When you need a recording along with your transcription, you need Legal Language.

Our experienced audio engineers will set up and monitor the recording process using state-of-the-art audio equipment. Once the proceedings are complete, a professional transcriptionist from Legal Language will then transcribe your recording.

35+ Years of Recording Expertise

The audio engineers of Legal Language can provide the audio equipment and service necessary to facilitate any recording you need, from seminars and conferences to depositions and hearings.

When it comes to transcribing your recording, you can rely on our accuracy. The transcriptionists of Legal Language have experience with one-voice or multiple-voice recordings, as well as specific legal phrases and terminology.

Value-Added Recording Services

No matter the format or language of your recording, Legal Language provides quality legal transcription services. Legal Language works with more than 30 types of media, including analog tapes, discs, digital files and electronic files.

In addition, if you need a clear, high-quality copy of your recording, Legal Language can duplicate your recording during or after the proceedings.

Is your transcription in another language? Legal Language can translate your documents into more than 200 languages.

What’s more, Legal Language can certify your translations and transcriptions, making them admissible in jurisdictions and professional settings in the US and around the globe.

FREE, No-Obligation Consultation

Legal Language has provided personalized legal solutions to law firms, sole practitioners and legal departments since 1983.

Find out why we’re the company to trust for legal transcription services. Give us a try! Call Legal Language Services at 1-800-788-0450 for a FREE consultation and price quote.