal Language Says:

    Lana – I would hate for you to get stuck, so the best thing to do is to contact USCIS and explain your specific situation. Enjoy your vacation!

  5. marie Says:

    my petition for change of status just got approved. i dont have my green card yet.they said they’re sending it through mail. is it safe to travel outside the US for the holidays?

  6. Diane at Legal Language Says:

    Marie, please check with USCIS. Good luck!

  7. Mosaddek Says:

    I am a Green Card holder and I have applied for my wife as after marriage. Now I see it will take a long time and by this time I think she will hardly get any visa to enter US. So can I go for outside jobs? In that case definitely it might take more than 6 months to stay outside US but I can visit US in every 6 months. or is there any way where I can reunite with her soon and also keep my green card status for my citizenship? Please advice.

  8. Diane at Legal Language Says:

    Mosaddek, please explain your situation to USCIS to find out what is advised. Best of luck to you and your wife!

  9. Dan Mularski Says:

    My company has moved myself and my family to Europe for 2 years. She is a green card holder with intent to be a US citizen. Our plan is to head back to the US before the 6 months is up, but at that time, we want to apply for an extended stay. What steps will we need to tak, and how long will she need to stay in order to finalize her documentation?
    Thank you,


  10. Diane at Legal Language Says:

    Dan, please discuss your specific circumstances with USCIS or another immigration professional. Good luck!

  11. caleb Says:

    hi am a green card holder and i left the states on oct 5th 2011 and am going back in march 2012.i want to know if i will be allowed into the country and will also like to know if its up to 6months thanks

  12. Prasad Says:


    We would like to visit India every year for between 5 to 6 months . Will this affect the GC and the request for US Passport?

  13. Diane at Legal Language Says:

    Caleb & Prasad,
    Please contact USCIS for accurate information regarding your specific situations!

  14. Jennie Says:

    It seems to me after reading Diane’s replies to everyone’s questions, that Diane knows SHIT!!! about any legal questions

  15. Diane at Legal Language Says:

    Jennie, I’m sorry you’ve gotten that impression. Legal Language cannot provide legal advice online. Individual circumstances differ far too widely to give accurate advice in the comments section of any blog post!

  16. Dee Says:

    Hi Diane,
    What form should I fill out if I go outside US and stay in a different country for more than 6 months? Could you provide me with a link please.

    Also if I stay return to US after spending 6 months and 2 weeks in a another country would I be allowed to enter US. I am a GC holder.

  17. Diane at Legal Language Says:

    Dee, I cannot offer legal advice online. Please speak to USCIS about your specific circumstances.

  18. Caiden Says:

    Hi Diane,

    What if a green card holder was approved for the re-entry permit, but instead he stays out of the country for over 3 years. His green card has not expired yet. Can he still go back to the US?
    Thank you!

  19. Diane at Legal Language Says:

    Caiden, please contact USCIS in order to get the most accurate answer for your unique circumstances.

  20. shiv Says:

    Hi Diane,

    Can the airport authorities legally stop a person holding a green card from entering the USA as he has been living only 2-3 months in a year in USA? Can he be sent back or they will let the person in that time & revoke it for next time

  21. Diane at Legal Language Says:

    Shiv, please contact USCIS or another immigration professional to learn the correct answer based on the specific circumstances of your situation. Good luck!

  22. lulu Says:

    I have a quick question… if i have a GC and i am changing jobs or rather in between jobs. Can i travel for vacation abroad.. after i Leave one job and before I join another.

  23. Diane at Legal Language Says:

    Lulu, we cannot offer legal advice online. Please contact an immigration professional to explain your particular situation.

  24. Igor Says:

    Hi, witch country it’s allowed to travel,if the green card holder it’s from Ukraine?

  25. Amy at Legal Language Says:

    Igor, please contact USCIS to find out for sure!

  26. kayvan Says:

    Im a gc holder working and living in detroit, my fiance lives in windsor. is there a limit on how many times i can visit her?

  27. Diane at Legal Language Says:

    Kayvan, we cannot provide advice of this kind online. Please contact USCIS to find out the rules in your particular circumstance.

  28. Samer Says:


    Starting the date acquired the green card, can i leave for a short visit ( Say a month time ) and get back, say after 2 months from GC Date..?



  29. Robin Says:

    Hi Diane,

    My wife has a greencard (5 years now) We just had a baby, decided to have it in her country. The baby (US citizen) has some health issues and can not travel for a few more weeks. My wife will be out of the country about 7 months by then. What should we do?

