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For a variety of reasons, a legal translation is often needed in the shortest amount of time possible.

However, because a legal translation must preserve the exact styling and pagination of its source document, a professional legal translation tends to take longer than other translations of the same length.

Legal translations must also always be edited and proofread to ensure quality and accuracy.

Fortunately, rush translation services will quickly render legal translations without sacrificing quality.

What kinds of documents are most likely to require a rush translation?

Legal documents in particular tend to require rush translations.

Legal documents, including summonses, will often call for a quick response time even if they are international summonses. Failing to respond in time could cause judgments to be entered by default against the summoned party. A rush translation will ensure that these requirements and deadline be met with plenty of time to spare.

What’s more, plenty of personal legal document translations, such as birth certificates or passports, often require rush service in order to meet immigration or academic deadlines.

In addition to legal documents, any documents for business or medical purposes might require a rush translation. Last minute meetings and presentations or medical emergencies may require a document to be translated within 24 hours — or even less.

Rush translations remain accurate.

The word “rush” can sometimes have a negative connotation and indicate a compromise in quality.

However, choosing a professional translation service means quality is not sacrificed. Professional companies are experienced with handling and processing jobs that call for an expedited process will ensure that your translation will be of the same quality as a non-rush job.

The process of a rush translation does not vary much from any other legal translation procedures except in its completion time. All of the same quality controls, including editing and proofreading, remain in place to ensure that a rush translation is given the same amount of care and attention as a job with a more flexible deadline.

Why invest in a professional rush translation?

While it might be tempting to resort to using a machine translation to meet deadlines, this will never be a substitute for human translation. What’s more, if you require a certified translation, it is not a viable option at all.

If you are dealing with important legal, business or medical documents that need to be submitted in a very short period of time, you simply can’t afford to risk linguistic inaccuracies.

If you’re concerned about the quality of your rush translation and you’re using a reputable professional translation service such as Legal Language Services, you can rest assured! The team at a litigation support company will be very well versed in dealing with time sensitive assignments and possess the time management skills necessary to expedite the process. Your legal translation will be completed as accurately as possible.

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