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Legal transcription involves listening to recorded dialog and typing it on a computer, creating a text copy.

Many court cases require transcriptions of recorded dialog, yet doing this work at your firm is tedious and often requires excessive time and resources.

For this reason, you need a professional for your legal transcriptions.

Legal Transcription Uses

Law firms frequently benefit from transcriptions of recordings for a variety of reasons. Hearings, depositions, and interrogations all require legal transcription.

A typed and timestamped copy of every recording should be included in every case file so you can quickly access the information you need. Otherwise, you and anyone else involved in the case will need to listen to the recording again every time you have to cite a particular fact.

What’s more, digital copies of the text file can easily and quickly be searched for key words and phrases.

If you or anyone in your firm conducts an interview or even records some notes during field work, you will also need these transcribed for easy access. In addition, wire taps need to be transcribed from their recorded formats if you plan to use the information in a case.

Legal Transcription Advantages

Since legal transcription is integral to many law firms, there are professionals dedicated to this job. Hiring someone outside your firm for this task is recommended in order to increase productivity. When legal staff members do not have to type every recorded word, they have more time to devote to cases.

Most legal transcription companies can provide you with documents in the format you desire. They also supply the necessary equipment for the job, so all you have to do is send the recordings that you need transcribed. (Some companies even offer combined recording and transcription services.)

How LLS Can Help

Of course, you can always expect quality results when you hire an experienced company like Legal Language to provide you with professional legal transcription. Our professional transcriptionists are well-versed in legal terms, which is crucial when it comes to promptness and accuracy.

Inexperienced transcriptionists may have to constantly look up terms they do not know, adding to the time spent on the job. Even worse, they may write the wrong word, which can be embarrassing for your firm and possibly devastating to your case.

To reduce mistakes, our quality assurance process includes proofreading before sending the finished document. This way, you can rest assured.

You also need to ensure confidentiality when having recordings transcribed. Not only do the professionals at LLS maintain confidentiality when it comes to each case, but the process of transferring files back and forth is secure.

Contact us to find out more about out legal transcription services and how we can assist you.

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