  30. Diane at Legal Language Says:

    We cannot provide specific immigration advice to individuals online. Please contact USCIS to find out the best thing to do in your particular situation!

  31. RJK Says:

    Hello Gents.
    my question is, I and my family hold green card and need to go to Europe to attend some religious celebration with my people there. in this case, what do i need to travel with to get to Europe and do all European countries require visas to land on their grounds or not. please I need some answers from those who have deep experience in that field or from someone had similar situation. I thank you all in advance for your honest answers.

  32. Emir Says:


    I’m from Turkey. After I won the lottery, I came to the United States to get my green card and also social security card. I lived in san diego for six months between ( September 2011 – March 2012 ) . Now I want to return back to United State again for a short period. Because I don’t wanna lose my green card. Before I leave from the United States I spoke with the I.R.S officer. I was told that, if I return back to united states before completing 1 year there will be no problem. But what I understand from the conversation, there is only six month limitation. So I really need your advice. what is the legal procedure ?

  33. Jared Anders Says:

    What’s weird is that the USCIS web site still says you can travel internationally for up to a year without losing your permanent residence status. So what is it? Six months or 1 year or less?

    It’s confusing to see conflicting advice. See the information from the USCIS here:

  34. Vanna Says:

    Help. I’ve never travel anywhere out side the USA. My family is planning a trip to china in February. But I’m permanent resident and a green card holder. What’s document do I need to travel outside the US?

  35. kinga Says:

    my nephew who is 16 is a canadian green card holder who wishes to visit newyork for 2 weeks? what is the process to get him through?? please help

  36. Deepta Says:

    Always saw a response “Please contact your USCIS” this response is not helpful. Why post this topic if you dont know how to answer questions.

  37. Subra Says:

    We(husband & wife)are Indian passport holders & have US Visa up to Feb/2018.We have have now permission to stay in US for 6 months. Since our son-in-law died last month, we would like to be here for few more months to help our daughter to settle-down & boost her morale & to learn to manage alone. With a young son with her, she otherwise would find it very difficult to manage in this mind set up of her. She has not recovered from the shock fully as he died suddenly.

  38. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Subra,
    I’m sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, as every case is different, Legal Language cannot give legal advice online. Please contact an immigration lawyer or your local USCIS office to find out your options.

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  39. Hitendra Says:

    I am Green Card holder from last six months now i would like to stay India for two years. Please guide us.

  40. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Hitendra,
    Thanks for reading. I can tell you that leaving the country for more than six months puts your green card in jeopardy, and the usual course of action is to file a re-entry permit (form I-131). Since every case differs however, Legal Language cannot give specific legal advice online. Please contact an immigration attorney in order to find out how to proceed.

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  41. Nav Says:

    I have a American green card n I want to travel to Canada and/or UK. I wanted to know if I can renew my Indian passport (which is expired) and use it travel.. I applied as under Asylum (I’m not trying to.go to India) that’s how I got my GC. What are my options?

  42. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Nav,

    Thanks for commenting! However, as every case is different, Legal Language cannot give legal advice online. You should contact an immigration attorney to find out your options.

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  43. prem Says:

    My grandmother has a 10 years green card. She had to go to india for medical treatment. She didnt do any process before she went to india. Her treatment is over and now she wants to comeback. Do you think its possible.

    My grandfather is citizen of usa, should he just file for her so she can come to usa with different green card.

    Which is easier?

    Please letmek now.


  44. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello prem,

    Thanks for commenting. However, since every case is different, Legal Language cannot give legal advice online. You should contact USCIS or an immigration attorney to find out what your grandmother’s best option is.

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  45. Jojo Says:

    Thank you Kaytie, I’m just planning on staying one month out of state and one more question do you know how long does it take to receive travel document if I apply now?

  46. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Jojo,

    Since processing times vary greatly among different forms, I suggest you call USCIS to get an accurate time frame.

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  47. Benjamin A Says:

    I am trying to work out what steps would be required for my parents to move back to the US, if possible. We all moved here 20 years ago from the UK and had permanent resident status. They left 4.5 to 5 years ago while I stayed behind. They did not file anything with immigration so I don’t know what their status would or could be. Is it possible to sponsor them as a naturalized citizen so they can come back? Thankyou

  48. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Benjamin,

    Since every case differs, Legal Language cannot offer immigration advice online. Please contact USCIS or an immigration attorney to find out your best options.

