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Litigation support is a necessity for all law firms, but it does not need to be handled solely by your legal employees. In fact, outsourcing litigation support is a wise idea.

Whether you run a law firm or preside over a legal department within a company, take a look at some of the benefits of leaving your Discovery needs to an outside team.

Outsourcing Litigation Support Minimizes Expenses

Litigation support departments are expensive to start and maintain.

If you do not have a litigation support department at your firm, but are considering getting one, you should be aware of the startup costs. You will need to spend time and money finding qualified employees, training them, and providing equipment that is often expensive.

Even if you already have a litigation support department, consistently updating your Discovery tools is rather costly upkeep. Many Discovery necessities depend on the latest technology, meaning you can never stop improving the equipment in your office.

Additionally, outsourcing Discovery allows you to use this service on an as-needed basis.

Unless every case requires the same crippling workload in litigation support, it is not cost-effective to devote an entire department to an intermittent need.

You will likely end up saving on the costs of Discovery when you only pay for what you use, and you can pass these savings on to your clients.

Litigation Support: Use a Specialist’s Assistance

Litigation support specialists are unlikely to account for much of your legal staff.

Even if you open your own department of Discovery authorities, you will have to pay top dollar to keep the most experienced workers on your team full-time. When you combine this expense with the starting costs associated with developing and operating your own litigation support department, you are looking at a big increase in overhead.

Instead of attempting to assemble a team of specialists, take advantage of one that already exists!

You should be able to see the qualifications of the Discovery experts before you hire the team. Once you are satisfied with the credentials, you can expect increased efficiency and reduced risks.

After all, you will have a team of specialists devoted to each case requiring Discovery services.

Focus on Legal Services

Though Discovery is a major part of most legal cases, it often deals with technology more than law.

Instead of expecting your employees to perform legal translations, set up software, or catalog discovery documents, you should leave these services to committed litigation support teams.

This way, your legal staff can focus on using their legal knowledge to build cases for clients, instead of trying to take on peripheral tasks.

Litigation Support Trials

Outsourcing litigation support does not have to be an immediate, permanent change. If you are still not sure if you would benefit from outsourcing Discovery, you can try it out before making a final decision.

Consider hiring an outside company for a few cases, and track the costs compared to having your team perform all litigation support. Then take a look at how the results compare to the ones you normally achieve.

In the end, you are likely to find an advantage in outsourcing Discovery and other forms of litigation support.

How LLS Can Help

Whether you’re sifting through an opposing party’s legal documents or keeping your own company prepared, Legal Language Services can help you catalog, organize, and summarize legal discovery documents.

From creating indexes and databases of vital discovery documents to providing certified translations and verbatim transcriptions, Legal Language has you covered.

Contact Legal Language for a free consultation and learn how our professional linguists and experienced attorneys can assist you.

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