How Translation & Transcription Help Settle Workers’ Comp & Personal Injury Insurance Claims

Legal Language provides professional document services including translation and transcription that are uniquely suited to settling workers’ comp and personal injury claims.

The following are a few examples of the ways we may be able to assist you.

Recorded Statements: Summaries vs. Transcripts

LLS offers a full range of document services for audio files captured during a recorded statement. Whether the recorded statement is entirely in English or in one of more than 200 other languages and dialects, we can help.

For example, LLS offers two different options for transcribing audio files into text files. We can provide a short summary of the conversation to guide the adjuster in processing the claim, and/or a certified verbatim transcript suitable for evidentiary submissions in a legal proceeding.

Summaries are, by their very nature, less expensive per audio minute than certified verbatim transcripts. Moreover, summaries are often sufficient to the purpose of moving a claim towards settlement.

Certified verbatim transcripts are more formal and appropriate in a hearing or trial. As long as the original file is retained, a certified verbatim transcript may be produced if/when your case requires it.

If you’d like to discuss the pros and cons of these options further please feel free to contact LLS at (913) 341-3167 or submit an online inquiry.

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Certified Translations: Medical Reports & Technical Documents

When medical reports like hospital records or other technical documents are in a language other than English, LLS translations can facilitate an accurate analysis of the facts.

Our staff are chosen not only for their superior linguistic skills. but also for their technical acumen in the fields of medicine and law.  Indeed, LLS is expert in the technical jargon of many fields, essentially translating a language within a language.

We are experienced in deciphering hand-written doctor’s notes and patient charts.

Additionally our professional translations can be certified for submission to a legal proceeding when warranted.

Certified Translation of Legal & Technical Documents

LLS offers certified translations of legal and technical documents including recorded statements as well as certifications that are fully legalized and authenticated for filing in courts and government agencies worldwide.

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Settlement Documents: Emerging Legal Requirements

In September 2020, California passed a new law expanding requirements for translation of consumer contracts to non-party signatories.

Of course, California is not the only state to have such laws. Under the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act, if a business representative negotiates a contract in a language other than English or if the business representative acts as an interpreter during the negotiation, then the contract must be accompanied by a signed form attesting to the consumer’s complete understanding of said contract.

In Texas, any loan contract, retail installment transaction, or home equity loan negotiated in Spanish must be accompanied by a Spanish copy of a summary of those terms and other pertinent information.

And in Florida, the Insurance Code stipulates that when transactions take place in a language other than English, HMOS, prepaid health clinics, and prepaid limited health service organizations must provide consumers with a written translation of their contract. Additionally, farm labor contractors are also required to post a translated document disclosing terms and conditions of employment.

In general, it’s considered good business practice to have an interpreter present during any legal proceeding. Best practice would include a signed affidavit from the claimant in English and their native language attesting to their understanding of the proceeding.

Contact LLS if you have additional questions about current best practice in translation and interpreting for workers’ comp or personal injury claims. Call (913) 341-3167 or submit an online inquiry.

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Documents We Translate Include:

  • Settlement documents
  • Recorded statements
  • Medical records & doctor’s notes
  • Employee contracts & benefit booklets
  • Training materials & safety manuals
  • Summons & complaints
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At LLS, we’re sensitive to the need for timely assistance and as such offer RUSH service. Contact us as soon as possible if your document translations are needed on a strict or expedited schedule.

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An Ounce of Prevention: Training Materials & Safety Manuals

In addition to providing document services including translation and transcription to help resolve workers’ compensation claims, LLS can also assist with documentation designed to prevent accidents before they occur.

At LLS, we provide translation of training materials and safety manuals to ensure that every employee knows how to safely and securely perform their job, regardless of the language they speak.

In addition to written materials, LLS can subtitle or provide voiceover for training videos, which — some studies show — are more effective in educating a multilingual workforce than traditional written documents.

Privacy & HIPAA Compliance

At Legal Language, we recognize that providing document services related to workers’ comp and personal injury claims requires that special care be taken with regard for privacy and confidentiality. With this in mind, Legal Language adheres to the requirements set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

When handling medical documents and personal identity information (PII), our staff and contractors safeguard the privacy of clients and claimants. These policies and procedures apply to the proper handling of PII obtained while providing interpretation, transcription, translation and/or transportation services.

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