    Good luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  49. Jonathan Says:

    I wanted to know my green card expires in on month can I travel to Mexico for 3 days?

  50. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Jonathan,

    Because every case differs Legal Language cannot give immigration advice online. Please call USCIS or speak with an immigration lawyer about your specific circumstances.

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  51. Monica Says:

    I married a US Citizen, I received my permanent resident card with an expiration date, and things are not working out between us. I want to become a citizen after my 3 years in the US.
    Will I be able to apply for my citizenship, if we are no longer married? If not, will I be able to renew my permanent residency?

  52. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hi Monica,

    Hopefully this article will answer some of your questions: If you need more information, the best thing to do is contact USCIS or an immigration attorney.

    Good Luck,
    Kaytie from Legal Language

  53. nawal Says:

    hi everybody,i the first time stayed 5 months outside the usa .the second time 9 case is still pending to get my 2 years green card renewed.please any commenta

  54. ROMMEL Says:

    Hi My aunt is a green card holder and she stay outside the U.S. for more than 2 year.Can she still come back? Is her green card still valid?

  55. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hi Rommel,

    Thanks for reading! Among other factors, this depends on whether or not she filed for a reentry permit, and whether or not her green card expired in this period. Since Legal Language cannot discuss specifics online, your best course of action would be to discuss this with an immigration attorney.

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  56. lou Says:

    Diane if don’t know nothing and keep directing everyone to USCIS why don’t u just stop replying because u are nit helping at all

  57. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Lou,

    It’s frustrating, I know, but Legal Language can only give legal information online–not legal advice.

    However, since we would also like everyone with questions to get the best possible answers, our standard response is to direct people to USCIS or immigration attorneys, both of whom are able to give legal advice.

    I hope this makes things more clear.

    -Kaytie at Legal Language

  58. Pablo Says:

    Im waiting for my green card, and I just did my biometrics. I would like to travel in early June until December. Do you think this could be a problem? Do I need to wait for my actual card to get home, or can I have someone mail it to me from the US?

  59. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hi Pablo,
    Since every case differs, Legal Language cannot give legal advice online. An immigration attorney would be best to answer your question.

    Good Luck,
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  60. Maura Says:

    Hi there,

    I am about to submit the I-130 form for my UK husband (I’m a US citizen but we live in London). I know the process can take a few months but I have begun looking for a job in NY. If I go before before my husband’s greencard has been approved is he allowed to visit the US while the application is being processed?

    Many Thanks!

  61. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hi Maura,

    Thanks for reading! However, LLS is unable to provide any kind of personal legal advice online. Since every immigration case differs, it’s best to discuss this with an immigration attorney.

    Good luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  62. Eric Says:

    I’ve got green card and my legal address in U.S. is at Alabama. I want to travel to CA for a couple of months. Will that affect my status?

  63. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hi Eric,

    That depends on whether or not you are looking to become a citizen. For more information about your personal case, you should talk to an immigration lawyer or USCIS.

    Good luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  64. Christina Says:

    I traveled to states on jan 2009 and got my green card and SSN as well, i spent 6 months in states then i decide to go back to my country as i could not adapt there, now here in my country the situation is not good at all plus my other 2 sisters lives in USA and had american passport i need to know what to do to go back there, i got a few information that i have to provide some reason that it was out side of my hand that i stayed out side US more than 1 year which is i dont have it , so any help plsssssss

  65. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Christina,

    Thanks for reading, and I’m sorry about your tough situation. However, because every case differs, Legal Language can only give general information online–not specific immigration advice. Please contact an immigration attorney or USCIS to find out what your best options are.

    Good luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  66. Rose Says:

    I have one question, my boyfriend and i live in the US, though I am a US CITIZEN, my boyfriend is not..Next May (2014), I want to go back to my birth country TAIWAN for a 2 week vacation, and I want my boyfriend to come with me, is there any procedure that has to be done before we leave since he’s only a green card holder?

  67. Fayzan Says:

    i am a california resident can i apply my green card in new mexico and i do have a 2 year green card if i get a reentry permit still me and my wife have to appear when the 2 years are finished

  68. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Fayzan,

    Thanks for reading! However, Legal Language cannot offer specific immigration advice online. Please speak with an immigration attorney in order to find out what is possible in your specific circumstances.

