Interpreting for legal proceedings demands accuracy — and if you need accurate interpreting services in the US, you need Legal Language Services.

Law firms, sole practitioners, and government agencies have turned to Legal Language since 1983 for reliable legal interpreting in 200 languages and dialects.

Our professional interpreters provide a variety of services to meet all of your interpreting needs throughout the US. We’ll help you determine what type of interpreting is right for you and find a solution fully-customized to your unique situation.

Rely on LLS to:

  • Identify what form of interpretation will best suit your needs
  • Provide on-site interpreters in 200+ languages
  • Arrange for remote interpreting services where legally permissible
  • Maintain professional standards of accuracy
  • Adhere to your jurisdictions official code of conduct for court interpreters
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Meeting Your State’s Requirements

Some US states and territories have highly structured guidelines that differ in each judicial district. Other US states have lightly regulated interpreting rules regarding certification and procedures.

Our team of account executives and professional interpreters are familiar with the different interpreting guidelines of all 50 US states and territories.

Let us help you navigate the US interpreting requirements in the state where your legal proceeding is located.

Methods of Interpreting

Legal Language offers a variety of international interpreting solutions to meet your requirements.

  • Simultaneous interpreting, is ideal for formal situations with large groups. The interpreter renders the speaker’s words into another language in real time. This usually requires specialized simultaneous interpreting equipment, including wireless microphones, soundproof booths and wireless headsets, which we can provide.
  • Consecutive interpreting is used with small groups in both formal and informal settings. The interpreter renders speech into a second language after the speaker as completed speaking. This usually doubles the amount of time required.
  • Telephonic interpreting is offered for situations where an in-person interpreter is simply not available, including proceedings and meetings abroad.
  • Video remote interpreting is available through a secure channel when it is vital that the interpreter be seen, such as during ASL interpreting. Easily connect through any standard web browser or via an app from smart phones/tablets or other mobile devices.

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Personalized Service that Meets Your Budget

At LLS, we emphasize customized solutions for each of our clients. Whether you need an on-site interpreter for a court hearing or a remote interpreter for an upcoming medical examination related to workers’ claims, we’ll find a solution that meets your needs and budget.

Trusted by National Governments

Legal Language has been designated as the official interpreters and translators for a number of national governments including the United States. We routinely provide legal interpreting for US federal proceedings,  international conferences, televised interviews, and visiting dignitaries.

35+ Years of Experience

Our interpreters are skilled professionals with years of training and experience presiding over court room and legal proceedings. Their expertise in legal terminology and protocol results in interpretations that meet the highest standards of clarity, accuracy, and professionalism.

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Since 1983, Legal Language has facilitated hundreds of thousands of legal proceedings and conferences throughout the US and abroad.

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