By: Aaron On: September 10, 2019 In: Language, Legal News Comments: 0

The differences between notaries in civil law and common law countries can lead to dangerous misunderstandings for immigrants to the US.

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By: Tom On: July 24, 2019 In: Language Comments: 0

The javelin not only influenced the evolution of man, but it was also largely responsible for the spread of the English language.

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Due to a lack of fossilized remains, controversy exists concerning when, where, and how language developed.

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By: Tom On: April 23, 2018 In: Language Comments: 0

When it comes to language, lawyers are technicians. They are taught how to write grammatically and structure arguments in the most succinct manner possible. But what do lawyers really know about language?

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By: Aaron On: December 19, 2016 In: International Service of Process, Language Comments: 0

The majority of lawsuits involving defendants located abroad in non-English-speaking countries eventually require the work of a skilled translator.

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