    Good Luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  69. oksana Says:

    Hello! my question is :
    i have green card trough marriage with new last name , now my international passport and ukrainian passport on my old name , im not able to change ukrainian passport here and without new name in ukr passport i cant change international . I wanna go back to visit my family which i havent see for sex years if i’ll try to change both passports in ukr it will take me about 3 month , and i cant leave country for that long ….Now what if i only change ukrainian passport for new name will american board let me in if i have green card and notarized marriage certificate and then here i can change international ????

  70. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Oksana,

    Thanks for your question! However, Legal Language cannot offer specific immigration advice online. Since every case differs, we suggest you contact USCIS or speak with an immigration attorney.

    Good luck!
    Kaytie at Legal Language

  71. shejin Says:

    I came from India by getting the immigrant visa before two weeks. So can I go back to India before getting the green card ? Is there any problem for that?

  72. nelson Says:


    I got 2 year green card but it was expired now I’m waiting for 10 year green card which i already been applied. I went to do finger print and interview already. The question is can i go out of the country with my old 2 green card while my 10 year green card still processing?


  73. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Nelson,

    It’s not usually advisable to leave the country while your green card is pending, unless you . However, since every case differs, you should also discuss your situation with USCIS or an immigration attorney.

    Good luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  74. Business Traveller Says:

    Greetings. I need to make business trips between June and October to Costa Rica. But, my green card expires on 01/13/2014. There are restrictions by Costa Rican embassy that passport and green card must be valid at least for 6 months.

    Are there any restrictions by USCIS? If so, what options do I have?

    Thank you in advance for your valuable time and attention to this query.

  75. gabby Says:

    Hie,I recently received my permanent resident card and would like to travel to mexico what documents do I need in order to leave the country and re entry with no problem?

  76. Lisa Says:

    My goodness but isn’t this blog useless?All of these people asking case specific questions that can’t be answered here!!And lawyers are so expensive! I do want to tell everyone about I-912 a fee waiver that applies to many USCIS fees.AND I WANT TO REMIND EVERYONE THAT OBTAINING THE APPLICATIONS IS ALWAYS FREE FROM USCIS!!I was able to replace my husband’s green card for only the cost of copies and stamps!!

  77. Lisa Says:

    Although I AM NOT A LAWYER I was able to find the forms I needed and file them myself.In my opinion lawyers are taking advantage of clients when they charge for free forms.

  78. Jeff Says:

    My wife has a permanet residence card and is planing to travel back to her home country of Germany for two weeks. Her passport has expired. Will she have and issue getting in and out of either Germany or US

  79. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hello Jeff,

    Your wife will unlikely be able to travel internationally without a current passport, so you should have that renewed immediately.

    Good luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  80. bader Says:

    i was wondering if i would be allowed to go out of the kuwait airport while traveling to pakistan from united states because my stay is for 7 hours in kuwait. i am a green card holder.

  81. junior Says:

    Can green card holder travel more than 4 time out of the us without problems. these stay vary 3 days and maybe 21 days

  82. annu Says:

    i have got US green card 2months ago.will i be able leave US and settle in my hometown..

  83. james Says:

    HELP PLs!!!!
    im asylee,granted asylum last 2007…i apply GC through my wife cuz she is u.s. citizn and through i got my GC last january 2011 through my wife not question is CAN I GO BACK TO MY COUNTRY? cuz im worry which one is right or wrong..i just ask the lawyer and my 2 friends said im free to go back to my country cuz my Gc is through my wife not asylum ,my asylum is no longer connected to my this true? and i just confuse cuz i ask the immigration officer she told me i have no chance togo back my origins either you become a citizen or based on wife petition not asylum…pls reply me any idea guys

  84. Sudipta Halder Says:


    If I have Green Card and I need to go back to India permanently than do I need to surrender my GC before departure or it will automatically laps if I don’t come back within a year.Also does this effect to get US VISA in future? Please advice.

    Sudipta Halder

  85. Elizabeth at Legal Language Says:

    Sudipta –

    I recommend you contact the USCIS at 1-800-375-5283 or your local field office for answers to your questions.

    Thank you for reading,

    Elizabeth at Legal Language

  86. Patnaree Conrad Says:

    If I have to visit my family in Thailand While I’m waiting for 10 years green card, do I have to file any form? I already a green card holder for 2 years and I already filed a renew green card form though, so now I’m just waiting for a new one. I have to visit my father in November 2013 but I’m not sure if it is on time or not. What should I do?
    Thank you so much.

