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During a domestic deposition, documents are often shown to a deponent for comment or to refresh the deponent’s memory. But what happens when the deposition is occurring abroad?

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There are two components to be filed in order to obtain an Article 15 default judgement in China.

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By: Tom On: July 10, 2019 In: International Service of Process, Legal Discovery Comments: 0

In BouSamra v Excela Health, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court examined the nature of attorney-vendor communications.

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Service of process in China can be a lengthy process. As a result, some plaintiffs attempt to find work-arounds to serving process pursuant to the HSC.

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The time to complete international service of process varies depending on the destination country and the method of service used.

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Service abroad – especially when done on a rush basis – is never routine.

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Every year many international visitors are involved in MVAs while operating vehicles owned by rental companies. Here's how to properly serve those drivers.

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Learn about the barriers that exist to serving a subpoena in China via the HSC and why serving a subpoena via the HEC is preferable.

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Over the years, LLS has been involved in several cases concerning looted Nazi art.

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In August 2018, the first appellate decision concerning removal before service of process was handed down in Encompass Insurance Co. v. Stone Mansion Restaurant.

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