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Translation for the courtroom and the boardroom. Interpreting for legal proceedings worldwide. Transcription of 30+ analog and digital media formats.

Facilitating Litigation Across Political Boundaries

International Service of Process. Interpreting in Non-US Venues. International Evidence Taking.

On-Time, On-Budget, Legal Solutions Since 1983

Rush Service that meets your deadlines. Expertise in US and international law. High-Quality results for litigation of all sizes.

Our History

In 1983, we opened our headquarters in the Financial District of New York City. The mission was simple: To provide law firms, sole practitioners and even governments with high quality translation, interpreting and transcription services while meeting strict deadlines and ensuring confidentiality.

Our Values

At Legal Language, we are committed to excellence and have earned a reputation for quality and accuracy. Our large in-house staff, including language specialists, professional attorneys, and experienced project managers, provide helpful, personalized attention to individuals and companies alike.

Our Clients

Legal Language Services has provided individuals, law firms, sole practitioners, insurance companies and other legal professionals with translation, interpreting, transcription and legal support services for more than 30 years. We’ve yet to meet a problem that we couldn’t solve.

Life Science Services

At LLS we specialize in professional medical interpretation, translation, and transcription services for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, medical device manufactures, and clinical research organizations. Our experienced linguists are fluent in the source and target languages, and possess the medical knowledge necessary to produce technically accurate renderings while adhering to strict medical regulatory standards.

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