  87. Manal Says:

    Hi, i have a greencard from 4 years, iam married, i would like to see my husbnad on the new year, we wanna celebrate together, he is living oversease, would that be easy to apply?

  88. Angeline Says:

    My husband lost his green card and passport. He will apply for a new One. How fast will he be able to get a new one. And will he be able to leave the country as soon as he applies for a replacement?
    Thank you

  89. rashmita Says:

    i m green card holder and my aunt was in isreal. she is suffering from cancer and she has a surgery in next month so i wanna go there for 15 days only to take care her little bit so how can i get a visa or how can i go there please advise me.

  90. R Sundhar Raman Says:


    I am a Green Card holder.I arrived here(INDIA)on 05/21/2013 with a return ticket for 11/06/2013.Due to some family reasons I will be forced to stay till January 14,2014.
    I just want to know, whether this over stay will affect our re-entry to the USA.
    Please let us know the consequences.

  91. Amy B Says:


    I’ve had my Green Card for about 4 years, but I have been looking into Au Pair jobs in Europe, each of them would require for me to stay 8-9 months (abroad). Is there a possibility I might have trouble getting back? Anything else I should know?

    Thank you.

  92. petra Says:

    hi Diane I am invited to go to Costa Rica I have a permanent resident in US but I am NOT a holding a German passport (i am German) since it expired….can i travel? Ty

  93. Kaytie at Legal Language Says:

    Hi Petra,

    Unfortunately Legal Language cannot answer specific immigration questions online. You should contact USCIS with your question.

    Good luck,

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  94. elizabeth Says:

    My sister won the DV lottery in 2009. She came to the US, got her sate ID, job,etc. Then she had to leave in 2010 to help my mum in her born country in Africa. She got pregnant and had to receive medical attention in the UK. I also happened to get pregnant 3 months after her. when she had the baby wanted to come back but I was not mentally ready to have 2 screaming babies here. So I made her delayed and now she is ready come back. But she had not applied for re-entry permit. What are her options now and how will she be able to bring in my nephew to the USA since he was born in the UK?

  95. v krishnamurthy Says:

    dear sir,
    my wife aged 67 reached us in December 2012 under visa category. my son and daughter are at us. through my son my wife has received green card on13th july 2013. due to family circumstances she has return to india on 2nd august. now she has planned to go to us on 23rd January 2014. I want to know is there any problem to enter us this time .please clear my doubt to keep my mind free


  96. v krishnamurthy Says:

    dear sir,
    awaiting for my doubt reg. green card holder my request dt.24th and 26th December

  97. john Says:

    elizabeth i guess it’s true what they say, what comes easily (by luck) is not appreciated. what your sister should have done, (like the rest of the other green card holders) is treasure that card with her life and hurry back to the u.s. as soon as she got done helping your mom, but since she took her time i guess she’s in a real pickle right now… but on the bright side her son will have a british citizenship.

  98. Naresh Says:

    I was a Green Card holder and I left US about 12 years ago. Four years later, I applied for a “Returning Resident Visa”, which was denied and my Green Card was kept.
    Now, I am applying for a visitor Visa, but they are asking me to “abandon my LPR status, by surrendering Green Card. The card was already kept by them in 2004, but I do not have proof.
    Is there a process of “abandonment of LPR Status” without physical Green Card with me.

  99. Daniel Says:


    My wife is a Canadian national and a Green Card holder (for about 9mos now). She’s planning on going back to Canada for one-week for her friends wedding. Since she has her Green Card we don’t expect any issues with her getting back into the US. However, in order to show “continuous physical presence” will she need anything besides her Texas Drivers License that shows our address (physical presence/location). In other words, should she take a copy of the electric bill with her name on it or some other document?

  100. Thaleh Says:

    How long can I stay out us If I hold green card ?

    one year
    2,3,4,5 months
    I want to know

  101. JOHN Says:

    hi im staying here at U.S for 6 months already and recently got my green card but i have a job offer at dubai, uae, can i apply for re-entry permit? will there be a problem for my green card because the uae is issuing resident visa only that considers as their working visa? im still planning to go back to u.s after my contract which is 1 year. thank you

  102. Larry Says:

    I have been married to a lady from China for 8 years she has her green card US drivers license SS card etc. We also have a bank account in both names in US now my question is I have been working in Malaysia for 16 months & she has been here with me how much trouble will she have when we return to US next month.

  103. nga tran Says:

    hi everyone
    i am green card holder,and my sister she will getting marry the end of next month on june in Vietnam ,so i decide to attend at her wedding .
    my question is :do i need fill out any form before i leave USA? i plan to stay there about one month?

  104. Singh G Says:

    Dear sir,
    I got my green card 2month back, can I travel for 2months to Africa and india??? And do I have to provide the returen ticket at bording time or I can get while I’m coming back’ because returen date I’m not so sure that’s why.
    Please advice me

  105. Kenneth R. Steinocher Says:

    My wife’s passport has expired. She is a citizen of Germany. She has lived and worked in the US since 1960. Can she travel to and from Canada on her green card or does she also need a passport?

  106. Nora Says:

    Hi, I am legal pernament resident and have my green card, I need to travel to Evrope with my husband by military order for 4 years , he is army active duty, but my origin pasport from my citizenship country has been expired and my consulate cant renew it, what should I do in order to be able to travel the world and come back to US
    Thank you in advance

  107. Jaime Rivas Says:

    good day;

    I would like yo know if US permanent Residents with a passport that espires few days after his/her entry back in the U.S.A will be permited? if not what he or she will need to do in order to re-entry the US? In cases where permanet residents have dead in the family an need to travel urgent to theirs countries with a passport as mentioned before that expires few days after their entry to the US, will they be allow to re-enter the US?

  108. raul Says:

    My green card expires this month on 24 I want to travel to mexico next month for 3 days need advice.

  109. Marcelo Says:

    Hi what happens when a green card holder wants to go abroad to go to school? how can I stay longer than a year abroad?

  110. Juan Says:

    My sister is in Aruba on vacation. She lost her residence card and needs to return tomorrow. What can she do?

  111. Jocelyn Turner Says:

    Do i need a visa to travel to north london?i am a green card holder

  112. Ron Says:

    Good day sir my mother is a green card holder and a resident of USA for more than 5 years, she was petitioned by my sister who worked in USA for more than 20 years. My mother now is here in Philippines for vacation and have a problem with her passport. Her Passport is expired and need to renew but the release of her passport will affect her staying here. We just renewed her passport last month and the release of her passport is on November 3, 2014. My Mother came here last may 4, 2014 and her departure going back to USA is on November 4, 2014, We noticed that this will affect her green card and now we need to re schedule the departure of our mother within the end of the month but we don’t have her passport yet.

    Is there anyway that my mother can go back to united states without her passport? or we can avail a special travel document from U.S. Embassy?? Can she go back to USA even if stay here for more than 6 months? Thank you i hope you can answer my questions

  113. Hung Suan Says:

    I came to United States as a refugee about six years ago. I have green card for five years now. If I would like to travel outside of United States, what kind of document will I need. I am confused about reentry permit and Refugee Travel Document from I-131. Which one should I choose?

  114. Phillip louie demavivas Says:

    Hello everyone!
    I got my green card march 2005
    I stayed in the philippines June 2007-January 2008
    Then came back to U.S and went back to Philippines again
    July 2009-June 2011 then back to U.S again
    Then my last trip was Dec 2012- Dec 2014

    I want to preserved my Permanent resident for Naturalization
    Am i allowed to file Form N470?


  115. kareema Says:

    lam fron iraqi finished 5 years and my citizenship interview test was pending due to background check since may 2014 ,lcalled and made infoopass they keep telling me to mait ,l have no bad recored at all ,is that normal ? how long l have to wait l applied on 01/29/201 nothing change .please l need some advice .Thank you

  116. emma Says:

    I’m a U.s green card holder. Is it possible to take a vacation in the Philippines for 2 months as I am a Filipino citizen ???
    Thank you in Advance.

  117. chinny perez Says:

    my green card was lost but I already renew my green card and I am planning to go in the Philippines for one month and I don’t have my green card yet not until 6 to 9 months but im already booked what should I do do?

  118. Rahmatullah Hossein Says:

    My wife and I are green-card holders…Our baby is 1 month old. How long should we wait before we can travel outside US? Are there any restrictions???

  119. erwin Says:

    i have a question, hopefully someone can answer this, this applies for my mom, she is a greencard holder and she decided to go back in the philippines for years now, she did not file anything? what can we do to gain back her residency status? so she can easily go back to the US.

  120. Matthew Says:

    What if I was born in the UK, but moved to America at 6 months old, staying there for 21 years and then returning to the UK.
    Have been living back in the uK for the past 4 years, but I have a British passport and my green card is still valid. Can I get back to the US just for a holiday? Do I need to do anything?

  121. Henry Says:

    Hi, I am a green card holder, and I applied for a F2 pettition for my wife. Now it has been a long time and yet no updates from NVC. I am now interested into obtaining my US citizenship, but I am also concerned that it may impact my wife. Except I do not know how this will impact my wifes existing pettition. In example, will my wife lose her place in the F2 category to obtain a new position in line as F1 category? how does this work for the instance above? Please help, Thanks!

  122. Zouhar Says:

    Hi , my question is
    What could happens at the airport if you travel to usa just whit green card whiout reentry permit after spendind m 14 mounths overseas
    Thank you

  123. john Says:

    I have expired 2 years green card. I got my green card thru my step father but we cannot go along with each other so i decided to go back in my country but it’s less than a year and i want to go back in the US but i dont have my green card with me i only have my passport with green card visa on it and i know that they file to remove the condition before but i’m unable to check the status. Please advise email me ln my email i do really need help. Thank you and God bless

  124. Yanet Munoz Says:

    My mother has a green card. We are planning to travel to Mexico for a week..Do I need a re-entry for my mom?

    Please let me know.

  125. Joy Says:

    Hi i am a filipino with a green card holder and wants to go to taiwan for 2 weeks vacations and come back here in US,do i need to get a visa to enter taiwan?

  126. Gabriel Resuena Says:

    I left The US due to educational reason. Can i still go back to America even if I was gone for a very long time? A reply would be much appreciated. And my greencard would expire in June this year. Thank you. Have a good day!

  127. ale Says:

    Hello, I hold a Green Card without an expiration date being it was issued in 1980. I have never left the USA for more than a few days, to Mexico and a month once to Australia ten years ago. Now I have come to Germany and I have been here for 7 months. I do ministry work and plan to travel to the middle east, etc for a few years, but now i found out I have to fill out a I-131 form. Can I fill this out in an embassy or consulate being I am overseas already? I was born in the UK and hold a UK passport as well. Do I have to come back to the USA before the 1 year mark and apply for the I-131 in country? Why not make it available for someone to do this at an embassy or consulate for an extra fee?

    Please do let me know and if you can email me the answer that would be great, if not i will check back here. Thank you again.

  128. David Says:


    I renewed my greencard two months ago, and waiting for getting it. However, if i change my mind to get citizenship, what should i do? because i am planning to work outside country.


  129. Sana Says:

    I m green card holder and due to some reason i stay my country more then one year and i dont have re- entry permit, Now i want to go back to USA . How can i go back plz guide me ?

  130. kawde dela puwpo Says:

    book a ticket, go to the airport, and fly back here, so simple

  131. kawde dela puwpo Says:

    serously, you have to go to a expert immigration lawyer,explain everything and he do the rest

  132. Hakim Says:

    I’m leaving the country for good and I’m a GC holder and I worked in the U.S. For almost 16years. Do I lose my retirement?

  133. lynn Says:

    My 17 year old cousin is currently holder of green card. He wants to go home to his previous country and study and comeback here every 6 months. So I’m just wondering if there any certain rules about my cousin, who is minor, who will travel with me and my mom only. Please help. Thank you!!

  134. Racquel Manalo Says:

    I am a green card holder and want to petition my parents. How long will the process take?

  135. CHRISTIAN Says:


  136. minnie Says:

    im a permanent resident of the US. But i never renewed my GC it expired 2 yrs ago can i still travel to\
    Puerto Rico with my ID? its still the US.

  137. Reni Goodisman Says:

    Im Greencard holder that will expired in October 25 this year, and have to renewal 3 months before October. But also im planing to go to Indonesia for about 3 weeks in august, why question is that OK if i travel overseas 2 months before my GC expired? want to make sure 1st before i booked the flights ticket

  138. Iris Says:

    Hi, my father is an immigrant but he went home last 2010 until now, he is also a green card holder which will expire 2017, can he still come back here in america or apply for reentry.

  139. Ralph rodrigo Says:

    What do i need if im trying to visit taiwan
    Im a green card holder of america
    Thank you

  140. Nnedi Says:

    I am a greencard holder and I want to.attend my sisters wedding in September in London. I have a Nigerian passport …what do I do. Because I want to start early.
    Thank you

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